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Steubenville, Pope on War & Eggs in Vax

My Experience in Steubenville


Pax Te Cum Filumina

I spent seven months in 2020 in Steubenville, Ohio at Weirton WV, across the river. Franciscan "University." My nieces and nephews went to FU. My valid licit Goddaughter because of her age went there after hearing about it at our wedding. She worked with president Scanlan. She is insane from it. Her husband went there. He is insane... they live separately, of course. Their children the same. FU is a sewer in every way. It is a freak show. 100 per cent blasphemy. A mad house of contradiction.

For lust, power and money: The unholy trinity. Whatever lust I want, I get! I tell you what Truth is! I got paid and accolades for this. How ashamed I would be if Amish Bishop David Troyer and the other eight grade heretics I lived with for seven months afterwards could see, hear, what I did there. It is a sewer!

"The worst ones are the ones that use the Name of Jesus for Evil!!"

     Thank you, Thank you.





I'm distraught over the "Consecration" today.

Prayers for our Church undergoing her own Passion and for the TIA apostolate.

     In Mary,



Are TIA Books Available in Brazil?

Salve Maria!

Beautiful day Mr./Miss.

I would like to know if I can buy your books in a Brazilian store or website? Because the shipping costs alone has been four times the book price itself (not your fault, I blame the distance).

If books were available in Brazil I could buy more titles instead!

     Best regards,


TIA responds:


Good afternoon.

Unfortunately our books are not available in Brazil yet. Your request, however, is an encouragement for us to check to see what we can do to make it possible.


     TIA correspondence desk


Bizarre Statement about War

Dear TIA,

Pope Francis makes a bizarre statement about war.

He says, There is no such thing as a just war: they do not exist!

Clearly he is not a student of Church History, Old or New Testaments, and no fan of the Crusades.

NO JUST WAR! No Church Militant.


Pope Francis Makes Bizarre Statement about War

March 21, 2022 - If you want thoughtful, reasonable Christian thoughts and opinions, Pope Francis isn’t the one to turn to. Despite his position, he’s routinely putting his foot and his mouth and saying things without a Biblical basis and sometimes even saying things that run counter to God’s word.

Well, now he’s back at it with the woke nonsense, this time by claiming that there’s no such thing as a just war. Yes, really.

Speaking at the Vatican during an international conference, Pope Francis began on a soft but at least theologically supportable note, calling out the horrors of war and saying:

We are used to hearing news of wars, but far away. Syria, Yemen… the usual. Now the war has come closer, it is on our doorstep, practically. And this makes us think about the “savagery” of human nature, how far we are capable of going. Murderers of our brothers. Thank you, Msgr. Guy-Réal Thivierge, for this letter that you brought, which is a wake-up call, it draws attention to what is happening. We talk about education, and when one thinks of education one thinks of children, young people…

We think of so many soldiers who are sent to the front, very young, Russian soldiers, poor things. Think of the many young Ukrainian soldiers; think of the inhabitants, the young people, the young girls, boys, girls… This is happening close to us. The Gospel only asks us not to look the other way, which is precisely the most pagan attitude of Christians: the Christian, when he gets used to looking the other way, slowly becomes a pagan disguised as a Christian. This is why I wanted to begin with this, with this reflection.

It’s not quite the same tradition as Pope Urban II preaching the crusade or the chaplains in the American military urging the troops to fight the godless fascists and communists in the Second World War, Korea, and Vietnam, but he’s right to remind people of the horrors brought by war.

It was then that Francis got to the not so true part, which is that there’s no such thing as a just war. Speaking about that, he said:

The war is not far away: it is at our doorstep. What am I doing? Here in Rome, at the “Bambino Gesù” Hospital, there are children wounded by the bombings. At home, they take them home. Do I pray? Do I fast? Do I do penance? Or do I live carefree, as we normally live through distant wars? A war is always – always! – the defeat of humanity, always. We, the educated, who work in education, are defeated by this war, because on another side we are responsible. There is no such thing as a just war: they do not exist!

Really? So America’s fight for independence wasn’t just? The brave stand of the Knights of St. John on Malta against the Ottoman aggressors wasn’t just? World War II, the fight against the fascists that raped Nanking and murdered millions of Poles and Jews in gas chambers, wasn’t just?

Read more here


Eggs Have Been Found inside the Vax

Dear TIA,

Embalmer finds white clots that he’s never seen before.

Richard Hirschman has been an embalmer for over 20 years and has never seen blood clots like he’s seeing now. In 65% of his patients, he’s discovering thick, white clots that don’t act like clots he’s seen in the past. Normally they’d come up every now and then in a patient but not to the number he’s seeing.

Warning: these videos (here and here) contain images of these clots and with some blood as well.

So this is why Ivermectin works: Dr. Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters show has revealed that researchers are finding eggs inside the vaccine that hatch into wormlike creatures and reproduce continually. She suspects this is why embalmers are now finding bodies with strange white blockages or clots that they’ve never seen before. She thinks they form together and congeal into one big blockage. Since Ivermectin has been branded as a “horse dewormer” maybe this is why it works: it kills the worms that reproduce in our bodies from these shots.

Pfizer knew the shots were going to kill. A former Pfizer employee is blowing the whistle about documents she found exposing Pfizer’s knowledge of the damage these shots would cause. She found documents on grapheme oxide, miscarriages, fetal cells, the expected deaths of children and the elderly, and even depopulation.

She found how Pfizer instructed their employees to not talk about fetal cell lines and even referenced the pope’s approval of the vaccine. The ingredients are not even listed so she suggests fetal cells may actually be in the vaccine as well as HIV, potentially.

The weirdest part of her story is how she found documents praising Satan as well as documents in Chinese and saw that the Wuhan Laboratory’s street address is 666.

These documents were in a Pfizer folder location that could not have been entered unless you were a supervisor so she surmised that it wasn’t some prank a lower-level employee would’ve made. Either this woman is making all of this up or Pfizer is plotting with the global cabal and cannot help but to leave clues behind.

A second video of this woman’s testimony is here.

     In Maria,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 29, 2022

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