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What People Are Commenting
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More and More Protests all over the U.S.

We the People Have Had Enough

Note to the reader: While some States are ending the lockdown and reopening the economy, others continue with the same totalitarian measures.

So, people continue with their protests asking for their constitutional rights to be restored and expressing their indignation over the abuse of power.

It is good to see that good sense and rationality are returning as the spell of fear loses its power over public opinion.

We post photos of these protests with the hope that our readers will become aware of their intensity and do their best to make our country reject this artificial crisis.


     A.S.G., editor

Protests covid Michigan

Michigan: Lansing

Pennsylvania protests covid

Pennsylvania: Harrisburg & Pittsburgh

California protests covid

California: Venice & Sacramento

Texas protests against virus

Texas: Dallas & Austin

Washington protests covid

Washington: Olympia

Eight States react agaisnt covid lockdown

More eight States react against covid lockdown

Protests against lockdown -

Strong protests against the totalitarianism of State governments in unidentified places

Posted May 19, 2020

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