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Counter-Revolution from
the Fatima Perspective - Part I

Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

When the institution of the family is sick and failing, the whole of society is also necessarily ailing and wavering. And when the whole of society is unsound, it is useless to try to make a social reform on that diseased organism - be it democratic or any other type.

One could say that the quality of work performed by a man reflects his health or sickness and indicates the ailment he is suffering from. When society, which is composed of men, reaches such a point of moral disease that the family to a large degree is undermined, then you can do whatever you want to cure the evils of this society - reforms, laws, legal measures, campaigns against drugs and abortion, etc. - but it will not be cured until you cure the individuals of their moral leprosy. What is needed is a moral rejuvenation of each organ of the social body. Without this there is no solution to the problem as a whole.

A rock concert in Budapest

4th Revolution: Tribal customs leaning toward Satanism
Post-modern society, steeped in neo-paganism, is moving implacably toward its final destruction. Harbingers of that destruction are its fashions, its architecture, its music, art, and speech. These are expressions of the 4th Revolution, (1) the hippy anarchical Revolution, that tends to dominate every field of society. This mentality and lifestyle has entered the very fibers of State and is implanting self-management into every aspect of society.

Obviously, one facet of this is the ecological revolution, with its adoration of nature and rejection of everything that the modern world stands for. With its call for everyone to return to the countryside, it spurns civilization and organized society. What we are speaking of here is the end of structured and civilized society and a movement toward neo-tribalism. With the destruction of the family as the foundation of civilized society, this is the future that awaits us.

The counter-revolutionary way of being

This is what the Revolution has in store for the modern world. What we should be and symbolize is something altogether different. The Counter-Revolution is an affirmation of an ideal, the victory of Christian Civilization. This affirmation is made with enthusiasm, confidence and the certainty of the victory that Our Lady promised at Fatima in 1917.

Crusaders fought the noblest battle of their day

The noblest fight today is to hold the standard of counter-revolutionary ideas
It is an ideal expressed by a way of being, acting and thinking and a spirit that conveys the will to affirm this ideal openly and entirely. It is the will to confront all that opposes the perennial values that this ideal embodies.

This does not necessarily mean a physical confrontation. History shows us that physical confrontation is not necessarily the most heroic or effective form of confrontation or best means to achieve an objective.

The most beautiful and noble form of battle is the confrontation of ideas. It is the confrontation where one has the courage and ability to stand up and say, Credo. The reprobate replies, Non-Credo. Then they enter into a polemic, each side fighting with words, ideas and concepts, each trying to convince his opponent - but above all to persuade his audience and the ensemble of public opinion.

If the party of the good cause is not able to convince the other, it tries to draw to its side the largest sector of public opinion it can. This is the noblest clash of spirit and intelligence: the side that defends truth makes an affirmation that prevails over the opposite side and then overcomes the error. In a word, Our Lord Jesus Christ smashes His enemy.

This is the most noble of all confrontations – it is the fight of the Counter-Revolution. It is our mission to accept this fight and participate in it. It is the summit of the Catholic fight, and it is the work to which we are called.

A fight for Our Lady

Our Lady and the Child Jesus will conquer

It is certain that Our Lady will conquer
Above all, this way of acting and this fight is for Our Lady, who is the Queen of all creation, the most perfect of all God’s creatures. She is the Mother of God, the Mother of the Holy Church, and it is under her banner that we enlist in this fight for Our Lord Jesus Christ. This ideological fight is her fight – the crushing of error, the complete annihilation of the serpent and its lies. It is she who crushes the serpent under her heel. She is the symbol of the final victory.

Of course, any reasonable person would see that, humanly speaking, this fight is completely disproportionate to those who are called to serve Our Lady in it. After much suffering, confrontations and displays of courage, there will be a moment that is hers. No matter how weak we find ourselves, no matter how insufficient our means, no matter how insignificant our number – we know that the moment will come when she will enter directly onto the stage of events to accomplish her victory, to inaugurate her Reign. Our confidence in this fact must be unshakeable.

In this fight, we can have certainty about one thing – that the promises of Fatima will be realized. They are promises of joy and victory for those who have faith and confidence. For those who have waited and suffered, they are promises of the final triumph of the Cause of Our Lady, the Counter-Revolution.

For those who close themselves to her voice, these same promises are promises of chastisement and defeat. But what is certain is that she will triumph. The graces we receive now are forerunners of her Reign. They should give us the courage and determination to go ahead in the combat, to increase our ardor for it and to heighten our confidence in the final victory of Counter-Revolution, no matter what obstacles will appear.

1. In his work Revolution and Counter-Revolution, Prof Plinio describes the four Revolutions: the Protestant Revolution, the French Revolution, the Communist Revolution and, finally, the fourth, which is the Cultural Revolution of the ‘60s characterized by a hippy culture, a self-managed organization and a tribal lifestyle.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 14, 2009

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