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Transcript, Misinterpretations
& Points in Common

Give Me the Transcript
People Commenting

I'm wondering if you have transcripts for any of Atila's CD/tapes. I would like to share his Revolution-Counter Revolution tape with an aunt, but she is hard of hearing, and benefits most from reading, rather than listening. She also has problems with foreign accents, which is probably more the problem, as I sent her the tape already and she has listened to it, but admitted to having problems with listening.

She was Catholic, but is now Lutheran, and I'm trying to convert her back to the true faith, as best I can... If you don't have transcripts, please let me know, and I will transcribe the tape for her, as I believe the information is very, very good.

     Thank you,


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TIA responds:

Hello E.S.,

TIA reproduced the transcript of that tape by Mr. Guimar√£es in this article.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Misinterpretations of La Salette
People Commenting

I just wanted to point something out which worries me. Not about your site, by the way, but by what I see as the misinterpretation by many people of the Secret of La Salette. This in particular:

"In the last days, Rome itself will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist... The Church will be in eclipse."

The prophecy does not say how Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the AntiChrist but judging by the words it appears the AntiChrist will take over Rome by conquest and all but extinguish the faith just as the Turks did to Constantinople.

So many people seem to think this refers to the Church or the pope becoming the AntiChrist, which is ridiculous. I think the Church will fall because of the scandals and sin found within it only to rise again as the prophecy predicts. However, the misunderstanding of the prophecy has done a great deal of harm to the entire message of La Salette.

In the same way so many people seem to think there is more to the message of Fatima than has been released because of the words: "In Portugal the dogma of the faith will always be preserved." That doesn't have to mean the faith will be lost everywhere else. At the time it was given the Church in Portugal was under terrible attack by atheists and many feared for its survival. Our Lady's words may have been intended exclusively for the Portuguese to give them heart during that persecution. I think those words should be read in that context.

I may be wrong, of course, but we Catholics may just be wasting time arguing over the meaning of prophecies, instead of taking the messages to heart and acting on them.

Thanks for your site and I hope the Lord blesses your efforts,


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Baptism by Immersion
People Commenting

I thought a Catholic Baptism had to be done by infusion or on the forehead, now I am reading that immersion is acceptable.

Wow, when did we become protestant?


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Points in Common
People Commenting

My name is H.R.. I'm so glad to come across your website Tradition in Action. I've returned back to my Catholic roots some years ago. I've become something of a Catholic apologist defending the Catholic Faith against Protestant anti-Catholic bigots.

I've studied the Church Father, all the Councils, the Popes, the Great Saints through history and all their teachings based on the Bible and Church tradition from the first Century on. Then I've studied the writings of the Post-Conciliar Popes and have seen the bitter fruits of the disaster called Vatican II.

My two main concerns with Vatican 2 are the great watering down of the doctrine of hell and this false "ecumenism," which has also "watered down" that Jesus alone is the only way to heaven, and has led multitudes to believe an eternally fatal lie that Muslims and other religions without Jesus can go to heaven. There are other abuses in Vat 2 like Communion in the hand. I'm 47-years-old, but I still remember as a boy how the altar boys held a silver paten under our chins when we received Communion.

My Church gives Communion in the hand, but I and a few others receive it on the tongue. I don't fault the parishioners. I fault the Church. Also, to my shock, while in confession my priest said the Catholic Church teaches universalism. He then went on to explain a neo-universalist philosophy that, "Yes, there's a hell, but it seems that almost no one goes there and you don't need a 'verbal profession of Jesus' to go to Heaven." Well, inside a confessional is no place to debate a priest on doctrinal issues in the current conciliar Church.

I did, however, write a long letter backed up with the words of Jesus, Paul and the New Testament, early Church Fathers, Popes, Saints and Church tradition, which vigorously opposed this heresy of universalism and that affirmed there is a real literal hell. And though we cannot say a particular person ends up in hell (maybe they truly repented before death), we do know that anyone who dies in mortal sin or rejects Jesus goes there. And that over the course of 2,000 years many millions, if not a few billion, went there. Jesus said narrow is the way to life.

Anyway, I'm a devout Catholic and I can't find a Tridentine Church near me, so I attend this Post Vat 2 Church. I disagree, however, with the Pius X Society, which says that the Novus Ordo is invalid. Simply because that would mean the gates of hell have prevailed against the Church (which is impossible) and second, God knows and loves the many millions of devout Christian Catholics and wouldn't deny them His Precious Body and Blood. Anyway, that's what I believe.

But I am definitely a traditionalist Catholic and am very opposed to the Vatican 2 'reforms.' Vatican 2 has been a disaster in every way, shape and form. But I've really enjoyed your articles online. My favorite was on Mariana de Jesus Torres and Fatima and how these two prophecies have pointed the way in advance to not only all the evil and immorality in the world, but the great apostasy and wickedness in the Catholic Church through Vatican 2.

But thanks for ending on a note of triumph. Jesus and Mary will be triumphant and will purify the Church of its Vatican 2 heresies and restore the true Catholic Church to her former glory.

I'd like to send some financial support and get more information about you. If you have magazines and periodicals, etc.


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TIA responds:


It is good to know that we have many points in common. We pray that Our Lady will give you discernment and perseverance in these difficult times.

We are mailing a catalog to you that lists the books, booklets and CDs we promote. We do not have a publication about TIA per se. Our position on different topics is expressed in our published works and on our website.

We thank you for your support. You may donate online here, or send your contribution to this address:

Tradition in Action
PO Box 23135
Los Angeles CA 90023


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 9, 2011

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