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A cabaret performance on the steps of an altar

Where is this ‘cabaret church’?
One of our readers found this photo on the Internet and sent it to us, asking who is the Bishop seated in the first row as a Mass seems to be preparing to start. We do not know the name of the Bishop or the parish. We pass the question on to our readers to see if anyone has the answer.

We only know that on the steps of the presbytery one of the girls is checking to be sure that her hosiery is well fastened to her garter. The naturalness she shows in publicly making such an intimate inspection gives that church an air of a cabaret. The girl seems to be preparing to perform during the Mass along with her three other companions. Undoubtedly the group has the full support of the priest and the Bishop. The latter observes the preparations and chats as if nothing inappropriate were happening.

Under the pretext of adaptation to the modern world, the house of God is being transformed into a house of perdition, below.

One of our readers sent us this answer:

TIA: Regarding your posting “Where is this cabaret church?”, I would like to inform you that it took place in the city of Lodz, Poland. The Prelate is Archbishop Wladyslaw Ziolek of Lodz and the piece being played is named: “Karol Wojtyla converts street women.”    P.O., Poland

Cabaret church advertisements


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 13, 2011

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