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Loaded Guns & Apocalyptic Times

‘Keep Your Guns Loaded’


Florida Sheriff Grady Judd gave this heated response to a reporter's question about a 'gunfight' comment.

This is what all sheriffs should do. Watch this quick clip.



Apocalyptic Times

TIA (from Facebook),

Re: The Latter Times & the Judgment of Nations

Since there are several "milestones" that we haven't yet achieved, as pointed out in the article, to reduce this confusion of calling these days "end" or "latter" which bring on a certain connotation, I've been referring to our present times as "Apocalyptic."

Fr. Sanchez's / Galitzin's reference to Isaiah and other Books of Scripture are relevant as well.

And gosh, so much for the Rapture, eh?



Great Clarity

TIA (from Twitter),

Re: The Latter Times & the Judgment of Nations

This brought such clarity. Thank you. I desire for my loved ones, myself and even my enemies to be part of the 1/3 to see the Triumph of Mary. For those of us who don’t, may we fall into the arms of the Holy Family at death being escorted to the Divine Majesty by St. Michael.

I’m sharing this installment everywhere possible. Just yesterday I cried out to God asking: Why doesn’t TIA address these things now?!

TIA resources have been a source of consolation and pruning.

     May your reward be great here and in Heaven!



Destroying the Four Marks of the Church

TIA (from Facebook),

Re: Amazonian Deacon

This is the result of the Recent Pan Amazon Synod last October...

This is the direction of the Church under Pope Francis. Because of the 2 new apostolic Constitutions: Praedicate Evangelium and Episcopalis Communio... the 4 marks of our Catholic Church – One Holy Catholic and Apostolic – are crumbling...

Our Church will be protestantized; she will break up into little pieces



Give Me Sacramentals


I have bought from the store at TIA a couple times already and have always been pleased with what I have received. Furthermore the emails with news I get are very enjoyable to read. Of course what is happening in the world these days, more often than not can be disappointing to say the least.

From what I have read, it does seem like you are well connected with many traditional Catholics, which leads me to a question I have. I have been looking to pay/donate in order to buy/receive Sacramentals like blessed candles, holy oil, salt, water, medals, etc.

So far I have not had much luck as either the source cannot be trusted (it'd be pretty easy for someone to just say their products are blessed when they are not) or certain places are closed down due to this [I believe intentionally] damaging shutdown. I would also prefer they be blessed in the more thorough traditional way, though I guess for now I would be okay with whatever I can get.

I hope you all are doing okay with this shutdown financially and I am very grateful for the information you provide. It is possible without the news, videos, books and other information I have received from Tradition in Action and The Fatima Center ( I would have, in my ignorance at the time, ceded from the Church rather than R&R

I will continue to pray for both TIA and The Fatima Center, my two favorite sources of truth to whom I have been blessed to be indebted to!

     Thank you so much!


Let nothing disturb you; nothing frighten you. All things are passing.
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things. Nothing is wanting to him who possesses God.
God alone suffices. Amen
(St. Teresa of Avila's bookmark)


TIA responds:

Hello P.T.,

Thank you for your kind words on our work. They are a real encouragement.

Regarding Sacramentals, TIA does not have a service to provide them.

A place that has them is the bookstore of Our Lady Help of Christians Chapel in Garden Grove, California. The pastor blesses the items and then suggests a donation, since it is against Church Law to sell Sacramentals. Although these items are available to the parishioners, the Chapel does not offer them to the public.

We hope that if you try, you will be successful. You may contact Msgr. Patrick Perez at this website.


     TIA correspondence desk


English Law to Abolish Marriage


A new law proposed for the U.K. aims to abolish marriage. Or better said, to reduce “marriage” to a union without any guarantee of stability. It can be dissolved as easily or even easier than to end a phone contract…

Today, this is a law that is proposed by the Conservative Party… Read below

We are really at the end! Every direction you look you find a deep moral abyss.

Let us pray for a Divine intervention. It is the only solution.


Proposed UK law will make it easier to break marriage contract
than mobile phone contract

Joseph Shaw

The weakening of the UK’s divorce law is reaching its final stages.

It is currently possible to end a marriage for almost any reason, or if you prefer to divorce for no reason at all, after a period of separation (two years with the agreement of the other party; five years without). It is almost impossible for a spouse to defend himself or herself against an application for divorce. For the Conservative Party Government in the UK, this isn’t good enough. They want to abolish the requirement to give any reasons (such as that old standby, “unreasonable behaviour”), and reduce the separation period to six months, or, if they feel like changing it again later, to nothing.

The justification being used by the government and repeated across the liberal media is that the current system forces couples to assign blame, unless they want to use the separation-period approach, which is presented as an intolerable burden. Giving reasons for wanting to end a supposedly life-long union, or creating a short time in which reconciliation might be attempted, doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable. Did I say “lifelong?” Well, that is how marriage is legally defined, with the proviso “unless legally terminated.”

In truth, the phrase is the pathetic remnant of a conception of marriage that is no longer given legal recognition. It would be more accurate to say that in English law marriage will soon be a union “ad nutum,” the Latin phrase used when the Pope or a bishop makes an appointment that can be terminated at will: literally, “at the nod.” When you get married, you remain married, until you choose otherwise.

The UK’s Coalition for Marriage pointed out that under the proposed law it will be easier to escape from a marriage contract than from a mobile phone contract. This gives extra meaning to the idea of people marrying inanimate objects.

Original here

Posted June 4, 2020

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