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Analyzing Reiki & Yoga- VII

15 Arguments on the Danger of Yoga

Jaime Duarte Martínez
Yoga is dangerous. Cited below are 15 reasons why Catholics should not practice it.

1. It is an ancient, mystical-spiritual Hindu practice (1800 BC). Its positions and exercises are inseparable from its cosmo-vision: "There is no Hinduism without Yoga and there is no Yoga without Hinduism."

2. It was Christopher Isherwood and the Theosophical Society who brought Zen Buddhism and Yoga to the West. Neither the United States nor Europe was aware of these beliefs until then. The U.S. and British governments encouraged their efforts. The Theosophical Society was directed by Freemasons and occultists like Helena P. Blavatsky [who influenced John Paul II], Annie Besant and Alice Bailey.


Yoga is meant to enlighten by liberating the energy of the seven chakras - spine points

3. In any of its forms, the purpose of Yoga is not just relaxation, correct breathing, well-being or physical control, but "enlightenment." It is a "way of perfection" (eight steps) attained through control of the physical and psychic elements of the person seeking nirvana (release from suffering) to achieve "enlightenment" (opening of the "third eye") and" union with god."

Hindu yogis say that the first five steps (moral discipline, corporal and spiritual purification, gymnastic-body postures, breathing control and sensory disconnection) are preparing the adept to achieve the higher degrees of "Royal Yoga" or "Raja Yoga."

4. The "enlightening" is obtained by awakening the Shiva (a male Hindu deity) in the form of a serpent (kundalini), which is said to live at the bottom of the spinal chord or in the genitals. With this it can ascend up the spine and "activate," one by one, the six or seven chakras (supposed centers of energy located along the spine), and thus unite with its spouse Parvati ("energy goddess ") that awaits it in the head.

This Shiva-Parvati link would open the "third eye" on a psychic (and perhaps physical) level. This is the goal of "Kundalini Yoga" and "dynamic meditation."

5. Instructors and disseminators of this discipline, like the director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga Ana Paula Domínguez, confirm that the different positions of Yoga do actually incarnate the god Shiva, who was worshipped through a phallic symbol called linga. The aim, she stated, "is to achieve liberation in order to merge with this powerful deity."

Third eye

The opening of the 'third eye' supposedly is one of the highest levels of initiation

6. The opening of the "third eye" has been a point of interest to yogis, swamis and Eastern "masters," as well as Western occultists. They claim this allows access to the knowledge of all that exists, of the whole reality and even the supernatural (e.g. the future).

For this reason, personages like the founder of Satanism, Aleister Crowley (known as "the most depraved Satanist of all time") and Jon Klimo (the most famous "medium" in history) practiced Yoga and strongly recommended it.

7. Associations like Freemasonry [condemned by the Catholic Church before Vatican II] promote this Eastern practice. In the ritual called palladium, the second step of five, one finds "enlightenment" or the opening of the "third eye."

Willian Shnoebelen (ex-Satanist and former Mason), who took part in this ritual, says that eye (the "eye that sees everything") "is the point of contact between humans and the consciousness of Lucifer." He warns that it allows one to start "to think as Lucifer thinks and see with his eyes ... It is not a good experience."

8. Gopi Krishna, a former Kashmiri yogi who introduced the theory of kundalini (the awakening to "the evolutionary energy in man" and the "serpent") was on the point of going completely mad in 1937 while meditating on the crown chakra or "third eye."

He said: "Thenceforth, for a long time I had to live hanging by a thread, suspended between life and death, between health and disease. ... I have gone through almost every stage of (...) the various states of mind: mediumship, psychotic and others, during the time I was alternating between sanity and madness."

Kundalini, the serpent

Some exercises imitate the march of the serpent - kundalini - throughout the chakras

9. Swami Prabhavananda warns about the dangerous physical effects that can result from Yoga breathing exercises: "Unless they are properly done, there is a good chance of damaging the brain. Those who practice such breathing techniques, without proper supervision, can suffer a malady that no known science or medicine can cure."

The final end of breathing exercises is, in the Hindu religion, to achieve prana - the sum total of all energy manifested in the universe, the essence of the Atman-Brahman or world soul, the divine, the "vital force."

Yogi Shakta Kaur Khalsa tells us: "The notion that kundalini is dangerous is only possible when it is not practiced correctly ... Proper technique and preparation are necessary for the correct flow of kundalini energy."

10. Ana Paula Dominguez and Marco Antonio Karam, director of Casa Tibet Mexico, both acknowledged on the radio program "Qué tal Fernanda?" in 2004 that Yoga can pose a risk to those who practice it, due in part to the fact that there are numerous unauthorized institutes or schools teaching it in Mexico.

11. Fr. Manuel Guerra, a leading researcher on cults, says it is dangerous to "suppress consciousness" because, according to the second principle of the Sutra (short statements of the Buddha), "Yoga consists in prevent consciousness and thought from taking various forms, that it, it is the "cessation of mental activity."

12. [Following the false ecumenical pattern established by the post-Conciliar Vatican], Fr. Alfonso Uribe Jaramillo believes that "Yoga can be valid for the Hindu who is sincerely seeking salvation and does not yet know the truth revealed by the Word of God. But, for the Catholic, it is a path bristling with dangers and, eventually, it will lead to confusion if not completely away from Jesus Christ, but not to true Christian perfection."

13. Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera says: "Yoga is, in its essence, a spiritual and bodily technique born from Hindu spirituality. Its positions and exercises, although presented as a simple method, are inseparable from its meaning in the context of Hinduism. Yoga is an introduction to something quite foreign to Christian religious tradition. The word 'yoga' means 'union.' We should ask ourselves, 'Union' to what?"

14. The Pontifical Council for Culture and the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue listed Yoga as one of the many New Age practices, denouncing it as a form of false "enlightenment."

15. There is already evidence of demonic possessions – partial or total – in persons who practiced Yoga. Many occultists and psychics have confirmed this since in this technique the body is used to enter into contact with the "dead" (evil spirits).

In short, Yoga is a modern form of idolatry, esotericism, neo-paganism, occultism, divination, communication by "mediums" and diabolical possession. Thus, Yoga and Christianity are fundamentally incompatible.

Now you cannot say, "Oh, but I didn't know it was wrong…"



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 22, 2016

This article was first publishedn Spanish on
ReligionenLibertad on April 16, 2016

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