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Leaving Yoga & Ecological Sin

Great Job on Yoga


I just came across your website for the first time & read the article “15 Arguments on the Danger of Yoga”. I just wanted to reach out & say great job on this ministry website.

My husband & I left the new age back in ’97 – there was no support for new Christians leaving the new age/occult back then & the internet was just a baby with no resources. We had to do our own research & learn where the line lies between biblical truth & new age/ false holy spirit movement. I first tried out yoga WAY back in about 1992 (the invasion hadn’t reached Canada yet – I got out books at the library about it). It was my introduction to Eastern philosophy & lead me down the occult.

My hubby & I call yoga the “gateway drug” to the new age. I know so many people who are atheists or agnostic & once they start yoga, they end up deep into the occult. I’m glad that I got out when I did! I’ve been preaching since ’97 that the positions & exercise can’t be separated from the Hindi religion, but it falls on deaf ears. SO many Christian friends practice it. But then, I find that most churches these days incorporate a LOT of Babylonian/ New Age practices…

I’ve lightheartedly ranted a few times on Facebook (because I don’t want to turn off friends I could minister to in the future) about how everything is called ‘yoga’. Yoga mats, not exercise mats. Yoga pants, not athletic leggings. I’m just waiting for the yoga car… *eyeroll*. I’m sick & tired of yoga trying to infiltrate non-yoga fitness, too! Renaming old callisthenic moves that have been in the fitness world for very long time by yoga names. ARG….

Out of curiosity, I randomly googled “anti-yoga” & similar searches to see what would come up & only found this one article on the 3rd search result page. It’s almost as if being against yoga is horrific by social standards.

Anyway, no point to this email other than to say: there are *some* people out there who continue to speak out against yoga, energy therapies, the occult & new age in general…. teaching the real roots & the real spiritual dangers. Keep up the good work!



Light in the Darkness

Dear TIA,

TIA has been a light in the darkness for me, the Church and the world. Thank you for persevering in the work God has given you to do.

Two weeks ago I watched your workshop about Our Lady of Good Success on YouTube, and I found it wonderful and so enlightening. I explored TIA’s website and was pleased to learn that TIA is among other faithful Catholics who are grieved by the idol worship [here, here, here and here], and other outcomes [here and here], at The Vatican’s Amazonian Synod last month.

My faith journey is long and complicated. Last week I watched videos by Queen of Peace, learned about The Warning, and I am half way through reading it.

The book shares testimonials of encounters with Mary and Jesus, their experiences of “illumination of their conscience,” and the prophetic warning that was given to them by Mary that everyone will very soon experience their own personal “illumination of their conscience.” Many of these mystics and visionaries are still alive. One of the priests was told that this incredible event would take place in this generation. The book has reactivated my faith journey to return to my Catholic roots.

A little background. Three years ago I started an RCIA class. During my RCIA class, I learned ‘coming home’ to Catholicism would involve a life review/confession and convalidation of my marriage. I stopped attending the class, because the Lord suddenly led me to move my father closer to me and learning how to care for him and others where he lives.

My husband and I would bring Dad to Redeemer Church, our (non-Roman Catholic Church), with us. But 4-5 months we began taking Dad to a Roman Catholic Church, Our Lady of Guadalupe (OLG) in La Habra. Dad loves receiving the Eucharist, the Real Body of Christ, and says he feels at home there. It is also located near the assisted living facility where he lives.

Dad converted from Unitarianism to Roman Catholicism when he was 27 out of his love for history. However what I observed while growing up, Dad could get so angry he would physically abuse our mother and several children. He hasn’t asked forgiveness of those he hurt, and I don’t ever recall him going to confession. After much thought I suspect he was not properly catechized after his conversion in the first place.

I am reaching out to you, TIA, because I noticed your contact information is in Los Angeles. I need help finding a Catholic parish for my dad and me that is led by a priest who is spiritually safe. I sense God wants me to help my dad prepare his soul to face Jesus. Dad is 92, and his health conditions indicate that he is in the last days/months/years of his life.

From what I can tell, OLG in La Habra and Church of Beatitudes in La Mirada are progressive parishes. I really want to be part of a parish that is traditional - not progressive. And I would love to become part of a parish where the priest feels spiritually safe to my soul and his parish is traditional - not progressive.

Would you be able to recommend a parish or two in the La Mirada/La Habra area, please let me know.

And if someone at TIA would be willing to meet with me, I would be totally open to that as well.

I am trusting in my Lord, Jesus, that He and His Mother Mary will lead me through my darkness.


TIA responds:

Dear G.C.,

Thank you for your consideration and kind words about our work.

We recommend that you contact Msgr. Patrick Perez (e-mail: pp918@pacbell.net) to see whether he or one of the priests who work with him can give assistance to your father.

You can attend Our Lady Help of Christians Chapel, which is in Garden Grove, not far from La Habra and La Mirada. It is a Catholic Chapel that says daily Tridentine Masses according to the pre-1962 Missal. Address: 9621 Bixby Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841 – Phone: (714) 635-0510 – Website: here

Yes, we would be glad to be in contact you. Please, call (323) 725-0219 and ask for Miss Elizabeth Lozowski to make arrangements for a visit.


     TIA correspondence desk


Eco-Sin & Ecocide

Hello TIA,

Here he comes again. Francis is now threatening to establish moral and penal chastisements for those who do anything against what he calls “our common house.”

It is Tribalism no longer presented as a hypothesis for the future, but as a dominant power of the present.

Read below please.


Catechism to include ecological sins, pope says

November 18, 2019 – Taking a leaf out of the Synod of the Amazon, Pope Francis has said there are plans to include ecological sins in the Church's teachings.

"We should be introducing – we were thinking – in the Catechism of the Catholic Church the sin against ecology, ecological sin against the common home," he told the conference on criminal justice Nov. 15.

The International Association of Penal Law meeting in Rome Nov. 13-16 centered on the theme, "Criminal Justice and Corporate Business."

An "elementary sense of justice" must be applied so that "certain conduct for which corporations are usually responsible, does not go unpunished," the pope said.

Chief among those crimes, he added, are the acts considered 'ecocide': the contamination of air, land and water, destruction of flora and fauna, and any action capable of producing an ecological disaster or destruction.

Pope Francis also called on the international community to recognize ecocide as a "fifth category of crime against peace."

The four core international crimes, adopted by the International Criminal Court in 1998, are: crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes and crimes of aggression.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 6, 2019

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