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Disney, Bye-Bye Fauci & Sturgis

Disney Creates Bi-Sexual Hero

Hello TIA,

So, Disney is now promoting bi-sexuality among its heroes for children.

After promoting lesbianism, now another step comes…

Check here.



Bye-Bye Fauci

Dear TIA,

I am sure you all already know it and are enjoying it as much as I do. Fauci, the traitor, is gone as "health" advisor for Trump.

He was replaced by Dr. Scott Atlas, whom you have highlighted from time to time as a doctor who has an approach to Covid-19 that does not follow the Wuhan dictatorial policy.

I hope that this replacement will bring back the government and the entire U.S. to common sense and finish with these communist impositions of lockdowns, house arrests, social distancing and masks.

Let us deal with this disease like we dealt with so many others in the past.

     Keep up the good work.


Antifa Anarchists Dispersed in South Dakota


During a rally of bike drivers in Sturgis, SD, a group of Antifa activists showed up with yellow and rainbow banners to provoke the tens of thousands of bikers gathering there. I guess they were trying to get beaten in order to have a new "martyr."

When one of these activists kicked a motorcycle passing near him, the bikers became furious, but didn't lynch him. The local police took the man down, hand-cuffed him and escorted him and the group out of the area to a shuttle, which disappeared with them.

It is ironic that the police have to defend the anarchists who fight to defund and close down the police…



C.S. Lewis in 1942

Dear TIA,

Wow! Look at this! (below)

What a visionary this man was!

Well, here we are in the full reign of Satan…




Is Socialism Good for America? Check out Venezuela!


This video about Socialism in America & Venezuela is an eye-opening window into the lies and failure of this ideology that so many in America today are ignorant of; instead, they believe all the empty promises of the political Left. The young generation born in this century is falling for the socialist lie.

I lived over 20 years in that South American nation before the present Marxist regime took over, and watching the video is shocking for me because things were never that bad back when I lived there.

From the 1960s to 1980s, I remember the country was developing with all its oil wealth, and it was receiving immigrants from Europe and Latin America, with Americans like my father who worked for American oil companies and other industries.

The middle class was rising and life was generally comfortable overall. But not now. It has become a nightmare there with many leaving the country if they can. The video isn't long and worth watching. Send it to your contacts, especially if they are buying into the ideological/political scam this election year.

Link is here.




A Moment of Solace


For a moment of solace in the hell of contemporary news, go to this video and visit Colorado seen from a drone.




Assumption Miracle in Poland 100 Years Ago

Dear TIA,


It is good to remember this Marian Miracle for Poland and the world.

Watch here.

     In Maria!



Brave Priest Fighting Covid


Check out this Filipino priest doing in this pandemic what the Church always did, that is, assisting the sick.

Although he is a Novus Ordo priest, at least he has the courage to face the risk and help the needy. On the other hand, his counter-parts all over the world are running from the danger like rats, concerned only about their own health.

Watch here.



Online Unreal Mass-Going


Look at this sad picture below.

The lady thinks she's going to Mass and fulfilling her Sunday obligation...

She is having a YouTube experience, but not going to Mass.

We are entering a non-reality world.

Even a progressivist priest agrees something is wrong....

Read below


Church selling the Eucharist 'short' says professor

Online Masses

The Catholic Church is selling "the Eucharist" and people short and is making a mistake by turning Mass into a YouTube experience, says Thomas O'Loughlin, emeritus professor of Historical Theology at the University of Nottingham and Director of Studia Traditionis Theologiae.

"There are some things Zoom and YouTube just won't do because real experiences are whole human experiences," O'Loughlin said.

"Can you send an apple by email?" he asked.

He says he will accept celebrating Mass online when people give up going out to dine with others and when people dine alone at home with pre-packaged food and say it is as rich an experience as it is eating and drinking with friends.

Read more here.


Women Priest Project in Motion

Hello TIA,

In the Vatican and in Germany the Pope and the Bishops are placing women everywhere in positions that were always held by men. Check the news report below.

It is a way to feminize the Church and prepared the faithful to accept women priests and Bishops.

Let us see up to what point God permits His Church to be corrupted and destroyed by Progressivism.


Women priests are possible, says new Vatican finance council member

Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur

Bonn, Germany - Aug 10, 2020 - Law professor Charlotte Kreuter-Kirchhof, recently appointed by Pope Francis as a member of the high-level group that oversees the Vatican's finances, said Aug. 10 that she regards it possible that women could serve as priests in the Catholic Church and in top roles within the Vatican bureaucracy.

"In my view very much is possible in this area," she told Catholic website in an interview. "But there are heated debates going on in the Church about this at the moment."

A Dusseldorf-based professor, Kreuter-Kirchhof is one of six women that Francis named as members of the Vatican's Council for the Economy on Aug. 6. Francis created the group in 2014 to supervise the financial activities of both the Vatican city-state and the offices of the Holy See.

The council had previously included solely men.

Kreuter-Kirchhof, who is also chairwoman of the Hildegardis Association, which supports women in academic education and job training, said in the interview she saw encouraging signs of women's leadership in the German church.

"In many dioceses women are taking on central leadership tasks and making a substantial contribution to the future viability of our church," she said.

Kreuter-Kirchhof described the new appointment to the Council for the Economy as a "clear sign of the desired cooperation between bishops, priests and laypeople and of the cooperation between men and women." The council membership reflects a togetherness that is preparing the church for the future, she said.

The six new female members include another German woman in addition to Kreuter-Kirchhof: the chairwoman of the National Association of German Cooperative Banks, Marija Kolak, from Berlin.

The other four women members of the council come from both Spain and the United Kingdom. The group also includes one layman, an Italian, and eight prelates. German Cardinal Reinhard Marx remains the council's leader.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 18, 2020

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