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The Exhausted Accusations Return…

Note from the Editor: From time to time the SSPX in the United States returns to old attacks against TIA, accusing us of inaccurately translating the title of Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso in Spanish to Our Lady of Good Success in English. The main allegation is that the term success refers to material goods and not to spiritual goods. This is "supported" by a declaration of four religious in the Conceptionist Convent in Quito.

These are obsolete accusations since we have already demonstrated ad nauseam that the translation is accurate and that the nuns were pressured to sign that document by an agent of SSPX (here, here and here).

In view of the facts that February 2 was the Feast Day of Our Lady of Good Success and that TIA has posted recently two very successful videos on this devotion ( here and here), the old attacks returned, aired by different outsets of the social media at the service of the SSPX.

The priests behind this recurring attack seem oblivious of the Moral accountability for those who denigrate others. Rather, they appear to be applying the motto of Voltaire - "Lie, lie bravely. Something will always remain."

The correspondence below is an example of an upright soul who was puzzled by these accusations of the SSPX. The reader's messages are expressive of how a person of good faith reacts when he/she first listens to those slanders, and then learns the truth.

It is also a good opportunity for us to refresh the memory of our daily readers on the arguments we have provided that prove the attacks to be baseless and malicious. - A.S.G.



Dear TIA,

I greatly admire your work, look forward to TIA Mail, am enamored by your gorgeous film (Part One and Part Two) of the marvelous Apparition, kept the Novena this year, am reading Dr. Horvat's volumes, spreading the word, and consider it an enormous blessing to have discovered you last year!

I am writing because I am puzzled by this video which I listened to tonight and I greatly desire your comment. Here it is shown that the Sisters of the Conceptionist Convent in Ecuador have been asking since 2017 for a correction of the English translation of Our Lady's title to include "Purification".

Why have you not done so? I am eager for your reply.

     God's blessings upon you and may Our Lady guide and inspire you,



Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear E.Z.,

Thank you for your kind words about our work.

We have answered this objection in well-documented articles, showing that it is the SSPX that is imposing this change of name, and not the Sisters in the Convent. I ask that you read the articles here and here and here.

On a personal note, I can tell you that I, Fr. Relyea and Mrs. Kathy Heckenkamp have been in close touch with the sisters for many years and there was never an objection to the name Our Lady of Good Success. To the contrary, the Nuns promoted and encouraged the devotion under this name.

The first book in English was published in 1999 using the title Our Lady of Good Success throughout, and it received the approval of the Nuns as well as the Postulator for the Cause, who wrote the original work in Spanish and supervised its translation (A Spanish Mystic in Quito).

I do not know why there is this attempt to sabotage the devotion, for it seems to me that this is what it is.

I hope these answers will be of some help to you.

     In Maria,

     Marian T. Horvat


E.Z. responds:

Good Morning, dear Dr. Horvat!

I have read everything, followed every embedded link so as to read all the pertinent articles, and am tremendously impressed by all that TIA has written on the subject. Your responses are all logical, coherent, factual, and collaborated with "on the ground" information. I loved your "blind leading the blind" article and read it twice just to savor the words and enjoy the accompanying illustrations!

I even went and listened to the video of the SSPX priest speaking at the Convent in 2017 (at the time of their mysterious ascendancy), and his very voice and content immediately rubbed me the wrong way: a 'know it all' attitude born out of ignorance and delivered with a heavy sacrosanct air -- that is it what seemed to me.

You are right, he admits he does not speak Spanish and, he even admitted in his talk he had not done sufficient research, and I'm here talking back to the video "why not, why not" and "you are supposed to be the expert" -- and, having had the benefit of reading your clear writings about the meaning of the title and the Feast, I could clearly see him bungling the concepts.

After having the benefit of reading all that TIA had written on the subject, it was abundantly obvious he did not know what he was talking about!! No, I would say to him, "You are the interloper" -- and I shuddered as I listened, thinking that such a one is the SSPX Prior in Chicago!

Most telling of all is the Blessed Virgin's reaction by her miraculous statue!!! Ha, HA, HA: SHE MADE HERSELF IMMOVABLE when the SSPX tried to move her!!! SHE SHOWED HER DISPLEASURE unmistakably -- that alone should have made them flee in holy fear, depart the premises (taking their Agent) and atone for the displeasure they had caused the Queen -- ah, but that would take humility and insight and true honor.

Also telling is the departure of vocations inside the Convent since then -- horrible! Those whom you identified as present day instigators of intrigue: The Agent and The Capitan within the Convent walls -- the serpent never stops trying! What an immense sorrow and cross for you, which you are asked to bear alongside Our Heavenly Mother!

Also telling, were the extraordinary historical facts you recounted and the amazing prophecy fulfilled -- remarkable indeed -- which initially led to the TFP young men being asked to carry the statue -- and the honorable and solemn way permission was asked and given formally throughout the decades -- all this was impressive.

I love the way your articles are written, calmly laying it all out. How different from the attackers!

I can only imagine the great time and effort it took to have to respond to all this pernicious activity -- yes, "sabotage" is a good word for it. This is your share in the "prolonged martyrdom" - no wonder the statue is so sorrowful... for SHE CERTAINLY LOVES YOU!

I will be emailing a copy and paste from your letter to Return To Tradition and see if Anthony has the integrity to read the links and respond to me.

May I pour out my heart to you? Sadly, I must say that I am really not surprised by this action of the SSPX.

In the mid 1980's we left XXX and moved to YYY, where eventually my parents and I discovered the SSPX. We showed the visiting priests hospitality and became consumed with finding where we could have the Latin Mass daily. However certain aspects of the behaviors and mindset of the SSPX left us unsettled and we longed for what eluded us.

Eventually we uprooted ourselves again, made a return to XXX, exclusively so that we could finally enjoy daily Masses at what we expected would be a quiet parish sustained by an older priest whom we were told, after the Vatican changes, left his diocese and clung to saying the Old Mass. Although "friendly to the SSPX" he wasn't SSPX, just a staunch defender of the Faith, we presumed, and on the basis of that, naively trusted.

Our dream rapidly revealed itself to be a nightmare when, once we arrived, the priest quickly began giving abundant evidence of being emotionally unstable -- what my poor aged parents and I suffered; and my dear Dad was a convert! Soon after having arrived, we were literally shunned. What craziness.

The stress took a decided toll on my aged father's health. Both my dear parents died in the N.O. and I remained for some time in the N.O. afterwards -- until I couldn't take it anymore -- and drove to a diocesan parish happily for years to its Sunday afternoon Latin Mass -- until once again most recently, a change has appeared necessary as my "only" solution.

Towards the closing months of 2021 an old friend, a Protestant, asked to go to Mass with me and so began the routine... during which time she, amazingly, fell in love with the Latin Mass and asked to become a Catholic!

Faced with the knowledge of what constitutes RCIA at the diocesan parish level (did I want her to learn error and watered down nonsense and see worse?) -- plus the fact -- the ZZZ, ZZ Bishop has stated his intent to close down some of the present Latin Mass locations throughout the greater ZZZ and WWW area (we don't know which ones yet) -- I wanted to spare my elderly friend from scandal. How could I ever explain to E. that the Catholic Bishop has forbidden this Mass??

Consequently -- with eyes wide open -- I am now driving farther with her to go attend a Sunday morning Latin Mass at an SSPX parish -- HOPING and PRAYING she will receive accurate and full content in a Convert Instruction. The instructions are supposed to begin in March. I will sit through the instructions with her. The parishioners are welcoming and my friend remains eager. I hope for a good outcome.

Other than that, I am praying for God's Justice.

God bless you abundantly!!!

So appreciative of all you shared and all I read. Remain strong in these terrible times. Yes, the thought of SUCCESS, in its fullest sense, is what keeps me going.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 8, 2022

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