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Catholics, Do Not Watch The Chosen

Review of the television series The Chosen; (2017-2022, Angel Studios)
Christina Herath, Sri Lanka
In 2017 a television series directed by an evangelical named Dallas Jenkins titled The Chosen was released. It was not long before thousands and thousands of Protestants and Catholics alike began to enjoy this “historical” drama, which is supposed to be about the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

But it seems that there are many who have “eyes but cannot see.” Because if a faithful Catholic watches The Chosen series, he finds serious flaws and much blasphemy in it. Any well-informed conscience will steer clear of this form of entertainment.

An insulting portrayal of Our Lord

The “Messiah” of The Chosen series is one who is morally different from the Messiah of the Scriptures. One needs only to look at an official promotion piece for this TV series and he will see a clear different moral approach, although with a physical resemblance: One has complete lack of seriousness while the Other has a divine severity.

the chosen

An irreverent portrayal of Our Lord Jesus Christ;
below, dancing with his ‘buddies’

dancing chnosen
Instead of the majestic, just, grave Divine King Who walked on this earth among men, teaching and healing, the actor portrays an Our Lord as a goofy, joking friend. He dances, hugs and is that big “buddy” whom Protestants like to believe he is. This is not just unbiblical, it is an irreverence against His Sacred Person that is not far from blasphemy.

If we consider that in the “Poem of the Man-God” Christ was portrayed in a horrible way as a natural man, in this series His representation is far worse.

“When did Biblical stories need to be turned into a comedy skit to get views?” is the question we should ask these Protestants. This does not portray the story of Christ in the Bible at all; even a child could have created a better storyline than this heretical movie has done. Nothing in the series moves us to fear and revere the Word of God Incarnate, nothing convinces a viewer of His adorable Divine Nature. It is a blatant omission that implies a denial.

And it does not end here...

Disgusting blasphemies against Our Lady

As it is not rare in Protestant shows, The Chosen series takes every opportunity to mock the Incomparable Person of the Mother of God.

When actress Vanessa Benavente dons her costume and enters the scene, it is not Our Lady and Our Queen whom she portrays, not even a bit.

the chosen nativity

A shocking natural & bloody birth, against the dogma of the perpetual virginity of Our Lady

One of the biggest insults this series has rendered to God’s Holy Mother was in their “Christmas special,” where the age-old blasphemous scene of Our Lord’s birth with its pains that accompany women in original sin who give birth was inserted. On their YouTube channel I actually took a screenshot of their reply to a comment where a Catholic explained that Our Lady, who was born without original sin, never suffered birth pangs.

This is the way Protestants staunchly hold to their heresy and spread it. By showing a bloody birth of Jesus they deny both the dogmas of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary and of her Immaculate Conception. It is incomprehensible that any Catholic who loves Our Lady may support this movie, and then walk away thinking he is not committing a sin.

In episode 7, season 3, among other things the movie implies that Our Lady committed mistakes. I quote from Fr. David Nix on his blog (here):

“Rama [another female disciple] says, “I feel like I need to not make any more mistakes.”

mary magdalene the chosen

Jesus & Mary Magdalene,
a natural portrayal of their ‘love’

Mother Mary responds, “How do you think I felt?”

Andrew says, “You probably feel that every day. No?”

A few seconds later, speaking about Our Lord’s birth, she continues: “He needed my help. My help. A teenager from Nazareth. It actually made me think for just one moment, is this really the Son of God? And Joseph later told me he briefly thought the same thing.

"But we knew He was. I don’t know what I expected. But He was crying and He needed me. And I wondered how long that would last. He doesn’t need me anymore.”

At this point one can wonder how anyone still watch this disgraceful programme without a scruple. The Church and Holy Scriptures have infallibly taught us that Our Lady was Immaculate, Full of Grace, perfect and without a single blemish. She never committed a sin, and she never made a “mistake.”

Additionally, to believe that she doubted His Divinity is something that not even a demon has dared to say in any exorcism.

It is shocking and sad to imagine that many Catholics make reparation on the First Saturdays and then pierce the Immaculate Heart again on Sunday by binge watching this blasphemous TV series.

Mockery of the first Pope


Looking like two dirty hippies, Peter embraces Jesus; below, nothing of the supernatural in this Peter

Protestant hatred for the first Pope is evident in The Chosen series on more than one occasion. For example, St. Peter, who is presented as behaving like a modern teenager, gets into agitated discussions with his wife, who quickly puts him in his place. One fan described him as a “tank,” one who is always hankering after a fight; he almost punches Matthew in the face in one episode.

At one point, like an enthusiastic child, he explains in casual slang to his wife, how “Andrew and the boys showed up...” On another occasion he tells her how “Jesus told me that I would catch people but I don’t even know what that means...”

This is a poor, insulting and puerile portrayal of one of the most important figures in all of Christianity. It does not leave one – especially modern youth – with a correct notion of the gravity and grandeur of St. Peter, who Tradition tells us wept so copiously after his betrayal of Christ that two funnels formed on his cheeks.

The Church Fathers and the Saints and Mystics would not have smiled ecumenically at this heretical mockery of the Rock upon which the Church is built.

A few more points

In general, The Chosen series lacks even an artistic value that any good movie or drama should strive to have. The characters and their costumes look dirty and ragged, and their language is the vulgar language of the 21st century.

For example, in the episode wherein Our Lord calls St. Matthew to follow Him, a man, who, by his clothing looks like a Roman soldier, tells Jesus to “keep moving, street preacher.” Even some of the music sounds like it is from our horrible rock generation. In general it does not convey the serious ambience of first century Palestine.

In short, it is a non-accurate “historical drama” that we can say was poorly done, a bad-taste comical piece put together by some college students. A piece not without emotional content, however. Many viewers report they ‘feel something’ or that they weep when watching it, just like what takes place during “charismatic events.”

Roumies (Jeus)

Roumie (Jeuus) joins Fr. James Martin
for an evening of reflection

Many of the cast of The Chosen take immoral stances. Jonathan Roumie himself, who plays the role of Jesus, has publicly supported Fr. James Martin, whom we all know promotes the homo agenda.

We cannot end without sadly making mention of the unconditional backing The Chosen series has received good reviews by many Catholics. Dallas Jenkins, creator, director and co-writer of The Chosen, invited a Catholic priest to review the series, and of course he gave it positive feedback. Many other progressivist priests have, of their own accord, made YouTube videos praising it.

If someone were to argue that Catholics should not watch this series, some of them will snap back, “You’re not my Confessor”, or “What do you want me to do? Cancel all Christian entertainment?”

To conclude, I believe that to watch The Chosen is worse than wasting time; it is giving your time and support to heretics who have no shame in blaspheming Our Lady and making a foolish portrayal of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Disciples as revolutionary modern hippy-types. To support sin is to commit sin, is it not?

So please, do not watch or recommend this TV series to anyone.

Rather, defend Our Lady’s honor and speak out without human respect against this insulting "historical drama."

St. Alphonsus Liguori once wrote, "To defend this great and peculiar privilege of Thy Immaculate Conception I am ready, and I swear to give even my life if it is necessary."

Let us follow his example and be animated with this great zeal and not give our enemies a single chance to mock our Mother and our Queen.

st pius hosts the chosen study

Many Catholic centers, like this one, are promoting study groups


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 19, 2022
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