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‘Saint Louis Forever’ Surrenders
after Two Months

Mark J. Williams
Since June, St. Louis, Missouri, has been under attack by revolutionary forces hell-bent on destroying the Catholic Faith in our city. I offer this article to the esteemed readers of Tradition in Action to show the good and bad things that have taken place in the last few months.

st louis statue

Two goals: remove the statue and
change the city's name

Currently, the Revolution in St. Louis has two objectives:

1. To remove the statue of the city's namesake, King Saint Louis IX, which is to the city of St. Louis what Notre Dame is to Paris.

2. To change the name of the city "St. Louis" to something else. This would be done because Saint Louis was a Crusader who fought against the infidels.

What happened in St. Louis

The agent provocateur of the revolutionary forces in St. Louis is a Muslim man named Umar Lee. It was he who announced – with the full support of the media – his demands: Take down the statue and change the name of the city.

umar lee

Muslim BLM activist Umar Lee: ‘St. Louis was a white supremacist, his statue must go down’


Arrogant BLM rioters punch those who don't agree with them: the media is blind to this type of violence...


Mark Williams defending the statue of St. Louis in discussion with an Antifa agitator

Catholics of the city were outraged. The reaction was swift: Nightly rosaries were prayed at the base of the St. Louis statue, imploring the protection of God and the great Crusader King. We prayed for the defeat of these enemies. And we shared our ideas with the public.

Since Umar Lee knew he could never win in a fair fight, he began spreading lies that the Catholics were really "white supremacists." A whole crowd of violent Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other terrorist types descended on the peaceful Catholics. I was there. It was a riot. No one was killed, but several were injured or hospitalized.

The day did not end in defeat for Catholics, though. After the rioters dispersed, and our numbers grew for another Rosary in the evening, we managed to clean the graffiti. Something beautiful happened also: A very light rain fell for a few minutes. It did not bother any of us, but it did make it easier to remove the obscene chalk graffiti the BLM had left behind. Then, on that night and every night for the next two months, we continued to pray the Rosary.

Umar Lee scheduled another "peaceful" event for July 12 under the pretext of an "Interfaith Prayer Rally." Again, he spread lies that we were all "Nazis" and "Fascists." The 12th of July came, and many, including myself, were expecting a big fight.

No such fight materialized. Umar Lee's group consisted of 30 or 40 persons who arrived late and were told to leave by the police. Meanwhile, we Catholics entered the scenario by the hundreds. Some say as many as 700 Catholics were present, praying the 15 decades Rosary, singing hymns... It was a huge victory.

A problem: the directors

It isn't pleasant to do so, but for this narrative to be complete, I have to mention the problem of the organizers of the campaign. I call them the "directors."


Hundreds came to pray the rosary; below, the clash initiated by the BLM & Antifa rioters


In the beginning our counter-revolution was organic, spontaneous. Within a week after its start, however, an "official organization" named Saint Louis Forever was established.

A certain group of persons arrogated to themselves positions of authority. Immediately, they began imposing bad ideas on everyone else: The necessity to "not confront" the enemy; that we must be "docile" in the face of BLM; that we "must not bring signs or banners," orders such as "if they speak to you to argue, don't respond," instructions that "we are here in the spirit of prayer, not protest."

Besides savoring of quietism and pacifism, I thought the ensemble of their doctrines and actions could be described as "white heresy," as we say at TIA.

It is sad, but true: There was in that group a small faction of "white heresy" types who would sabotage any efforts to move the group towards a position of grandeur or militancy. The word militancy itself was even discouraged among members.

The ephemeral victory of the 25th of August

Unsurprisingly, the directors, who did not have much enthusiasm for the fight, decided to end our nightly watch on the Feast of St. Louis, August 25. So much for Saint Louis Forever. This led to jokes in the group: "Saint Louis Two Months," or "Saint Louis Three Months".

Even still, August 25 was a great day, similar to July 12. I would classify it as a victory. As before, there was a grand procession, singing of hymns, praying the 15 decades of the Rosary, etc. For better or worse, it was the grand finale of two months of watch over the Antifa and BLM terrorists.

And, it is true, the Saint Louis Statue had not been taken down. The spokesman of the directors, the ‘captain’ of the white heresy faction, announced to the people in so many words that we had finally "won."

The surrender

After August 25, while the directors were complacently enjoying the vibrations of the transitory victory, the revolutionaries continued to make plans.

masking the statue

A new tactic fromt the left:
Masking the symbolic statue

They decided to put us to the test. Would we remain complacent if they attacked the statue? Outright vandalism would provoke us. But a "small" vandalism, would we accept it?

Without warning, it happened. On September 11, no less... It was completely sickening to see, in newspapers, on the Internet, on television: The statue of the great King, on his imposing steed, sword in hand... wearing a face mask.

Certainly, anyone who was not in "dream land" with the directors, was gravely offended by this. It was a blasphemy; a profanation. The Revolution showed its hand: Changing the city's name? Destroying the statue? Demolishing the churches? Mandatory face masks? All were connected: A coherent whole. Anyone with sense knew this from the beginning.

But the directors told us this was not the case. In their narrow minds, they wanted us to believe the defense of the statue was a single issue. We "saved" the statue from being demolished, so now our work is done.

Everyone expected the directors of Saint Louis Forever to act, to protest the enforced mask on the landmark statue.. An "emergency meeting" was called – I didn't have high hopes – and the next day, I received the following letter from one of the directors.


So, after two months, the group that formed to defend the statue "forever" has surrendered. A face mask on our King – even though "objectively blasphemous" – is really "rather insignificant." The only course of action recommended: Write a "conciliatory" letter. They don't care, because their spiritual directors tell them not to care. In fact: "[A] letter from a private individual [probably won't] change anything."

To call this ridiculous would be an act of charity. I can think of far worse – but still perfectly correct – words that describe this disgraceful course of action. Now, however, I will bite my tongue...

What to do now

To the best of my ability, I have presented the reality of the situation in St. Louis. There have been victories and defeats. I affirm that we would have seen immense successes had the self-designated directors of Saint Louis Forever not constantly undermined us.

st louis

A call to continue the fight

It is time for a new association of Catholics to form to defend the honor of Le Roy Louis. Saint Louis Forever has been disgracefully routed at the sight of a simple face mask. So, let those with courage enter into the fray. I call upon Catholics to withdraw their support from this organization as long as they refuse to fight.

For my part, Our Lady permitting, I will put every effort into creating a new Rosary campaign: To remove that filthy mask from our King's face. I will add to it this intention also: That this tyrannical and communist mask mandate comes quickly to an end.

For the success of these intentions, I ask that the readers would pray to Saint Louis, Our Lady of Good Success and Our Lady of Fatima.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 23, 2020

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