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Toledo & Mandatory Vax Suspended

An Abomination


Re: Sensual dance profanes Toledo Cathedral

Hell has risen to meet earth and defame and desecrate any and all things holy - an abomination… It is also so in my precious family. …

     God, have mercy.



Babies Born with Strange Defects

Dear TIA,

This interview is just another example of nurses having enough and trying to expose the truth. She says she can immediately tell whether a baby was born of a vaccinated mother or not by the size of their genitals. Swollen testes for vaccinated mothers of the male babies. Young premature babies can have extremely small penises. She suspects it may be due to the timing of when the pregnant mother takes the vaccine.

When you watch videos like this and you see how many people have taken this shot it gets clearer that the chastisement is around the corner. The lightning striking with Pope Francis’s becoming Pope, the starlings dying, the St. Januarius miracle ending, the earthquakes in Mexico after the legalizing of abortion, and many other signs were all warnings and here we are.

The Traditional Catholics on the sidelines that know the prophecies but still pretend like the America they were promised will still be here are in for a rude awakening.

Recourse to Our Lady is all we have and we must be confident in her protection. May we all have the strength to fight for her and her Reign.

     Salve Maria,



Vax Mandates Rejected

Dear TIA,

It seems that a bit of common sense is entering the picture and big companies are rejecting our government communist vax mandate.

Read below.


Growing Number of Companies and Organizations
Are Walking Back Vaccination Requirements

Jack Phillips

December 17 - More and more businesses in recent days have walked back previous rules mandating COVID-19 vaccines as a condition for employment in a bid to keep workers.

Earlier this week, Amtrak - a quasi-public corporation - became the latest to rescind its vaccine requirement amid concerns about staff shortages and cut service in January. In a memo sent to staff that was obtained by The Epoch Times, Amtrak CEO William Flynn said the company would do away with the mandate that would have given employees until Jan. 4 to get fully vaccinated or go on unpaid leave.

About 500 out of more than 17,000 Amtrak workers remain unvaccinated, according to the memo. Still, the sudden loss of that many workers would have caused service disruptions, Flynn suggested, while noting that Amtrak was acting in accordance with recent court orders handed down against President Joe Biden’s sweeping vaccine mandates.

Several hospitals and healthcare systems have similarly rescinded vaccine mandates for employees and cited labor issues that were triggered by the new requirements. In early December, Florida’s AdventHealth announced the end of its vaccine requirement for some 83,000 workers, also citing the several recent court injunctions against federal mandates.

“Due to recent decisions by the federal courts to block the [Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services] vaccine mandate, we are suspending all vaccination requirements of our COVID-19 vaccination policy,” AdventHealth Chief Clinical Officer Neil Finkler said in a letter to staff. The move came after the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services confirmed to The Epoch Times that the agency suspended enforcement following two court orders several weeks ago.

Tenet Healthcare, HCA Healthcare, and Cleveland Clinic recently announced they are pulling back as well, citing labor concerns. Along with AdventHealth, the three healthcare companies operate a combined 300 hospitals and have more than 500,000 workers. …

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Unified School District board, for different reasons, voted overwhelmingly in favor of postponing its student vaccine requirement from January 2022 until the fall of 2022 after tens of thousands of students reportedly would not comply—meaning that they would not be able to attend in-person classes.

Huntington Ingalls Industries, the largest naval shipbuilder in the United States, announced it won’t enforce the Biden administration’s federal contractor mandate. The company had told its 44,000 workers that it was not contractually obligated to comply, although a federal judge in Georgia later blocked the mandate.

The University of Iowa also recently pulled its vaccine directive for staff working on federal contracts from its website following a federal judge’s order last month. University of Iowa Faculty Senate President Teresa Marshall said on Dec. 7 that the requirement was placed on hold until federal lawsuits get sorted out.

Full text here


Vatican Apologizes to LGBT

Hello TIA,

I read your comments on the letters Francis sent to New Ways Ministry. Here is one of the many consequences.

The more the Pope opens himself to homosexuality, the more he attacks the Tradition of the Church and those who follow it. Does this contradiction not tell us anything about the dire times we live in?

Keep up the good work and don't adhere to the crazy option of sede-vacantism.


Synod Office Apologizes to LGBTQ Community

Christopher Lamb

Franciscans with LGBT

Franciscan friars of St Francis of Assisi Church in New York City and members of the parish's LGBT+ ministry at a reception earlier this year. CNS photo/Gregory A Shemitz

The Tablet - December 13, 2021 - Rome’s synod office has apologized to the LGBTQ community after a link to a group ministering to gay Catholics was removed from a website sharing resources about the global synodal process.

The move has been described as “unprecedented” as it is believed to be the first time a Vatican official has apologised to LGBTQ people.

Originally, the site had a link to the group New Ways Ministry, which works for greater acceptance and inclusion of gay Catholics in the Church. The link went to a webinar urging LGBTQ Catholics to participate in the synod process, but was then swiftly removed.

New Ways Ministry has in the past been censured by the bishops of the United States and in 1999 the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith “permanently prohibited” the founders from pastoral work involving gay people.

Pope Francis, however, has thanked New Ways Ministry for their work while describing one of the founders, Sr Jeanine Gramick, as a “valiant woman” who had suffered a lot for her ministry.

Thierry Bonaventura, a communications officer at the synod’s general secretariat, said he had “personally taken the initiative to de-publish” the post linking to New Ways and apologized for “the pain caused” by the decision. The link has now been restored.

He emphasized that the secretariat did not want to exclude “those who wish to carry out this synodal process with a sincere heart and a spirit of dialogue” and urged those groups who feel they are on the “margins” of the Church to share their experiences. The synod resources site also includes a link to the group “Discerning Deacons” who are seeking to advance discussions about a female diaconate.

“We appreciate that apologies are never easy to make. New Ways Ministry had not requested one, making this gesture all the more authentic. Vatican officials rarely apologize, and they almost certainly have never apologized to LGBTQ people or an LGBTQ Catholic ministry. This action signals that Vatican officials are becoming aware of how their decisions impact LGBTQ lives,” Francis DeBernardo, the group’s executive director said in response.

“This unprecedented apology from a Vatican office corrects the earlier mistake and amplifies, even louder, the welcome that Pope Francis has extended to LGBTQ people.”

Original here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 21, 2021

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