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NEWS: January 13, 2023
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
MISSING PIECES OF THE BRAZILIAN PUZZLE - The 62 days of continuous protests of tens of millions of people in front of the military headquarters has ended, so far, in an enormous frustration. The explicit purpose of these Brazilian patriots was to ask the Armed Forces to intervene and bring order back to the country. Indeed, the public order had been shattered by obviously stolen elections that gave the presidential victory to Lula da Silva, as I have already analyzed.

Everyone expected that the Armed Forces would enter the picture and Lula would not be confirmed as President of Brazil; but he was confirmed on November 12. Then, everyone expected that the Armed Forces would prevent Lula from being inaugurated on January 1; but he was inaugurated.

Then, the prestige of the military was very high – they were the heroes who would save the country from Communism. That support has metamorphosed overnight. Now, they are considered cowards and traitors. But it is not only a question of prestige. Their actions had deserved this judgment.

General Paulo Valenca

Above, November: Gen. Valença promises entire support to the people in front of the military headquarters; below, January: the city police destroys the patriots' camp & the military do nothing

Guarda Municipal of Belo Horizonte
The Commander-in-Chief of the Army in the State of Minas Gerais, Gen. Paulo Alípio Valença, went to speak with the people encamped in front of his unit and had ensured his total support for the protesting patriots and truck drivers. He affirmed in a video that the Army would never allow Lula and his ilk to take power; however, after the inauguration of Lula he stood by inert as the city police destroyed the patriots’ camp grounds in front of his headquarters.

Before the inauguration of Lula, the Commander-in-Chief of the Army in Brasilia had sent his special forces to prevent the city police from closing the patriots’ camp grounds in front of his headquarters. After the inauguration, this same man sent one of his colonels to command that same camp grounds be closed, and then he delivered the patriots to the police, who imprisoned them.

The Minister of Security, Gen. Heleno Pereira, had explained in detail that the confirmation of Lula was invalid and that he would be arrested before he could be inaugurated. This General was silenced and dismissed from his function on December 31, 2022, by the then-Vice-president, Gen. Antonio Hamilton Mourão, who had assumed the presidency as soon as Bolsonaro left the country for Florida two days before.

The first missing piece in the puzzle is this: Although it is clear that some generals like Mourão revealed themselves to be agents of the fifth column of Communism inside the Bolsonaro government and betrayed him, it is hard to believe that all of them did so. Indeed, in the last months Bolsonaro made more than 30 Generals, Admirals and Brigadiers – in Brazil the title of Brigadier is reserved for the highest officers of the Air Force – and placed these men loyal to him in strategic positions. Most likely, he was preparing them for some action. Why are these newly appointed high officials motionless and quiet?

The second missing piece is this: In the last month of Bolsonaro’s term the military mobilized an enormous body of armed vehicles that were sent to the borders of Brazil to protect them. Why this movement, if not because a strong action was being planned that could cause military reactions against Brazil by neighboring communist countries – namely Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolívia, Argentina and Chile, which, although it does not border Brazil, was recently making military maneuvers with Bolivia close to the Brazilian borders? Has this presumed action been suspended? Why? Did the whole military betray the patriots? I do not know. As far as I could verify, the borders are still under strong military surveillance.

Tanks in BRazil

During November there was an intense deployment of tanks & armored vehicles to the Brazilian borders to five countries

The third missing piece: What is the reason for Bolsonaro’s optimism? In his voluntary exile in Florida, he is receiving admirers and giving autographs. One lady pleaded with him to not abandon Brazil and he responded: “The best is still to come.” Are these irresponsible words, just a way to avoid the embarrassing situation of being demonized in Brazil by the Lula/Moraes usurpers? Or is there a plan for the military to assume power and ask him to return?

The fourth missing piece is why the Brazilian people – especially the military – do not see the lack of good sense the idolatry of the Constitution is causing? In some countries, like the United States, the Constitution has never changed. It is a stable point of reference for everyone to know what is legal or not. So, it is normal to hold it in high consideration. This is not what happened in Brazil.

Brazil has changed its Constitution many times. The present Constitution is a leftist one that was approved in 1988 and has many inconsistencies. Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira analyzed the plan for this Constitution and showed that it would lead the country into chaos. At that time he wrote on the draft that would become the 1988 Constitution these prophetic words: "It transforms the Brazilian State into an authoritarian tyrant with its claws dug into every legitimate liberty of the country." (1)

As a matter of fact, the actions being taken by the Brazilian Supreme Court today show how a dictatorship can be implanted by manipulating the words of this Constitution. I firmly believe that Brazil deserves a better Constitution. I think that it is absurd to hand over Brazil to Communism out of respect for this Constitution.

The fifth missing piece is why the military still has an “inferiority complex” over its past action of deposing the communist president João Goulart in 1964 and installing a stabilizing military regime for two decades? They did what they should have at that time.

There were mistakes in the exercise of power, no doubt. The gravest of all was to have made concessions to Socialism. But to prevent the country from becoming communist was very good. Many countries criticized Brazil for that action. Brazilians should pay them no mind. Brazil has sufficient personality, territory and richness to impose itself in the concert of nations. It is incomprehensible that the military still fear doing something that would be unpopular in the present world scenario. The supreme law that must be followed is to provide for the common good of the people: Salus populi suprema lex esto.

This list of missing pieces in the Brazilian puzzle is cursory; many other points could be added to it.

My conclusion is conditional: If there is a plan of action, to postpone it is tantamount to committing suicide. The sooner the plan is executed, the better. The usurpers are not losing a minute in their effort to depose all the Generals, Brigadiers and Admirals, as well as the police chiefs, governors and politicians who support Bolsonaro. They are already on the brink of issuing an international order of arrest against him. A military action of this type would lead to a short civil war followed by a period of healing and restoration.

If this course of action is not taken, Brazil will find itself becoming another Venezuela, which is suffering an unprecedented social and economic crisis that has reduced the people to misery. In this case, however, I hope and pray that a healthy leadership will arise from the people that will lead the country to a purifying reaction, under the mantle of the Queen of Brazil Our Lady of Aparecida. This would inevitably involve a long civil war with dramatic consequences for the country, but it would still be much better than the tyrannical Communism that already started to be established under Lula.

  1. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Projeto de Constituição Angustia o País, Catolicismo, Edição Extra, October 1987, p. 7


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