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The Symbol of the Crown
in the Reign of Mary

Atila Sinke Guimarães

The Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ over the earth, both in the spiritual and temporal orders, was installed when all the nations of the West recognized Him as King and Lord. This took place in the Middle Ages with the founding of Christendom. The forces of evil – the demon and his followers – strove to destroy this splendid order of things.

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The crown, a magnificent symbol of authority

It is this effort of the evil that we call the Revolution. The first stages of the Revolution are marked by Humanism and the Renaissance, then by the Protestant Pseudo-Reform, the French Revolution, the Communist Revolution and more recently, by the revolution in customs which have as point of reference the student revolt in the Sorbonne in May of 1968. After these various assaults against Christendom, little remained of the old order of medieval things.

Here, however, we are dealing with restoration. To restore in this context means to carry out the Counter-Revolution. And the Counter-Revolution can be understood as the order counter-attacking the disorder, the good counter-attacking the evil.

For Catholics to destroy the Revolution, it is necessary to know it, to study it, to analyze its weak points and to take the necessary measures to attack it with the strategy proper to the sons of light. For this, it is necessary to be organized and to plan the counter-offensive. This is absolutely indispensable.

However, it is not possible to vanquish the demon and his followers without a devotion to Our Lady that is proportionate to the hatred that the enemies of the Church have for Her and for Our Lord. A love that does not translate into a hatred for the evil is a sentimental love that debilitates and prepares for the defeat. For this reason, St. Louis Grignon de Montfort explains all of History as an unrelenting fight between the race of the serpent and the race of the Virgin. It is the great reality that we have before us.

After the destruction of the Revolution, there will be the installation of the Reign of Mary. However, for the victory of the Counter-Revolution to be complete, it is necessary for something even more splendid than the reality of medieval Christendom to be established throughout the entire world. It will be something more splendid than the Reign of Christ in Christendom; it will be the Reign of Christ through Mary.

The establishment of the Reign of Mary will be the world’s official acknowledgment of Our Lady as Queen of the spiritual order and Queen of the temporal order. I imagine an Ecumenical Council in which the Pope, together with representatives of the temporal order, make a solemn coronation of Mary Most Holy. This act, in my opinion, would symbolize the victory of Our Lady over the devil and his followers, as the fulfillment of the sentence of God against the serpent: “I will place enmities between you and the Woman, between your descendents and Hers … and She will smash your head.”


Blason de Charlemagne
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