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Apocalyptic Monster & Protests Against Vax

Sick! Sick! Sick!


Re: Francis: 'Sr. Gramick is a valiant woman'

Sick! Sick! Sick!


"If you love me, keep my Commandments!"
"He who is not with me is against me!"
"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life! Carry your cross and follow me!"
"My sheep hear my voice! I call them, and they follow me! I am the Good Shepherd!"

They are promoting lies! Jesus never compromised!

Our Beloved Mother the Holy Catholic Church does not need any form of reformation! What we all need is to live our lives fulfilling the COMMANDMENTS, that is, showing OUR LOVE FOR GOD, FOR ONE'S OWN SOUL AND THE SOULS OF OUR NEIGHBORS! "Love your neighbor as yourself!" …

I hear only HIS VOICE... NONE OTHER!

Good night & God bless!



Collapse of the American Family...

Hello TIA,

Here are signs of the collapse of America: when the family collapses and become degenerate, so goes the country.

Nine facts point to the staggering decline:

1. The percentage of homes in the United States containing a married couple with children is at an all-time record low
2. Just 23.1 million American homes contain a married couple with children (population today 329 million)
3. Nearly a third of all U.S. families with children are single parent families
4. More Americans are living alone than ever before
5. The birth rate in the United States is at the lowest level ever recorded
6. An all-time record high 44 percent of childless adults in the United States under the age of 50 say that it is “likely” that they will never have any children at all
7. Birth rates have now fallen beneath replacement level in every single U.S. state
8. Support for Roe v. Wade is now at the highest level ever measured
9. More than 60 percent of respondents to a recent poll admit that they are lonely

It presents a very dismal picture. Corrupted families=corrupted society=corrupted State. Sad to say, the Catholic Church dropping her firm stance on Morals has played a large role in all this.

From nuclear families - to - single parent families - to blended families - as Sister Lucia warned the 'the last battle is against the family.'

Read more here



UN Displays Monument of Apocalyptic Monster

Hello TIA,

The United Nations unveiled around its headquarters a monument displaying a winged tiger painted with contrasting colors that looks like a kind of Indian art. It seems more like a pagan deity, not so different than the Devil.

Perhaps it is meant to be some symbol of the One World Order.

Check it out for yourself below. News report here


UN Monster Statue


Statue of Our Lady Vandalized in Washington

Dear TIA,

As we approach the installation of the kingdom of Satan on earth, more and more statues of Our Blessed Mother are vandalized. This time it occurred outside the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. It happened shortly before the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8, which tells us that it was a premeditated crime made intentionally to offend Our Lady.

It shows that the Satanists are very active. It raises great indignation but it is not illogical, since Satan hates the Queen of the Angels.

What is most shocking in all these blasphemies and sacrileges is that the Catholic Hierarchy and clergy do not do anything. Sometimes they issue weak words here and there, but nothing significant to stop this tide of profanations. I wonder whether they also are contaminated by some satanic complacency.

You can read more details here.


Vandalized statue of Our Lady


Protests Against Vax Mandates Increase


I want to share with you and your audience three huge protests that took place recently which the media is not reporting.

They show a strong reaction against the communist mandates of the vaccine and the consequent demand for the so-called green passport.

I hope this strong reaction will come to the United States. Our people are too complacent with these dictatorial mandates.

Below I am sharing three short videos of these protests. The first was in Barcelona on December 4, the second in Vienna on December 11 and the last in Melbourne and Sidney on December 12, 2021.




Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 14, 2021

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