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Third Secret: Opinions & Questions

Opportunity for Disclosure
People Commenting

We all owe you so much for the hard work you have done for us, the publication of the Fatima 3rd Secret could be one of your most important efforts to expose and alert the faithful to the immense wickedness and wiles of the Devil.

It looks like the architects of the Fatima Shrine have a lot in common, idea wise, with those who constructed the shrine to Padre Pio completed recently; they are Freemasons. The amount of Masonic signature in his shrine is overwhelming. How could the powers that be in the Vatican not know what was happening? These buildings are most likely consecrated to Satan.

I am convinced that the church from hell is the Fatima Shrine and that most probably it is symbolic of the Vatican ll Church with its Novus Ordo Mass in particular and countless other changes, too many to mention here.

This episode on the 3rd Secret and the Fatima shrine has meant so much to me that it defies description.

Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for Us

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Experts & Sources
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I strongly hope that there are experts even now who are poring over the recently revealed Third Secret of Fatima: examining the handwriting and fingerprint.

I have questions beyond those studies, but if those two "expressions" can be verified as Sr. Lucy's then many of my questions are moot.

A major question is, "Where did this come from?" The site I went to that was referenced by TIA [fatima movement] said that Franciscan Capuchins in Portugal had custody of it, moreover that it originally came from Bishop de Silva. I thought that he forwarded the Secret to Rome years ago?

In any case, is it possible to brainstorm with anyone in TIA over this through emails? I hope that my request isn't too forward. If it is, and I'm sure that all the staff there is very busy - however, you may know someone who would welcome a person to discuss issues of the Secret in light of these new disclosures.

I am waiting to see what Pope Benedict does or says - or what he doesn't say or do - this Thursday at his Fatima Mass.

In any case, if this is the legitimate Third Secret, we won't have to worry about Vatican II being around too much longer. "So much damage, so many lost souls!"

God bless your efforts against the tide,


PS: I emailed the Fatima Movement in Portugal requesting someone to discuss these matters with, but no answer. They probably are "circling the wagons" and don't know who to trust.

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The Editor responds:

Dear R.D.,

Thank you for your e-mail. Like you, we at TIA are interested in having a study by experts on that document. We take seriously the possibility that the Third Secret was recently revealed.

You may send your opinions to TIA desk, as you did. Even if we do not have time for a discussion on this specific topic, we can post your opinions on our website, and make a quick answer should a question arise.

Regarding your question - From where does this document come? - I am working with the possibility of a photo taken by a good Catholic who had momentary access to that document. I surmise by his writings on that website that he is a person with faith, initiative and a good hand for choosing pictures favoring the idea that the document is authentic.

But he does not want to be identified. I understand perfectly why he wants to be anonymous. He does not need to face the whole ecclesiastical structure that would come against anyone who dares to challenge their 'official third secret.' Since Card. Joseph Ratzinger played an important role in the release of that 2000 'secret,' he would also be going against the present day Pope. So, either because of a lack of means to enter this fight or a lack of courage, our good photographer wants to remain anonymous.

Seeing that there cannot be a serious polemic about that document unless a name stands behind it, I reproduced it for our readers signing my name. I have no problem in facing the progressivist structure on this or other matters.

Hence, now we can discuss the possibility or probability of authenticity of that document per se, without having this objection raised at every step: No one stands behind it.

This permits every serious person - including our anonymous photographer - to send TIA his opinion and enter the discussion.


     A.S. Guimaraes

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A Tailored Secret? Fine!
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

The consensus of opinion, both expert & ordinary, on the Third Secret (yet to be revealed, if that be the case) all conclude or claim calamitous events; one leading version says by the end of the twentieth century. St. Therese Neumann, in fact, prophesied catastrophe by the century's end.

As we all know, Heaven's warnings are just that, warnings, and its punishments mutable.

Here is a thought ... the Vatican is actually the finest champion of Fatima and its most noble protector.

Let us presume some predictions of the true Third Secret were, indeed, about the end of the century, but they were not fulfilled or have been delayed because certain conditions of Our Lady's requests were met.

Rome may well have chosen to publish the (edited) Secret after the critical year 2000 had passed, not necessarily because Sister Lucy had passed on by then but for other motives of the highest order; that is, to spare the faithful new disputes or doubts about the validity of the revelations at Fatima.

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Precautions on Medjugorje
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

May God continue to bless and protect you and the invaluable work performed by your website. It is a rare voice of clarity and fidelity in this age of unbridled confusion and false ecumenism.

You are, indeed, a source of unwavering light in matters of faith and morals in this hour of darkness into which the True Church has been plunged.

I wish to caution you regarding any references to Ron Conte and his work. Mr. Conte is an acolyte of the so-called 'messages of Medjugorje' In particular, Mr. Conte has written extensively (in print and online) regarding the supposed prophecies of 'Our Lady of Medjugorje'.

Let me be clear that the principle 'message' of Medjugorje betrays the truly diabolical nature of whatever it is that's been occurring there since the Virgin Mary purportedly began appearing there in 1981.

Specifically, the principle message of Medjugorje is that all religions are essentially valid in God's estimation. This is the old lie that 'all roads lead to heaven' - the sin of religious indifferentism that has been around since the early days of the post-Ascension Apostles.

The clear heresy of this message is often totally lost in this age of Vatican II 'ecumenism'. According to 'Our Lady of Medjugorje' it matters not what religion into which one is baptized and practices as long as they pray the Rosary and are converted to 'peace'. This horrendous lie utterly scandalizes the early Martyrs who refused to sign Caesar's edict allowing them to practice their faith as long as they accepted all other 'beliefs' as valid and paid with their lives.

Many well-intentioned people have been deceived by the whole Medjugorje deceit. I believe this is because they have not discerned the old satanic technique by which the Serpent wraps a deadly lie with layers and layers of established truth. In the case of Medujorge, Satan has chosen to promote the truth of the Rosary wrapped in the lies that all religions are valid, the promotion of the Novus Ordo ritual vs the Tridentine Mass, and the denial of the true Virgin Mary's role as Co-Redemptrix.

Indeed, the diabolically seductive nature of the Medugorje 'message' is perfectly tailored to the post-Vatican II confusion in which believers find themselves. No need for the Church Militant to scrupulously defend the True Faith anymore - we're all 'God's Children' didn't you know...

Prior to his death under suspicious circumstances in 1999, Fr. Malachi Martin was an outspoken opponent of Medjugorje, going as far to label it a 'Satanic Hoax'. Fr. Martin not only opposed the 'poison pill' heresies inherent in the Medjugorje 'messages', he also decried the implicit conflict of un-approved (to this day) Medjugorje 'messages' with the approved Fatima messages.

As one of the few Vatican insiders who had read the original 3rd Secret of Fatima, Fr. Martin knew well of what he spoke. In fact, when Fr. Martin learned that the Vatican planned to reveal the 3rd Secret in the year 2000, he threatened to reveal the full text himself if the Vatican did not do so. Sadly for him and for us, he did not survive to analyze and comment on the questionable material that Card. Bertone and Card. Ratzinger release what they claimed was the full text of the 3rd secret in 2000.

I encourage you and your readers to do your own research about Medujugorge. I recommend a comparison of the lifestyles of the Medjugorge 'seers' with the pious lives of penance adopted by the children of La Salette, Lourdes, and Fatima after their respective encounters with the Mother of God.

Please be clear that I do not wish to vilify or excoriate Mr. Conte. Rather, I would strongly recommend that you and your supporters pray that Mr. Conte and all those of good will who may have fallen into error be enlightened by Our Lady and the Holy Spirit.

May the true God continue to bless, guide and protect you in your work.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 13, 2010

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The opinions expressed in this section - What People Are Commenting -
do not necessarily express those of TIA

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