NEWS: May 29, 2019
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
TFP IN QUITO: FINAL BALANCE - What TFP am I speaking about here? Unfortunately, the TFP after the death of Prof. Plinio is no longer worthy of the praises it earned when it was under the direction of that Catholic Crusader. I prefer not to describe the different paths it took after it split and merged in different degrees with the enemies it should be combating. I will just note that when I mention the TFP, I am referring exclusively to that glorious TFP of the past, not to the recent one(s).

One of the SSPX priests who attacked me mentioned the followers of Prof. Plinio who were in charge of bringing the Statue of Our Lady of Good Success from the Convent’s upper choir to the main altar of the Church to be venerated by the public were TFP members. He generically affirmed: “TFP, Tradition Family Property, has been illegally forcing themselves on the sisters of the convent for years.”

It is to answer to this accusation with its innuendos that I write this article. It gives me the opportunity to make public some facts that many people might otherwise never know. Let me go on to describe what was really happening.

Two nuns on the plaza corner

In 1968 and 1969, the TFP was making public campaigns against the infiltration of semi-occult progressivist groups in the Church that wanted to subvert her. The Brazilian monthly Catolicismo had published a special issue on this topic and the TFP activists were spreading that issue among the public. One of the ways TFP accomplished this task was through “caravans.” These caravans were groups of nine young men in a UV who would travel in an area where TFP did not have a seat in order to disseminate a book, magazine or newspaper.


1: The site where Garcia Moreno was killed in the plaza; 2: The Convent of the Immaculate Conception

One of these caravans with Brazilian members was passing through Ecuador, and, even though Quito was not on its planned route, the group decided to stop at La Plaza Grande (the historical center of Quito) to make a campaign in front of the site where Garcia Moreno had been murdered in order to honor that valiant Catholic hero.

They had no idea that the Convent of the Immaculate Conception was on the corner of that Plaza. They looked upon the stop as an impromptu adventure, since these Brazilians did not speak Spanish well and the magazine they were disseminating was in Portuguese. Those facts did not concern them; they were there to pay homage to that great hero whom they admired.

During the campaign they offered the magazine to two nuns who were standing on the corner of the Plaza attentively watching them. The nuns responded, “Come inside, our Abbess wants to speak with you.”

They graciously complied, and the Abbess asked if they could carry down the Statue of Our Lady of Good Success from the Convent’s choir to the Church because it was the date that she should descend but the nuns did not have men to help them with the arduous task. They accepted. Shortly afterwards, when the campaign ended, they entered the Convent and carried down the Statue. This was the beginning.

Later, we learned that Mother Mariana had left a prophecy with this instruction: “When the Franciscans will refuse to carry down the Statue, send two nuns to the corner of La Plaza Grande and there they will find the ones who will replace them.” In fact, some days before, the Franciscans had sent an excuse to the Convent stating they could not bring the Statue down because they had to attend a Liberation Theology meeting.

Praying for Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Soon after this incident a TFP seat was established in Quito, without any special link to the Convent or Our Lady of Good Success. The nuns, however, often would send ladies who were their friends with messages to the TFP members asking them to come to the Convent to show them photos of their campaigns.

dr plinio

Nuns in the Convent were praying by name for Prof. Plinio since the 1930s

In one of these screen projection shows, two or three members of the TFP were in the front near the screen with the cloistered nuns seated behind them, out of the sight of the young men. In a photo of one campaign where Prof. Plinio appeared in a large group of persons, one nun walked up the hallway of the room to the screen and, on her own initiative, pointed to a person, saying, “This one is Dr. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira.”

And she actually was right on target. That nun was Mother Francisca de los Angeles, the novice mistress.

How did Mother Francisca know about Dr. Plinio? At that time no one could explain the episode; today we know that Mother Francisca de los Angeles had been praying by name for Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira since the 1940s without knowing him personally. The word spread in the Convent that she had received the task to pray for him directly from Our Lady.

Other old nuns at that Convent, whose names I will not reveal now, have affirmed that Our Lady appeared to them in the 1930s and asked them to pray namely for Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. At that time Prof. Plinio was a young man in his 20s or 30s, a Brazilian who, naturally speaking, would have been completely unknown to these religious women of Quito.

Official request

In 1978 Mother Rosario, then Abbess of the Convent, sent an ambassador to São Paulo – Mr. Luis Fernando Chiriboga Ushina – to deliver a letter to Prof. Plinio. In that letter, which was also signed by all the nuns of the Convent, she officially asked “in the name of Our Lady and mine” for him to provide men to bring down the Statue of Our Lady of Good Success from “now until the end of the world.”


TFP members make the transfer of Our Lady at the request of the Convent

Out of courtesy, Prof. Plinio sent back an amiable response, also official, accepting the mission and thanking Mother Rosario for her trust.

From then on, every time a new Abbess took power, one of Prof. Plinio’s followers would go to her and ask whether or not she wanted to renew that invitation. Until now, all Abbesses have done so by means of a signed document.

Last January this agreement was broken by the present day Abbess, under the pressure of the SSPX’s Agent, La Capitana and Arch. Travez, as I showed in my last article.

These are some facts that I want to record in order to show that the task of bringing the Statue down from the upper choir to the Church was never an initiative or demand made by the TFP or the followers of Prof. Plinio, but rather it was an explicit request of the nuns themselves of the Convent.

With this said, I close the series of articles on the usurpation the SSPX is trying to make in the Convent of the Immaculate Conception in Quito through bribes, intrigues and calumnies.



Blason de Charlemagne
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