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Mass Lectionary & ‘Catholic’ Swimming Suits

Long Time Preparation

Hello TIA,

It is not surprising that the Church is so contaminated with homosexuality. Indeed, the preparation for it started a long time ago.

One instance in which this took place is the deliberated omission of St. Paul’s verses against homosexuality in the Mass lectionary. Take a look at this site.



Rapid Response

Dear TIA,

I want you to know that in Ireland some groups are reacting against the coming Meeting of Families in which the Pope will be present along with Fr. Martin, the known promoter of homosexuality.

In some way, this group Rapid Response does there what TIA is doing in the U.S.

The link for the clip is here.

     In Our Mother,



Saints on Hell


I believe you would like to know that someone put together quotes by saints about Hell.

It can be useful to you and your readers.

Available here.



Imminent Restoration?

Dear TIA,

I keep seeing Our Lady of Good Success crying over Novus Ordo churches and some Latin Mass ones. Curiously, I found a small pencil line drawing by a child in a book I bought at a Catholic thrift store the other day.

It shows Mary with her arms over a simple little church with a cross and steeple. Our Lady, similar to a Miraculous Medal pose, is crying copious tears which flow from her eyes over this church. It struck me deeply. It seems to me that a child is having the same premonitions I am.

Then, I read the prophecies of The Christ Child Crucified in the book by Fr. Pereira translated by Marian Horvat. He says that in our times there will be a devastating war in Ecuador. A foreign people will invade and many religious will be killed. However, this will be the sign that Our Lady will throw Satan into the abyss in a marvelous way.

I hope I am presenting this correctly. I do not have the book in front of me, however, I was struck with the news that a massive number of Venezuelans are entering Ecuador. I wanted to send this off to see your opinion, because there is a threat to Ecuador right now.

I am wondering what you think of all of this.




‘Traditional Catholic’ Swimming Suits


Re: Bathing and Swimming Suits

I propose that you write an article about traditional regulations for bathing, swimming, and appropriate customs for women and men on these occasions.

In a book Mary Was Her Life by Sister Mary Pierre, R.S.M., on page 77 I found a beautiful description of the disgust felt by Maria Teresa Quevedo when she went to the beach with her friends [in the 1940s] and saw "a vulgar array of bikinis.”

This was written by Fr. P.V. from Lithuania circa 9 years ago. I'm not sure, if you've written yet about this topic.

     Fr. Vidko Podržaj, Slovenia


TIA responds:

Rev. Fr. Podržaj,

Yes, we are in debt to Fr. P.V. and now to you for bringing up this topic.

Let us explain our embarrassment in dealing with the subject.

With the modern customs being “blessed” by the conciliar Popes in the WYDs, many things that were once easy to tell good Catholics not to do, now have become much more difficult to speak out against.

Before Vatican II and the “new evangelization” of the conciliar Popes, we could tell a Catholic: “You should not go to nightclubs because nightclubs are designed to be places of perdition.” Today, however, we have the nightclub atmosphere transferred to the WYDs, and we have nuns and priests performing onstage, adopting a nightclub style. Also, today Catholics go to nightclubs to “give good example” and “bring Christ” to those who frequent them.

Did Catholic Morals change? No, it did not and could not change. However, the New Morals of the Conciliar Church now “blesses” the youth for doing the exact same things that were forbidden before the Council. So, in order to sustain the perennial Catholic Morals, we would need to expose the change in doctrine that came after the Council, which implies a whole denunciation of the crisis in the Church. It also implies showing that this Church is no longer Catholic; it is an Apostate Church.

This is with regard to nightclubs, which were clear-cut places of perdition.

Now, something similar has occurred with less radical customs, such as the dress adopted to go to beaches or swimming pools and the customs and dress for balls and dances.

The change in customs in these two fields began before Vatican II, prepared by the Modernism and Progressivism that had already infiltrated the Church. We can see that after World War II a great wave of liberalization in secular customs took place. However, the authorities in the Catholic Church did not react in a proportional way to stop it. There were some condemnations, surely, but neither to the necessary extent nor with a sufficient application to invert the tide.

So, influenced by that Liberalism, many people – we include bishops and priests – arranged a way to accept “Catholic swimming suits” and “Catholic dances.” Those adaptations were clear concessions to the liberal customs of the time.

They created an illusion that a girl can completely expose her legs, neck, back and arms and still be “correct.” As long as she would keep her derrière and breasts covered, she could go to Communion without passing by the confessional.

The performers of the Paris Moulin Rouge cabaret in the 1920s, top, look more modestly dressed than the conservative beach-goers of the 1950s, bottom

Those bishops and priests “had forgotten” that before World War II and specially before World War I, even in famous cabarets such as Paris’ Moulin Rouge and Folie Bergère the “artists/prostitutes” – severely condemned by the Church – were not showing their legs as radically as their “Catholic girls” of the ‘40s and ‘50s.

Adding to the problem is the fact that today, many traditionalists and conservatives see those “old-fashioned swimming suits” of the '50s as good and decent. They make a false syllogism: “Since my parents wore such suits in those times and the Church had better customs, then both these things were good. All we need to do is return to the suits of those times.”

Thus, for us to convince Catholics to follow the sound customs at the beginning of the 20th century – and not to the already corrupted styles of the ‘40s and ‘50s – we would have to persuade them that, besides the crisis in the Church caused by the Council, there was a long period of preparation, which was also very bad.

However, this is not an easy work to do, especially because we lack the support of good priests to back our position.

This is why we have not responded to that question before.

Do you believe, Rev Fr. Podržaj, that we would find many priests who would have the courage to enter this crusade? Perhaps you and Fr. P.V. from Lithuania would be willing to engage in this fight. We hope so. You would be very welcome.

In summary: Our advice regarding going to beach and swimming pools is this: Do not go. Do not wear any of those swimming suits.

We do not believe those “Catholic swimming suits” of the ‘40s and ‘50s were correct. They were teasers for what came later.

We posted one article on how the positions on swimming and other customs gradually changed here. Another article here by Prof. Plinio addresses the tolerance of the modern world to the bikini.

Regarding dancing, our position can be found here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 16, 2018

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