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Cornerstone, Calligrapher & Foggy Dew

Cornerstone of Peter's Tomb

To My Dear Friends at TIA,

John Paul II was shot on May 13, 1981 at the exact time that the Pope turned to look at a picture of Our Lady of Fatima pinned to a little girl's sweater. We thought this was the reason that the Pope recognized that Our Lady of Fatima had intervened to save his life. Because of the updated version of the Third Secret released by this site, we have a clearer picture.

It wasn't discovered until the year 2000 that John Paul II had read the Third Secret shortly after he was elected on October 16, 1978. He knew that his name was included in the message. 'In the kingdom of John Paul II the cornerstone of Peter's tomb will be removed and transferred to Fatima'.

He knew then that Our Lady saved his life because this mission had not been fulfilled. It must have preyed on his mind for years, then finally - just one year before he died on March 9, 2004 - he sent the cornerstone of Peter to Fatima obeying the command of Our Lady.

It was an insult to Our Lady that subordinates to the Pope were directed to publish The [false] Message of Fatima. We now have further proof that John Paul II knew it was a lie from front page to back cover and did not want his name associated with the announcement.

     Homer Sweeney


Calligrapher Recognizes Authenticity of ‘3rd Secret’

Dear A.S. Guimaraes,

I am writing you in relation to the letter of the third secret of Fatima you published in 2010:

This letter is now the object of a book by Spanish journalist Jose Maria Zavala, the book is called El Secreto Mejor Guardado de Fatima.

I was wondering if you have more information of the reader who sent the letter, if it can be shared. In the book Zavala claims he received the letter as an attachment to an email in his spam folder in 2016, while he was doing his final research for the book, but the email had an anonymous sender.

Did the reader who sent you the letter remained also anonymous? If not, did you inquire about how did he/she got a hold of the letter?

Zavala had a prominent graphologist, who works with the Spanish national police, analyze the letter. Her name is Begoña Slocker. She didn’t know anything about Fatima and I don’t think she is even a practicing catholic. But she made a 20 page report stating that this 1 page letter and the Vatican published 4 page letter were made by the same hand, that of Lucia. The report is in the book. In her report she thoroughly takes into consideration the limitations conditions, such as not being able to access originals. Still she is certain they are both made by Lucia. By doing this work Slocker is putting all of her professional career on the line.

I am just a reader of Zavala’s book and given the current situation in the Church, I think it is important to try to find out what we can.

     Thank you,

     J.A., Spain

The Editor responds:

Mr. J.A.,

Thank you for your kind information. Some readers from Spain had sent us these data as you may see here.

Dr. Horvat read the book by José Maria Zavala and made some comments on it here.

The good news regarding the opinion issued by Begoñia Slocker also inspired me to work on that message trying to make more sense of it and offer another possible version in order to encourage the debate. You may read my suggestions here.

Regarding your questions, the reader who first sent that document to us remained anonymous. Other hypotheses I raised about the reasons for that anonymity and the value of that document – even if it is anonymous – can be found here and here.

For the whole controversy this document raised, please, read here.

We agree entirely with you that it is our obligation to do what we can to help the Church and Catholics in the Passion she has been going through in the last decades.


     A.S. Guimarães


Canonization of Jacinta & Francisco

Dear TIA,

Is it me or does the upcoming 2017 papal visit to Fatima ‘feel wrong’? Is Sr. Lucy (the real one) being left without mention?

She was the only single one of the three visionaries to actually spoke to the Blessed Mother!

In addition to the incredible 11 TIA volumes against Vatican II and Progressivism, TIA’s outstanding work exposing the hoax of the fake ‘Sr. Lucy’ is an unparalleled achievement in the ‘smoking gun’ history of the rebellion against our Catholic Church and Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary’s messages of 1917.

We continue to pray for conversion and penance, her two main themes.

We wonder if the elevations of Bl. Jacinta and Francisco Marto to saints is almost a kind of ‘ruse’ in the war for souls.

Surely the real Sr. Lucy should have been considered first!

Please correct me if I am wrong in this regard.

May God continue to bless your holy work!




Foggy Dew – Pro

Dear TIA,

A Croatian-American and a Brazilian publish an Irish rebel song! TIA keeps getting better and better!

I cut my musical teeth on Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers, and the song "The Foggy Dew" brings me back to about 1958 or so.

The great, great uncle of an old friend was an Irish priest who was killed by the Black and Tans for not giving information about his rebel father and brother. To use a trendy word, this song and your presentation of it "resonated" very much with me.

     Thank you,



Foggy Dew – Con

Dear TIA,

In your Spotlight article 'The Foggy Dew' you defend the Irish republican uprising of 1916 as supposedly Catholic. Now, I am not British and have no dog in the fight expect for the Holy Faith and the hatred of the 'enlightenment', secularism, evolutionism etc.

The Irish partisans were rife with feminists, socialists and 'intellectual' (sic) ilk that sought to further the ideas of the Revolution against God.

Now, Catholicism was merged to this partisan movement but only in the banal sense, as a means and a vehicle, completely subservient to the neo-pagan impetus of the republic. There was no way really for the enemies of God to tear away Catholicism from Irish nationalism, impossible in 1916 – easy as pie in 2016.

Surely priests would have tended to their flock as best they could, according to the law of charity, that is besides the point. We must be firm in our Holy Faith, put Rome Eternal first.

Through devil's cunning the republican impetus is set to erode away the Faith, prudence, temperance, chivalry, justice and all the virtues given to us by Holy Mother Church, every bloodthirsty and beastly act of the partisans is rationalized by the republican demon.

To connect these events to Scriptures, the Herodians typify the crypto-masonic instigators behind the curtain and the cannon fodder republicans are typified by the stiff-necked backwoods Zionist 'freedom fighters' that honestly thought Rome should bow down before them so they can rule the world.

The duty of the Irish was to convert the poor and miserable British folk enslaved by hell to every kind of heresy and schism, to be as it were, the leaven in the bread. Sad to say, the duty of Ireland today is to convert itself.

     Yours in Christ,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 20 2017

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