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SC Nominee, DeSantis & St. Louis Statue

Supreme Court Nominee


Frankly, no matter what President Trump’s SC nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, says about abortion at the hearings, the Democrats will oppose her and hopefully the Republicans and Pence will support her. So, why not speak the clear unadulterated TRUTH!

It would be refreshing and consoling to hear from a SC nominee that there is a law above the Constitution – Thou shalt not kill!  Our Constitution reflects this older Commandment. Has there ever been a SC nominee since the civil war that said “It is OK to murder an innocent human being?”

Like Sir Thomas More, Amy should state that she is a loyal citizen and servant of the United States, but God’s servant FIRST!

Anything less simply won’t do at this stage of the game when abortion has become such a disastrous part of the American fabric… Think of it – the blood of millions upon millions of unborn child has soaked our land and our consciences. Enough with word games and “judicial cunning” at these hearings. Just speak the truth Amy and let God do the rest.

      Love to you all,

      Randy Engel, US Coalition for Life


DeSantis Sets the Tune against BLM-Antifa


What Governor DeSantis has said in the video below is OUTSTANDING and long overdue in the lawless jurisdictions - he's talking about reining in the Marxist Socialist Anarchists and their ENABLERS in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS!

And those enablers, as far as I'm concerned, include a lying Commie press, a morally bankrupt political class, and a perverse entertainment industry that shamelessly promotes this rot, fanning the flames by bailing out the criminally insane as soon as they're arrested - the loss of lives and property be DAMNED!

I'm talking about YOU, Maxine Waters, and the slug class you represent in your Democrat Party straight from the bowels of Hell!

Watch and listen...

Too bad ALL State governors in this Country don’t have the backbone to do what this Governor of Florida has done...

Guaranteed you won't see the news stations talking about this.

GO DeSantis!!!

     Gary Morella


Vital Information on Covid

To my friends at TIA,

Thank you for publishing the very informative and educational open letter from the Belgium health professionals showing their grave concern and frustrations on how Covid-19 has been handled. They question the legitimacy of the current advisory experts and the role of WHO, which we know since the United States suspended funding to the organization that is the right hand operative of the Chinese Communists.

We also have questions. Chinese Virologists Dr. Merry Lin escaped from Hong Kong and is currently hiding in the United States. Recently on the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox she said that the communists covered up information about the release of the virus on purpose and she has the proof. She knew that if she stayed in China, she would be killed, so she came to the U.S. There are so many traitors in the U.S. today that she may face the same fate here. Can she find anyone who will verify her story?

We would also like to thank the many contributors to TIA who have provided vital information about Covid-19. It has been a great service in wake of Marxist like press.

     Homer Sweeney


St. Louis IX Statue in Missouri

Dear TIA,

Thank you and Mr. Williams for his report on the mess in St. Louis.

I will join him in prayer to Our Lady of Good Success, Our Lady of Fatima, and Saint Louis for the end of this hoax upon the world, this lie, these ridiculous mandates of masks and distance between people and the destruction of businesses and livelihoods.

We pray in the spirit of penitence, too, as we realize our nation's punishment has begun. We are sorry for our country's heinous sins of "legal" abortion, and know that Our Heavenly Father's Justice demands our penance and punishment for our country's brutal murder of many, many millions of innocent children. How could it be otherwise?

I join you in prayer to Our Blessed Mother, Patroness of our dear, sad country, and to St. Louis, praying that our country will return to Our Lord God on our knees in prayer, penance, and sorrow for our sins, in gratitude for His countless blessings we took for granted, and in supplication for His forgiveness and the grace of conversion and enduring Faith, and for our return to Him and His True Church.

     Thank you very much, and may God bless you.



From Anglicanism to the Catholic Latin Mass

Dear TIA,

A few days ago I was happening to peruse your site and stumbled across a reply you made to a comment about avoiding the Novus Ordo Mass. I am a 7 year convert to Catholicism, having been received into the Church from Anglicanism on the Easter Vigil 2013 when I was around 20. I attended my local parish and was involved as a server and reader.

During my time in my home parish I started attending the Latin Mass at least one Sunday a month at the Oratory Church in my city, run by the Congregation of the Oratory founded by St. Philip Neri in the 16th Century and brought to my home city by Cardinal John Henry Newman.

I cannot use words to describe the first time I attended a High Mass in person at the Oratory. It was surreal. I had viewed many videos on YouTube of the Latin Mass, but nothing compared to experiencing the Mass in person. I immediately thought, “this is home. This is THE Sacrifice of the Cross”. Coming from an Anglican background, I can say that the Novus Ordo is identical to the Anglican Communion Service. I suppose in a way that eased my conversion, since the NO was a familiar liturgy to what I was used to.

The only difference was that the first time I went to a NO Mass, I actually saw the Face of Jesus in the Host, and when I returned home, my father said he could see a noticeable difference in my face. I believe his words were: “your face seems to be slightly glowing.” After the Mass, I bought my first ever Rosary, which I began praying even as an Anglican (needless to say, that Rosary, and Our Lady’s faithful intercession, helped me greatly in converting!).

Sadly, I wasn’t able to stick going to the Latin Mass due to various circumstances. I have been to the Latin Mass on certain special occasions, but that’s about it for the moment. However, this year I have been looking to move, and found a place that is about 20-30 minutes walking distance to the Oratory Church I use to attend.

Long story short, I asked the Lord to bless me with this place and in return I would endeavor to go to the High Mass on Sundays for Him. Well, as of writing this I have just sent of some documents to process for getting the new place, and I have informed the agent who is mediating on between me and the landlord that I wish to move around the 6th October. Thus, please God, next week I will be moving into my new home closer to the Latin Mass. The Oratory Church has Latin Mass everyday, and even has the singing of the Sunday Vespers with Benediction.

In short, I am praying for a “Latin Mass Future”. Even though I am only 27 years old, I am quickly becoming fatigued by the Novus Ordo and its accommodation of abuses. I have seen Our dear Lord dropped on the floor, and dashed around like a pretzel, amongst other indescribable abuses. Even though I am a poor sinner, even I cannot stand to see the Sacrifice of the Mass and the Precious Body and Blood of Christ profaned in such a monstrous manner. I can say for myself that Our Lord truly is present in the Novus Ordo, which makes the abuses even more malicious. It’d have been different if it was invalid and it was just common bread tossed around, naturally.

Many people say that tradition is regressive. They’re wrong. Tradition is progressive, because it carries into the future the stability of the past, and preserves the good of ages past for tomorrow. Tradition brings order; change brings chaos. Hence why the NO is chaotic with it’s endless options, but the Latin Mass stands as an unmovable rock: the true pinnacle of the Christian Faith. The timeless ritual which vests the Eucharistic Lord in honor and glory.

My time looking for a new home was fruitless until I began asking the Lord for a place near the Latin Mass. Then all of a sudden, I find myself a week away from potentially moving! I think Our Lord may be as eager for me to go back to the Latin Mass as I am! And I just know that Our Lady has a hand in it too!

Thus, I kindly request the prayers of TIA and your readers that the Lord will bring my moving home to a happy conclusion, especially with regard to Latin Mass. I pray also that the Lord will be as kind to other Catholics seeking the same thing as myself, and bless the Church Herself with the return of the Latin Mass.

     May God bless you all in Jesus and Mary!


TIA responds:

Dear M.B.,

Thank you for telling us your interesting path from Anglicanism to Catholicism.

We will be praying for you to profess the plenitude of our Holy Catholic Faith, and take the corresponding Counter-Revolutionary position, indispensable to defend it from its enemies, who are situated inside and outside the Church.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 29, 2020

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