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Newman, Quito & No Proselytism

Finally a Common Sense Conclusion

Dear TIA,

Re: Fr. Martin: Newman may have been homosexual

I reviewed this article and found it to be clear and precise on the canonization of Cardinal Henry Newman.

Looking at old photographs and reading his quotes one can only draw the conclusion that he was not a mentally stable and he definitely did not think as stable minded man.

The other issue is we see more and more of these canonizations that are very political in nature. Especially as I was told that there was a 113 Canon laws removed as well as the Devil's Advocate by Pope John Paul II.

Randy Engel's book Rite of Sodomy, in her amazing research on this underground homosexual cabal within the Church hierarchy, truly showed how deep these roots have been. The success of Bella Dodd's communist infiltrators is just the tip of the iceberg.

Apparently, these homosexual men had been allowed to flourish in seminaries and chanceries before Bella Dodd.

Also, there seems to be the same effeminate and unstable mental torments of a Pope Paul VI [here and here], especially seen with his attraction to abstract artwork that he favored, even with his Crosier, appeared more diabolic than anything else.

Thank you for this important article.

God bless you all!

     In Jesus and Mary,



Fake Canonization of Newman


Re: Fr. Martin: Newman may have been homosexual

I do not think that a Roman Catholic priest, let alone a Bishop/Cardinal, could utter this statement regarding his 'friend': "I have ever thought no bereavement was equal to that of a husband's or a wife's, but I feel it difficult to believe that any can be greater, or any one's sorrow greater, than mine."

He doesn't even mention a Mother's loss of a child, which would also exclude Our Sorrowful Mother's agony at the Crucifixion of Her Son.

Had Card. Newman been a truly orthodox Roman Catholic, as all canonized saints must be, Modern Rome would never have “canonized” him.



Wonderful Surprise


I received my order from Tradition in Action, I was so excited about the nice picture of Our Lady of Good Success and especially the relic [cloth touched to the miraculous statue). it was a wonderful surprise.

Thank you so much for sharing.

     God Bless!



Mater Admirabilis

Hello TIA,

We happened to read your article on “Mater Admirabilis” – because we are beginning a women’s conference here in Northern California (Sacramento) and chose her as our patroness.

Would you mind if we linked to the article on our website?

     Thank you kindly and God bless,


TIA responds:

Hello K.M.,

Receive our compliments for the good choice of Mater Admirabilis as your Patroness.

You may link to the mentioned article. We don’t mind. This is a common practice on the Internet. When the link is made, the credit is automatically given.


     TIA correspondence desk


A Chance for Sinners


With regard to sinners' prayers not being heard, here I offer your readers an excerpt from The Secret of the Rosary by St Louis de Montfort:

“I have just said that to say the Rosary to advantage one must be in a state of grace or at least be fully determined to give up mortal sin;

“Because, if it were true that God only heard the prayers of those in a state of grace it would follow that people in a state of mortal sin should not pray at all. This is an erroneous teaching which has been condemned by Holy Mother Church, because of course sinners need to pray far more than good people do. Were this horrible doctrine true it would then be useless and futile to tell a sinner to say all, or even part of his Rosary, because it would never help him.”



Inquiring about Quito

Good afternoon,

I was just reading Our Lady of Good Success and could not get over the fact the She would not let SSPX carry her statue. I wanted to know who the group of men that had been carrying her statue all of these years is from.

Do they practice the Traditional Latin Mass? Which rite? And does the author and founder follow the same?

Love all of the Traditional information on this page.

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Good afternoon, M.D.,

Thank you for your kind words.

The group of Catholic men who used to carry the Statue of Our Lady of Good Success from the upper choir to the main altar of the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Quito and vice-versa was made of Ecuadorians. The only exception was the person responsible before the nuns for that moving. He is a Brazilian, Colonel Carlos Hofmeister Poli.

Those Ecuadorians and Col. Poli are disciples of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. Prof. Plinio has never attended a Novus Ordo Mass.

In Ecuador the Catholic Hierarchy does not allow the Tridentine Mass, so the men who live there have no other option than to go to the Novus Ordo Mass. Col. Poli in Brazil does not go to the NO Mass, but either attends a Traditional Latin Mass or the Melchite Catholic Mass in the Melchite Byzantine Catholic Rite.

When the latter goes to Quito, he habitually brings a priest to say the Tridentine Mass, as do many of the traditionalist pilgrimages there. These are the only opportunities for those Ecuadorians to attend a Traditional Mass.

We hope these data answer your questions.


     TIA correspondent desk


No Proselytism

Dear TIA,

I found this article that explains the post-Vatican II policy in Eastern Europe: No Proselytism!!!!

Here's a resume of status quo operations in one Catholic center in Romania


The Saint Pierre-Saint André (Saints Peter and Andrew) Center with its extensive theological library in Romania stands for theological ecumenism. Hasn't been so successful until recently, though.

Managed by the Assumptionists, they couldn't earn the trust of the schismatics and protestants. In this Eastern European nation of more than 21 million people, some 82 percent are Orthodox, 6 percent Protestant and 4 percent Catholic.

Two or three times a month, the center organized conferences that are attended by people of all faiths. Not many came. Initially, there was skepticism about its survival. When the center opened in 2011, director Father Danca said, "We had to convince the Orthodox Patriarchate that we were not there to proselytize."

But after the papal visit in 2019 center director Fr. Lulian Danca says things are improving.

Every evening at the center, a priest leads the praying of the psalms, a Gospel reading, songs, and the Lord's Prayer.

"As a mark of respect to the Orthodox, there is no Eucharistic celebration," said Father Danca. "It's a way of showing that we can live with others without trying to convert them.

He insists that the papal visit was the "stimulus for the ecumenical dialogue."

"Until then, this dialogue has always been respectful and cordial, but low in substance," the priest said. "Pope France urged us to be more daring, with a better mutual understanding," he pointed out.

Both Catholics and Schismatics gathered at the Bucharest's schismatic cathedral in May 2019 to greet and meet the pope. But the Schismatics did not want to pray with the Catholics: the Catholics first recited their version of Lord's Prayer in Latin before the schismatics did so in Romanian.

On the other hand, with the Protestants the dialogue moves along much more easily, Father Danca said. "Daniel Zikeli, the Lutheran bishop, has been our friend and has told us that he feels at home here. We meet like brothers."

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 13, 2020

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