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It Is Not Our Lady of Good Success
But Our Lady of Buen Suceso

Soon after posting TIA latest video promoting the Novena to Our Lady of Good Success on our YouTube channel, JMJ-HF Productions – a Catholic film group based in Texas – posed a short objection to our video, repeating the already-tired allegation that the correct title is “Our Lady of Buen Suceso,” which we responded to numerous times last year.

Immediately after we replied to its comment with clear arguments and evidence from our articles showing that this new title is a hoax created by SSPX, JMJ-HF Productions deleted its comment. We provide our reader with its comment, followed by our response.




Great video, but the previous title of ‘Our Lady of Good Success’ was officially changed on the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, July 1st, 2017.

The religious of the Convento Real de la Inmaculada Concepcion of Quito, Ecuador, corroborated the change, with the authorization of the sisters.

     JMJ-HF Productions


TIA responds:

JMJ-HF Productions,

This authorization proved to be induced by an agent of SSPX, Jade Liboro, working inside the Convent of the Conceptionist Nuns in Quito for the benefit of this organization. The Mother Superior today tells visitors who ask her that the mentioned document was not her initiative, but that it was the initiative of Jade Liboro, and that she and the other three Mothers signed the document only to please her.

Besides, the four signing Mothers do not know English and, therefore, do not have conditions to decide what is appropriate terminology in English or not, as explained in these articles, here, here and here.

Furthermore, Fr. Adam Purdy, the promoter of this new title of ‘Buen Suceso’ in English, does not know any Spanish. Thus, he also is not in conditions to decide what is a good English translation from the Spanish original title.

Therefore, this authorization seems to be a big hoax made by SSPX to try to steal a devotion that has been spread in the United States for 20 years under the title of Our Lady of Good Success.

This change of names is nothing but a maneuver of SSPX to create confusion and to try to usurp a devotion that from the beginning has always been titled Our Lady of Good Success in the English-speaking world.

We are not sure what is the intent of SSPX in this regard: if it is just because of their habit of stealing banners, if it is to make money through this devotion, or if it is to promote another agenda.

This maneuver of changing names and inducing religious women who do not know English to sign this document looks very dishonest.

All these reasons explained, we are surprised that your organization, JMJ-HF Productions, is falling for this maneuver.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 30, 2020


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