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May 13 & Johns Hopkins Reliability

May 13 Prayers


Re: Fatima pilgrims forbidden to visit Sanctuary

Margaret Coats, choir director for San Secondo d'Asti Parish, Guasti, CA, has suggested everyone pray on May 13 in anticipation of the May 14 "World Day of Prayer" the Pope will conduct. He may use this as another opportunity to pray along with the Dali Lama and make of this another excuse to pretend everyone is going to heaven regardless of their religious "persuasion."

May 13 ought to focus on the conversion of the entire world to the One, True Church, outside which there is neither salvation nor holiness.



Impotent Bishops


Re: Fatima pilgrims forbidden to visit Sanctuary

Who would have ever thought the Church would be shut down through a virus?...

It's all a part of the global one world government communist movement.

It is horrible that our worldwide bishops are so morally impotent.



Where Has Bravery Gone?


Prayers are sorely needed for the Bishops to find bravery.

It seems that bravery went out the door when the US Government locked down America.

The Catholic Bishops may have meant well, but when you know the history of Pope Pius XII how he helped save Jews, you have to realize where have the bishops in America gone? It looks like they are sheep in sheep's clothing.

Closing the churches was wrong. Cutting off the Sacraments from the parishioners was not a Catholic thing to do. Jesus would have never done that. He would stood up to do the right thing.

During World War II, Pope Pius XII was in the street when the Nazis were hunting down Jews.

He was so brave. He directed his priests to hide the Jews in the Vatican.

How come the Catholic Bishops have not done this?



New ‘Grace’ for Mankind

Hello TIA,

The quarantine is a good chance to see how secular our society has become.

The fact that the churches were first to close is eye-opening. In times of epidemics or crisis, the churches would be packed, people praying to God for supernatural help.

Today the only concern is natural remedies and vaccines, social distancing, quarantining etc. No more supernatural.

I ran across an article in Balance Magazine (So Cal) about living in close quarters. It suggests people live with grace. But a grace that lost all its supernatural content.

Modern grace is defined thus:

Gratitude (feeling gratitude boosts happiness);
Routine (comforting during uncertainty);
Activity (will help boost your mood);
Creativity (make time to do something creative);
Engagement (stay socially connected).

So we have the new grace. Forget the supernatural gift of God. In fact, forget everything supernatural is the message for the post-coronavirus world



Diversity in California


OK... So you have to admit this is strange but interesting situation!

Chief Heather Fong was the first SFPD (San Francisco Police Department) female, lesbian chief of police.

Theresa Sparks, a former male, was a past president of the San Francisco Police Commission, and CEO of a multi-million dollar [pornographic] retailer.

Sgt. Stephan Thorne, a former female, was the first transgender male SFPD police officer.

Where else are you going to find an Asian lesbian police chief, one deputy chief who is a woman but was a man, another deputy chief who is a man but was a woman, and a police commissioner who was a man is now a woman and whose full-time job was running a [pornographic] store.

Their representative in Congress is Nancy Pelosi.



How Reliable Is the Johns Hopkins University?

Dear TIA,

Since now we know that WHO (World Health Organization) is openly forcing us to enter an One World Order under the leadership of China; since we know that CDC (Center for Diseases Control) is pressuring American doctors to include as victims of Covid-19 patients who died of other diseases but had tested positive in Covid, I was curious to know the liability of the other “scientific” source for our daily toll death stats – the Johns Hopkins University.

So, I went on an internet search under this line: “Bill Gates donation Johns Hopkins.”

Below is the result, that is, the amount given by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to Johns Hopkins University; first the date, the amount and clicking on the hyperlink of the amount you may find the source of the donation: Here you have the result of a simple search on the internet. I am sure that a person with more expertise could increase enormously the data I found.

So, the conclusion is quite obvious to me: The Johns Hopkins University gives the stats that are more agreeable for its greater donor to read. In other words, the data of the statistics on people who died of Covid-19 by Johns Hopkins University are not reliable: They are what Bill Gates wants them to be.

The full picture is Orwellian: The “scientists” who assist the President of the U.S. change their previsions with the wind every 15 days; the sources for the death toll are WHO, CDC and Johns Hopkins, not reliable and compromised in spreading fear. So are most of the media.

Based on these data the fascist State governors are free to impose on each citizen a high tech police control.

Our president does not face any “scientist” opinion, but instead affirms that all those in charge “are doing great jobs.” The best thing he finds to do is to use as confetti money that the U.S. does not have in order to appease the people locked down in their houses.

The only exit for this torture-chamber-situation is to bring common sense to the people – or at least to their natural leaders – to see if they react strongly and this nightmare ends.

In this regard, your site has been very efficient.


Posted May 12, 2020

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