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Superstar, Americanism & Bad High Schools

Jesus Christ Superstar

Thank you for your review on Jesus Christ Superstar. The reason why I requested this review was because it was shown in a Catholic School.

It is too bad the clergy does not realize that it is blasphemous. The school even promoted Climate Change. I even wanted my mom to enroll me in a Catholic school, but she refused and homeschooled me instead. Then I got shocked when that Catholic school promoted a left wing feminist group that shows alleged victims of human rights.

Instead of promoting the heroes of Christendom, they are promoting left wing heroes. Never enroll your child in so called "Catholic schools."


Jesus Christ Superstar poster


Americanism & the Anti-Christian Conspiracy



Does this book come in printed form?

     God bless,


TIA responds:


We have posted a PDF text of the important word by Msgr. Henri Delassus titled Americanism and the Anti-Christian Conspiracy in our Library on our website.

To have it in a printed form it is a simple matter of printing out the manuscript, have it bound at a copy shop, and then add it to your library.

We believe it was a deliberate act of the partisans of Progressivism in the Church that kept this work from being published in English. It is very important and should be studied by Catholics so that we can understand the roots of the errors of Vatican II that have infiltrated our Holy Church.


     TIA correspondence desk


Brazil & Many Thanks

Dear TIA,

There seems to have been a black out of news from Brazil after the cataclysmic events that regrettably occurred there last year. Do you have any recent news on the ground from that besieged country which you can tell us?

Am keeping their suffering in heartfelt prayer as we go through this darkness so well described in your Entering the Tunnel 2021 talks which I was grateful to find and listen to on Vimeo today, thanks to your truly glorious article "The Need for Masses..." by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira featured in today's newsletter which included the great ability to click on the video.

I intend to share that article with a dear FSSP priest, a personal friend of mine, to encourage him in these dark times.

And one last word of appreciation: I will be copying that amazing prayer for souls -- so poignant and true -- given within the article which I want to commit it to memory to save souls I come into contact with, around me! I myself was just this week in the situation described where the soul of a person was obviously in such sorry straits that I could not find the words as I listened to them, all while crying out internally, "Lord, save them!" I wished at the time to say more and pray more and now you have given me the words...

"Lord, sacrifice Thyself for this soul, sacrifice Thyself for this person who is in crisis. Through the prayers of Mary Most Holy, I beg Thee, sacrifice Thyself for this one, immolate Thyself for this poor soul.”

Many thanks for all you do and write.

     God bless you,


TIA responds:

Dear E.Z.,

Thank you for your support. We are very glad that you are benefiting from Prof. Plinio’s articles. They give us a priceless treasure and we are rewarded when our readers appreciate them.

Regarding Brazil, unfortunately, the Secret Forces imposed the communist Lula da Silva as president, against the will of the enormous majority of the Brazilians. The military betrayed the confidence the people had in them to prevent this from happening. The sad result is that, if a healthy reaction does not appear soon, Brazil is heading toward become a new Venezuela.

You may read this column in which Mr. Guimarães – a Brazilian himself – sketches guidelines for the future.


     TIA correspondence desk


Post-Modernism in ‘Catholic’ High Schools


After reviewing several TIA articles/books regarding the current state of education and the independent/parochial schools, it is difficult for me to not see the catastrophe laid before me. Every time I walk into my "Catholic" high school of employment, I notice all the changes from our school's tradition, mission and vision, only to be accompanied and enforced by Revolutionary views and radical changes overall.

Every day it becomes more difficult to reconcile my faith and customs with whom I teach Catholic theology on a daily basis and the faculty whom I engage with. Most students are not Catholic, nor have an interest in the faith. From active homosexual faculty, secular music, several Novus Ordo cringe liturgies, the devilish tech devices, to cohabitating couples and everything in between, this school is in utter turmoil, yet everyone is either oblivious or numb to such catastrophes the students endure. It started from the top and has not changed since the 1960's, sound familiar?

Given the situation of modern "Catholic" schools, and my desire to leave the school, what suggestions would you have for a counter-revolutionary? I have compiled a list of suggestions for the Administration, but am unsure if it would be appropriate, or even necessary at this point, to leave them with my thoughts since most high schools, secular and private, have all been compromised by the Revolution. I am not the only teacher who shares these thoughts; I speak on behalf of a small remnant that faithfully remains.

Thank you for your time.

     Pax Christi,



TIA responds:

Greetings M.D.,

Yes, this is a situation that looks more or less impossible to change, if we take a human approach. Indeed, since the Catholic Church was infiltrated by Progressivism up to her highest ranks, how could Catholic schools not go astray?

The solution is to resort to a supernatural perspective and to look toward the future when a restoration of the Catholic values will take place and correct the errors/heresies we are witnessing today in the Church and, as a consequence, in her educational system – universities & schools.

Until this time comes – that is, until God sends a Chastisement to convert those who are still able to be saved – the situation of those Catholics who are faithful is difficult. We have to face the mockery of progressivists and the hostility of the revolutionaries, who would be glad to see us disappear.

You ask for our suggestions. There are two types of suggestions we can offer you:
  1. Morally speaking, continue to be faithful no matter what comes: be it a persecution from Rome or from the secular State. To make this fidelity easier, try to seek those who think like you and join together with them. This mutual support can be of great importance to keep you and your family walking on the right path.

  2. Economically speaking, try to find a way to make a living independent of the progressivist establishment. Perhaps some of the friends you will find in the Catholic counter-revolutionary milieu can join with you to found a small company that can benefit you and them without having to compromise with the large revolutionary corporations. The more this company will be turned to what is indispensable for the population – food, medications, fuel and electronic knowledge – the greater the stability the business will be.
These are suggestions that at this moment occur to us, moved by the desire to help you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 7, 2023

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