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Third Secret, Dancing Franciscan &
Erdogan’s Jihad

The ‘Third Secret’ Returns


In a recent book published by a Spanish Journalist (Jose María Zavala, The Secret Best Kept of Fatima, ed. Planeta), the following third message is reported:

Now I am going to reveal the third fragment of the secret; this part is the apostasy of the Church!

Our Lady showed us a vision that I describe as "the Holy Father", before a crowd that was praising him. But there was a difference with a true Holy Father, the devil's gaze, he had the eyes of evil.

Then, after a few moments, we saw the same Pope entering a Church, but this Church was the Church of hell, there is no way to describe the ugliness of this place, it seemed like a fortress made of gray cement, with broken angles and the eyes-like windows, had a beak on the roof of the building.

Then we looked up to Our Lady who told us that you saw the apostasy in the Church, this letter may be opened by the Holy Father, but it must be announced after Pius XII and before 1960.

In the reign of John Paul II the cornerstone of Peter's tomb must be removed and transferred to Fatima. Because the dogma of faith is not preserved in Rome, its authority will be removed and delivered to Fatima.

If 69 weeks after this order is announced, Rome continues its abomination, the city will be destroyed. Our Lady told us that this is written, Daniel 9: 24-25 and Matthew 21: 42-44.

A renowned calligrapher attests that the handwriting is sr. Lucia's.

I have read that it was published first in your blog. Is it correct and when?

Thank you very much.

     God bless,

     J.A.H., Spain

TIA responds:


Thank you for the information.

Yes, TIA posted this Third Secret on April 27, 2010. You may find it here, along with the controversy its publication raised.

Yesterday Dr. Marian Horvat posted a review of the book as well as an overview of the discussion it provoked here.


     TIA correspondence desk


The Best Kept Secret of Fatima


To Atila Sinke Guimarães

Dear Sir,

Receive my most cordial wishes.

The Secret that you published on April 21, 2010, has been studied and published in Spain by José Maria Zabala in a book titled The Best Kept Secret of Fatima [El Secreto Mejor Guardado de Fatima].

The author is very out-of-track about the facts of Fatima. In the book’s last chapter he presents the Secret, but does not have the honesty of citing you as the only source for the Secret. He also does not cite my work The Secret of Fatima Finally Revealed [El Secreto de Fatima Finalmente Revelado], of which he copies some observations on the authenticity of the Secret.

The only merit of the book is that it offers a graphological analysis by one of the most prestigious professional experts of Spain in the grapholical and forensic field, Begoña Slocker de Arce.

The results of her investigation are definitive, concluding that the hand that wrote the Secret is the same of Sister Lucia dos Santos, who wrote with her “hand and letter” the two first parts of the Secret such as they appear in the Third Memoir of Sr. Lucy written in August 1941.

Please, consult more information in my blog (here).




The Editor responds:

Dear Mr. Moimunan,

Thank you very much for your cordial letter and auspicious information. This brings a new momentum to that document.

It also reinforces the suspicion that the “Third Secret” released by Cardinals Ratzinger and Sodano in 2000 was a fraud.

It is a pity that the author withheld the sources where he got his data – your book and the TIA website. Unfortunately, it is not rare in these times when the Church no longer preaches Catholic Morals to see this type of indecorous procedure.

However, the author, as you observed, has the merit of having hired a competent graphologist who gave a strong proof in favor of the objectivity of that document.

If this is the true Third Secret of Fatima, Our Lady will find her way to disseminate it worldwide. This book and our websites may help to accomplish this aim.


     Atila S. Guimarães


Women Priests in Milwaukee

Dear TIA,

It happened 10 years ago, but it is still timely, especially for those “conservatives” who believe that everything was good under Benedict XVI the wise and JPII the great. They only admit wrongdoings in Francis the ogre.

Watch these crazy women at the Call to Action conference in Milwaukee here .

Keep up the good work.

     In Jesus through Mary,



Effeminate Franciscan Jumps Around


I wish it was necessary to say "You have to see it to believe it," but, sadly, that is no longer the case in the apostate church - unrecognizable as Catholic. What we're seeing here is becoming the norm for loons who have long since lost the faith!

Check it out here.

     Gary Morella


For You to Remember


This is a classic on things gone by.

Just for the young people to know and the older people to remember!




Escalation of Radical Islam in Turkey


Well, nothing is new. Just what everybody knows is becoming bolder. Turkey president Erdogan is in a violent campaign promoting Jihad.

Read the news report below and come to your own conclusions.


Erdogan: EU ruling on headscarf bans
starts “clash between Islam and Christianity”

Christine Williams

March 18, 2017 - Jihad Watch - Erdogan is still in a rage over “the cancellation of his supporters’ rallies across Europe.” He will never permit challenges to his own authority in his own country, but of course he has no respect for Europe. For than matter, Europe has no respect for itself, and apparently no interest in defending its own culture and protecting its own people.

Turkey’s foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has also declared that “holy wars will soon begin” in Europe, in spite of the defeat Geert Wilders in the Netherlands. This menacing declaration should come as no surprise. Turkey’s Islamization has been accelerating at an alarming rate at every level, from the leadership to the citizenry.

Europe, on the other hand, has passively welcomed jihad by immigration (hijrah) into its countries, all in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. The more “welcoming” the West is, the more emboldened Islamic supremacists and jihadists become. Their goal is the conquest of the House of War, not peaceful coexistence. Europeans are to blame for the brazenness of Turkey’s supremacist leaders.

“Recep Tayyip Erdogan: EU ruling on headscarf bans starts ‘clash between Islam and Christianity’”, by Lizzie Dearden, Independent, March 16, 2017:

"Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Europe of staring a “clash” between Christianity and Islam with a ruling allowing employers to ban headscarves as part of wider restrictions on religious and political symbols.

Speaking hours after his foreign minister warned that “holy wars will soon begin”, the Turkish President launched a fresh attack amid an ongoing row over the cancellation of his supporters’ rallies across Europe.

He said the European Court of Justice ruling that upheld the dismissal of two Muslim women who refused to remove their hijabs started a “clash between crescent and cross” in terminology alluding to the Crusades.

“Shame on the EU. Down with your European principles, values and justice,” Mr. Erdogan told supporters in Sakarya. “They started a clash between the cross and the crescent, there is no other explanation.”

In a combative speech, Mr. Erdogan hit out at European leaders in the Netherlands and Germany after Turkish ministers were prevented from holding events designed to drum up support ahead of a constitutional referendum.

The Turkish President said the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, who beat the far-right leader Geert Wilders in Wednesday’s general election, had lost Ankara’s friendship by banning Turkish political campaigning in the country.


Dutch Muslims stab oranges - symbol of the Netherlands - to signify they will enter Jihad against that country

The dispute has intensified since a rally to be held by the Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in Rotterdam was cancelled on Saturday.

The Dutch authorities withdrew permission for the foreign minister’s plane to land when he vowed to visit the country regardless, sparking a series of tit-for-tat sanctions.

Mr. Erdogan and prominent ministers have called the Dutch government “fascists” and “Nazis”, while EU leaders have called the allegations offensive and “detached from reality”.

The dispute has sparked protests in Turkey and across Europe. A protester scaled the Dutch consulate in Istanbul and replaced the national flag with the Turkish banner during demonstrations on Sunday, while Turkish protesters have been photographed stabbing oranges and holding signs reading “fascist Holland”.

Ankara also halted high-level talks with Dutch government officials on Monday and closed its airspace to the country’s diplomats, while repeating threats to scrap a deal struck with the EU last year to slow the flow of refugees to Greece.

Allies of the Turkish President are targeting more than a million Turkish voters living in Europe who will be eligible to cast a ballot in the vote on 16 April.

The referendum could see Turkey’s parliamentary system replaced with an executive presidency using constitutional amendments that have alarmed human rights groups.'

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 28, 2017

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