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TIA's Third Biennial Event - 2021

Natural & Supernatural Causes
for the Chastisement

           Address by Mr. Atila Sinke Guimarães - May 2, 2021
Rev. Msgr. Patrick Perez, Rev. Fr. Gregory Hanks, Rev. Fr. Michael Weist, ladies and gentlemen.

There are many reasons for us to believe that we are entering a period in History that will receive an enormous punishment from God. It should be a punishment where most of the civilized world and a great part of human population most likely will disappear.

There are natural and supernatural reasons that reinforce this belief. I will analyze the natural reasons first.

I. The Natural Reasons for the Chastisement

1. Birth control, abortion

Atila Sinke Guimaraes

Atila Guimarães sets out reasons for the Chastisement

When we look at the Western area known as the First World, that is, Europe, the United States and Canada, we see that their populations are shrinking due to birth control and abortion. Modern culture is turned toward enjoying life and rejecting higher ideals. So, couples do not want children.

Naturally speaking, in one or two generations these countries will practically disappear. Their birth rates are quickly diminishing to the point that their race, religion and culture entered a tunnel whose exit seems to lead to an entirely different world.

Sensing this change, immigrants are coming to reset these countries.

2. Immigration

There have been three more notable types of immigration.

A. The Muslim immigration

In Europe most of the immigration has been Muslim. The flood of immigrants is primarily pouring in from Africa and countries of the Middle East. The African immigration is mainly strong young men who could easily form an army.

Pope Francis is one of the great promoters of the African immigration to Italy.

European Freemasonry is publically favoring the Muslim immigration. Academia in the majority of European universities is also encouraging this immigration with the explicit goal of ending the white-European race. Above the doors of mosques we frequently see written statements that publicly boast their goal to dominate Europe by their high birth rates.


Hordes of immigrants crossing European & American borders


Around 19 million Muslims immigrants live in the European Union today.

In the U.S. there is also a large number of Muslims who are taking over important political positions with the explicit goal of destroying the American status quo and imposing their sharia laws.

The Muslims are persuading many African Americans to join their religion and – together with the Marxists – are inciting Black communities to rise up against the American establishment. In the riots that shook the U.S. last year, we saw Muslims and Communists hand-in-hand using the Blacks for their purposes.

During the Obama administration several airlines were hired to bring full flights of immigrants from different Muslim countries to U.S. airports, where these travelers entered without any customs control. From there they were duly scattered to infiltrate different sectors of the American landscape and life.

Now, with Biden opening the borders, among the thousands of immigrants that are daily crossing our Mexican border, there are likely Muslim terrorists.

Until this openness, the U.S. already counted about 3.5 million recent Muslims immigrants.

While the Muslim immigration in Europe plans to dominate it by means of its high birth rate, in the U.S. it is taking the faster path of civil insurrection.

B. The Asian immigration

Among the many Asians who came to the U.S. the Chinese immigration is the one that raises most concern. As of 2010, 3.3 million Chinese immigrants were registered in the U.S. Among these, there is a significant number who are either indifferent to Communism or favorable to it. They enter our system to become professors, doctors, computer technicians, students, etc. The practical result is that many of them send back to China reports of American civil and military technological advances.

We cannot dismiss the fact that Canada is hosting Chinese troops close to the American borders under the pretext of protecting the Chinese industries established in that country.

C. The Latino immigration

The most benign of these immigrations is that of the Latino-Americans. These immigrants generally want to incorporate themselves into the American way of life. Since the majority of these Latinos are Catholics, in principle, they could be a good addition to the extremely secular U.S. Unfortunately, however, most have lost their religious fervor and many others – under the guidance of Vatican II clergy – have become the grass-roots of Liberation Theology.

We see, therefore, that of these immigrations, the Muslim is the most dangerous, followed by the Chinese, which can include communist agents.

pride homos

Blatant displays of sodomites at 'Pride parades'

3. The Moral Corruption

Let us look at another natural cause for the Chastisement, which is the Moral Corruption – From the natural point of view it is necessary to say that the moral habits of the West indicate that our society is reaching its end.

Historians speak of two red flags that indicate a civilization is dying: the acceptance of homosexuality and the treatment of animals as if they were children.

4. The end of the Political Institutions

Let us now analyze the end of our Political Institutions.

The last presidential election showed that the political system in the United States is greatly corrupted. The monumental fraud at the ballot boxes and the computer manipulations of the results show that, at the least, the presidential and congressional elections have become dishonest.

This means that the Secret Forces are deciding who should control the system.

Now then, if the votes of the people are not taken seriously, the entire foundation of democracy – government of people and by the people – becomes a myth.

voter fraude

The government ignores proof of
voter fraud or calls for recounts

voter fraud
When one of the candidates appealed to the Supreme Court to judge the electoral fraud, the brutal rejection he encountered demonstrates that the Supreme Court of the U.S. does not care about justice as it should. In other words, it proved to be biased and perhaps as corrupt as the other two branches of Power.

This picture shows that there is a fundamental flaw in our democratic-republican system. Indeed, democracy means the government by the people and republic means that the people exercise their government through representatives. That is, the power of the people is delegated to three branches of representatives to govern – the Executive or the President, the Legislative or the Congress, and the Judicial or the Supreme Court. Now, we have just seen that these three branches have revealed themselves to be dishonest. Therefore, the entire democratic-republican system that governs the U.S. is effectively dead. A similar thing is happening in many other of the countries.

Someone else is running the show, not the people, and many persons are opening their eyes to this reality. We are living in great part a farce in which the persons who presently exercise power were not legitimately elected.

This gap between political appearances and the reality tends to increase as the powers become more dictatorial.

It is a dangerous situation that can generate political unrest, the separation of some States from the Union and a corresponding social and economic chaos.

In short, democracy is a dead body; we will see how long it will take to decompose politically and socially.

5. The Covid psychological devastation

Some well-informed experts in bacteriological terrorism such as Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Act, and some highly educated military men such as Gen. Thomas McInerney sustain that the present epidemic of Covid is a maneuver of psychological warfare unleashed by Communist China against the West, especially against the United States.

We agree with them. However, even if a person does not agree, the practical results do not change. Some of them include: Independent of whether the virus was natural or artificially made, the practical result is that we are on the brink of becoming slaves of health authorities, who are exercising a more intrusive and extended control over populations than any known despot in History. When we compare this dictatorship with those of Stalin and Hitler, we see that, although the latter could be greater in violence, today's abuse of authority is much broader.

fauci fraud

A planned attack to create chaos & implant Communism

Let us not forget that Our Lady of Good Success predicted that she would intervene when authority would be greatly abusing its power.

I am not analyzing here the awful and well-researched predictions about the vaccine made by famous doctors. (here and here) They affirm it is not properly speaking a vaccine since it does not impart immunity from the Covid virus; rather it is n experimental gene therapy injected in one's body with the potential of harming the immune system or bringing even worse consequences.

All these natural factors – birth control, abortion, immigration, moral corruption, the end of our democratic institutions and the consequences of the Covid therapy – show us that naturally speaking we are already in a situation similar to a chastisement.

II -  The Supernatural Reasons for the Chastisement

Most of the supernatural reasons that I will analyze here are related to the Church.

1. The Conciliar Revolution

When we consider the consequences of Vatican II for the Church, we see that they constitute a complete Revolution. Vatican II and the 59 years of its application changed everything in the Catholic Church in such a radical way that what was good is now considered evil, and what was bad is now accepted as good and normal.

Isn't this in itself an enormous chastisement on mankind?

How long would it take, naturally speaking, to return to the Catholic Church as she should be? If, against all probabilities, a good Pope were to appear, I believe that he would not be able to reconstruct the Church in less than 100 years.

So, only a Divine Intervention can suddenly change this state of affairs.

2. Vatican II: the start of the Chastisement

Considering the consequences of Vatican II for the Church and Catholics, we see that with the Council God has already begun the Chastisement.

A. The sun, moon & stars

A little before the beginning of His Passion, Our Lord spoke of the signs that would precede His second coming and the end of the world. He said that the sun would be obscured, the moon would lose its light, and the stars would fall from the firmament. (Cf. Mk 13:24-25; Mt 25:29)

innocent III sun and moon
We know that these phenomena will occur literally before the Final Judgment at the end of the world. But we wonder whether they are also symbols of the general apostasy we are witnessing today since we are living at the end of an era.

In the Middle Ages Pope Innocent III used the symbols of the sun and the moon to explain that the Papacy – the sun – orients the spiritual order, and the Empire – the moon – receives the light from the Papacy to orient the temporal order.

Using these symbols and applying the words of Our Lord to the crisis we are witnessing, we see that since Vatican II, the sun of the Papacy has become increasing dark to the point that, instead of spreading the light of the truth, the Papacy now spreads darkness, that is, the agenda of the Revolution.

The New York Times affirmed in an editorial that today Pope Francis is the most expressive leader of the Left in the entire world. Indeed, he attacks Capitalism often, favors Communism whenever he can, and, in the last years – after he worshipped the Pachamama at the Vatican and issued the Apostolic Exhortation Querida Amazonia – he started to push the agenda of Tribalism, which is a revolutionary step that is even more radical than Communism.

After Vatican II, we would say that the Papacy gradually abandoned its own role of orienting Catholics in the spiritual sphere. Instead, the Papacy now interferes in the temporal order in matters that are outside its role.

Some examples taken from Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si follow: The Papacy stopped giving us spiritual orientation, which is what we need, and instead gives orientation in matters where we do not need it. Symbolically, it is the darkening of the sun, as Our Lord said.

laudato si

Protection of nature, destruction of dogma & morals...

We could also say that by supporting all types of Leftist insurgent movements, the Papacy is becoming increasingly aggressive and threatening to destroy the constituted order. This reminds us of the movements of the sun in the miracle in Fatima, when it spun on its axis, left its orbit and plummeted threateningly toward the earth, as if to destroy it. The miracle of the sun can be interpreted as a symbol of the apostasy of the post-conciliar Papacy.

If this is about the sun, the Papacy, we can assert that the moon – the temporal sphere – lost its light as well. We see every country racing to promote Socialism and all kinds of immorality, trying to destroy what is left of Christian Civilization. Today, it is very difficult to find a country making any long term attempt to rebuild a good society.

The sun is darkened and the moon has lost its light.

At night, when the sun is no longer shining and the moon is not visible, we look to the stars to find direction.

sun Fatima

A sign for our times:
The sun leaves its orbit in the Fatima miracle

What are the stars that fall from the sky? Some interpreters say that they represent the apostasy of the Bishops. It seems to be an appropriate interpretation. After Vatican II most of the Bishops adhered to Progressivism.

Thus, the words of Our Lord – applied to our time – explain the great confusion in which we live. Our situation is not the end of the world, but the end of an epoch. Our Lady of Fatima predicted both the chastisement and the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart. It is not the end yet; as Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira used to say, a new era the Reign of Mary will come.

The Reign of Mary has to come because mankind still needs to give to God the glory He planned to receive when He created it. If this era were not to come, Creation would be a failure. Now, since God is omniscient, He would not have created mankind if it were not to accomplish its purpose.

Therefore, this era of glory must come.

Thus, we are not at the end times, but at the end of an era that precedes the Reign of Mary. To this era some of the signs of the end times apply.

B. The Antichrist

Now, let us go one step further.

In 1846, Our Lady appeared in La Salette and left a message saying that the Church would enter into eclipse and Rome would become the seat of the Antichrist. We just described the eclipse of the Church.

la salette

'Rome will become the seat of the Antichrist'

Now, let us analyze her other affirmation: Rome will become the seat of the Antichrist. What Rome was she referring to? She used Rome to refer to the head of the Church in the Vatican and, more particularly, the Papacy. So, the implication is that the Papacy would become the seat of the Antichrist.

She gave this warning about this danger of the Antichrist as if he would come in the not far-away future. Now, if the Antichrist is to come at the end of the world, then she would be predicting the end of the world in our time. But, in Fatima she stated quite clearly that her triumph was still to come.

So, the conclusion seems to be that the Antichrist can come before the Reign of Mary to complete the Great Apostasy that St. Paul describes. (2 Thes 2:3-4, 8-10)

If this hypothesis is true, the prophecies referring to the man of sin, the son of perdition, who will come with all the seductions of iniquity, would apply to our times, and not to the end of the world.

The traditional interpretation is that the Antichrist will come before the Final Judgment. However, there are many theologians who interpret it differently. They believe that the Antichrist will come before an era of great glory to God, whose decadence will cause the end of the world and the Final Judgment.

pius x - son of perdition

St Pius X: Is the Antichrist already in the world?

Another strong proof favoring the hypothesis that the Antichrist can come in our times is presented by St. Pius X.

In 1903, after measuring the gravity of the situation at his time, St. Pius X wrote in his Encyclical E Supremi Apostolatus:

"Whoever considers these grave things has the right to fear that such a great perversity can be the beginning of those evils announced for the end times, and, that the son of perdition of whom the Apostle speaks (2 Thes 2:3) may be already in the world. For such, in truth, is the audacity and the hatred employed today as everywhere Religion is attacked, the dogmas of the Faith are denied and a brazen and obstinate attempt is made to uproot and destroy all possible relations between man and the Divinity. ... According to this same Apostle [Paul], this is the distinguishing mark of the Antichrist."

So, both Our Lady in 1846 and Pope St. Pius X in 1903 spoke of the possible presence of the Antichrist in our times.

I believe that with these two precedents, we can face the hypothesis that many of the events that were traditionally interpreted as immediately preceding the Final Judgment, can instead be applied to our times, the end of the present era dominated by the Revolution.

Many good and famous theologians imagine the following sequence of events: the great apostasy predicted by St. Paul, the Antichrist, the apparent victory of the evil, a great chastisement proportional to the Deluge, the supernatural action of Our Lord, the enchainment of Satan in Hell for a long period of time, which would be the duration of the Reign of Mary.


Will we see the return of Elias & Enoch in our days?

After this glorious time, the good would become lukewarm and this would cause an enormous decadence, the liberation of Satan from Hell, and a great battle ending with the victory of Our Lord and the Final Judgment.

Among the theologians who defend this hypothesis are Blessed Bartholomew Holzhauser, who was the 17th century model for German priests and wrote one of the best interpretations of the Apocalypse. Another such theologian is Msgr. Henri Delassus, who was one of the most brilliant minds of the French Ultramontane Movement in the 19th and 20th centuries.

If this hypothesis is true and the actual Antichrist is at the door then we may have the privilege and the honor to know Elias and Enoch, who would come to fight the Antichrist and lead us in the fight of the Counter-Revolution. Some theologians sustain that St. John is also alive, and he would descend to earth with the two Prophets to give testimony to what he received from Our Lord and reveal the mysteries of the Apocalypse.

I am sure that other Saints and multitudes of Angels will also come from Heaven to help us in this Great Battle against evil.

With this ray of hope in mind, I end what I wanted to say.

*    *    *

atila event


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 26, 2021

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