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Counter-Revolution from
the Fatima Perspective - Part II

Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Today we live oppressed in a world that is bent under the crushing weight of its own sins. In 1917, Our Lady foretold the calamity that was awaiting the modern world. At a certain moment, this collapse will come unless there is a general conversion.

The magnitude and the public aspect of these sins along with the refusal of the world to meet the requests of Our Lady form the basis for a great tragedy. We must prepare for the tragedy that is hovering over the modern world. We have to face this perspective, and then confide in Our Lady because, in a very real sense, this tragedy is, above all, her tragedy - it touches her in a deeper way than any of us.

immodestly dressed teens at the Baltimore papal vigil

In 1917 Our Lady warned against the flood of immoral fashions. Above, today's teens in a Baltimore papal vigil
It is her tragedy because she is a real Mother, one who appeared to her children to warn them of a punishment and of the tide of sins that had reached the inadmissible. She then foretold the coming of Communism and Russia's spreading its errors throughout the world. One of the things that Our Lady pointed to specifically was immoral fashions. If you compare the fashions of 1917 with those we see today, you can understand just how far we have descended into infamy.

Many parts of the prophecies of Fatima have already been fulfilled. Today no part of the world is immune to the influence of Communism emanating from Moscow. Everyone already knows the story of Fatima. Who hasn't heard of the Miracle of the Sun, which was a symbolic manifestation of the magnitude of the chastisement that will come if the world refuses to listen to her warning?

This tragedy of Our Lady is the tragedy of a Mother of a family who protects, favors and shows affection to her wayward children. When her appeals are unheeded, she threatens them with punishment, as she did in Fatima. It is an appeal to justice for those who don't heed her warning. For those who listen, however, it is a promise of the restoration of a new order of things, a new Reign in which she will be the loving Mother, and we her children and servants.

Compassion for Our Lady

What is the correct attitude for us to take in face of this panorama?

One thing is invariable. Every parent is worried about their children and family - worried and concerned about their future perseverance and fidelity. We can tell them that we find this natural and reasonable. We believe that Our Lady will have mercy on them and their children. But let us go a step further.

Our Lady of Sorrows in Saragoza

We should have compassion for Our Lady who suffers to see the crisis in the Church
What about them and us – shouldn’t we also behave with mercy toward Our Lady? Above all we, who are counter-revolutionaries, consecrated to Our Lady and dedicated to her fight, shouldn't we also have pity on her pains and sufferings? Shouldn't we have sympathy for her at seeing the crisis of the Church and the modern world? Isn't the pain that she suffers greater than all of ours together? St. Louis de Montfort said that Our Lady loves each of us - even the least significant one - with a love greater than all the mothers of the world for all their children. Shouldn't we open our eyes and attend to her needs and supplications for a change? Shouldn't we try to open our eyes to the turpitude of the modern world?

St. Louis de Montfort (1673-1716) described his time as an age of iniquity. Since then, we have experienced a veritable deluge of evils: the French Revolution, the Communist Revolution, and the new monster of the 4th Revolution, bringing with it the virtual dissolution of society. Isn't it time for us to stop deluding ourselves about the supposed normality and goodness of those around us who participate in this infamy? Shouldn't we feel more horror at the magnitude of the offense being committed against the Church, against Christian Civilization? In face of all this, shouldn't we have compassion on Our Lady, she who was at the foot of the Cross alone, weeping, the Mother of Anguish and Sorrow?

She wept at the foot of the Cross because of the terrible crime that they were committing against her Divine Son. She also wept for the ignominies and ingratitude of the world until the end of time in face of this infinitely precious sacrifice of her Divine Son. She wept for the sins of our times. She wants us to have compassion for her pain and her tragedy, not just for our own personal sufferings and tragedies. Our personal tragedies are real, but doesn't a good child suffer more at seeing his mother suffer than at his own misfortunes?

To save one’s soul is not enough

It’s not enough for us to have as an ideal of our lives only to save our souls and those of our children. This is legitimate, holy and indispensable. As St. Paul said, what is it worth for a man to gain the world but lose his soul? We cannot praise enough the efforts of a man to save his own soul and those of his family members.

But we also have to see the duty that we have in face of the totality of the glory of God, in face of the sufferings of Our Lady, in face of the invitation she makes to us to suffer with her and to fight for her. Those who fight for her, taking the counter-revolutionary position, should expect to be calumniated and mistreated for her sake.

We all want abundant graces for our own souls and the souls of our children and relatives. Then, an excellent way to obtain them is to be concerned about others, to engage in the bigger fight for the Catholic Church – so that the souls of many others are saved also. When we contribute to the salvation and progress of the whole Catholic cause, our souls advance as well. This means that we must fight to defeat this satanic assault called the Revolution and to support and stimulate the graces Our Lady wants to give in order to establish her Reign.

We must not forget that it is grace that works conversions. Man cannot do any good act without the assistance of the grace of God. When the action is done for the love of God, when the motive is supernatural, that person must have received a grace.

Now, when we do the good actions of making sacrifices to fight for the Counter-Revolution, it is because we have received a grace. Therefore, it is God who is calling us to this cause. It is a gratuitous choice and grace. If we are called to this fight, then we are called to be part of God's spiritual and intellectual elite troop. Its members are elite not because of human qualities, but because almost everyone else had abandoned God. For this mission it is only necessary to be chosen by Him and not to have illustrious titles or brilliant qualities.

This fight is specifically a work over public opinion. We are, then, partners in a fight, and we should not be worried about the smirks and ridicule of the world. We have to be the ones who will eagerly take the fight forward in face of any obstacle toward the final objective.

Public opinion and defense of the Reign of Mary

The Reign of Mary will come. We will see the beginning of another phase of History. It will demand a different type of fight to defend the order so dearly bought and won. In those days to come, we will have to stimulate those who are soft to resist the new temptations that will arise.

Battle of Alexander at Issus

Revolution and Counter-Revolution,
two metalities in irreconcilable opposition
Someone may ask: What is this enigmatic thing called public opinion which is our battle arena? It is a clash of mentalities, a collision between our counter-revolutionary way of being and thinking and that of revolutionary ambiences. In this clash, the other side is ready to go to any extreme or use any tactic to make us follow the revolutionary way and fit in with the majority. On our side we want to influence them to follow our way, the way of the Counter-Revolution.

Hence, we have two antagonistic forces in play, the Revolution and the Counter-Revolution. We have two sets of values and principles in irreconcilable opposition. Today in this clash, anyone who dares to act different or deviate from the prevailing revolutionary values is and will be the object of ruthless persecution.

However, the presence of just one person who - with all conviction - opposes the revolutionary ambience, style or idea makes everyone else feel uneasy. He breaks the consensus. The effect of one dour face at a party often kills the party. In the same way, the effect of one who refuses to accompany the euphoria of a revolutionary ambience puts a damper on the general atmosphere. This is a very important point to remember: the Revolution does not endure opposition; it lives from having unanimity on its side.

Further, the presence of the Counter-Revolution in any revolutionary panorama opens a new pole of attraction. It opens new horizons in the mentalities of those who are not totally convinced about the revolutionary ways of being. It makes a fissure in the apparent monolithic support of the revolutionary mentality. This is a first step toward bringing closer to us a whole sector of the public that will be interested in the counter-revolutionary ideals. This sector can reach the point of adopting our ways of being and acting, which are those of the Roman Catholic culture.

The first condition to move public opinion successfully is for us not to be embarrassed or concerned about being laughed at, persecuted or ridiculed. We should stand up and interrogate the Revolution and present our arguments in face of its smiles and ridicule. By taking this courageous position, we also open the doors to find those who are willing to be counter-revolutionary and engage in this fight for Our Lady to the end of the path.

What is called for at this moment in History is for the souls to respond to the call of Our Lady, souls who will launch themselves heart and soul into the fight, the Counter-Revolution and the work over public opinion.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Translated and adapted by TIA desk
Posted August 19, 2009

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