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Three Different Third Secrets

Which One Is Authentic?
People Commenting

Regarding the handwriting of Sister Lucia in the Third Secret you recently published, it is SURELY more authentic than the one the Vatican released in 2000.

Here is an interesting article that shows a handwriting analysis made by the Speckin Forensic Laboratories of the handwritings of the 'Two Sister Lucys.'

It not only makes a good case for the Two Sister Lucys theory, but also clearly shows the fake message that Cardinals Ratzinger and Bertone tried to pass off as the real one so they could definitely 'close' the Fatima message. You know, the 'Fatima is history' line they both took and maintain to this day.

I'm no handwriting analysis, but the letter you published looks like it could be Sister Lucia's handwriting.

     In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

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Another Version
People Commenting

The third secret of Fatima you posted may not be the correct one.

I am sending you the one that circulated in the 70's and 80's.

This was circulated by the CMRI, but then later stopped, because it did not have ecclesiastical approbation


a third secret of Fatima from the 70's and 80's text from a possible Third Secret
Text from a possible third secret Text from a possible third secret

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This Message Is Fake
People Commenting

In the article about the third secret of Fatima the words Juan Pablo II are in Spanish, not in Portuguese - João Paulo II.

It is incredible that Our Lady speaking in Portuguese have pronounced JPII in Spanish.

Also I think sister Lucy have written the name of future pope - in 1944 - and in Spanish.

I think the message is a fake.

Can the editor - Dr. Guimarães - explain this?

     Thank you,


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The Editor responds:


1. If we suppose that this document is authentic, we would have to distinguish between the words Our Lady would have spoken and the human characteristics of the seer, Sister Lucy.

If Sister Lucy would have written her report with some grammar mistake - for example, incorrectly using the future of the subjunctive - this would not mean that Our Lady does not know well Portuguese, but would just reflect the level of knowledge that Sister Lucy had of her language when she wrote that message.

The presence of human shortcomings in Divine Revelations is paradigmatic in the case of Moses, who was a stutterer. When he related - stuttering - the message he received from God, his listeners did not conclude that God was also a stutterer, but they excluded the human limitations of Moses from the Commandments that came from God.

Hence, Sister Lucy reporting the name of the future Pontiff as being Juan Pablo in Spanish, instead of João Paulo in Portuguese, could be easily explained by her living in Tuy, Spain, from 1926 until the date she wrote her message in 1944. It would be quite understandable that, living for more than 17 years in a Spanish-speaking convent, she would replace the original João Paulo spoken by Our Lady with its Spanish translation Juan Pablo.

I do not believe that this small confusion in languages distorts the content of the message or speaks against its authenticity. On the contrary, it leads one to deem that the person who wrote that message is Portuguese, influenced by a Spanish-speaking ambience. This actually fits the case of Sister Lucy, as I just noted, and suggests that she wrote that message.

22. I did not understand your doubt when you wrote: "Also I think sister Lucy have written the name of future pope - in 1944 - and in Spanish."

If you would be kind enough to make yourself clearer, I will do my best to answer you next time.


     A.S. Guimarães

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Evil Eyes & the Secret
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

The pictures of Pope Benedict's eyes that you posted are really scary. There is something not right about the look in his eyes and if it is true about the 3rd secret that you published, that piece to the puzzle seems to fit.

So many other so-called traditionalist publications are circling the wagons around the Pope as if he is just an innocent victim. Unfortunately, the facts about him dating to before Vatican II destroy this myth. The downward spiral of the Church continues.

     In Christ and Mary,

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May This Text Prove True
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

It appears that the "bastions of Vatican II" could finally be torn down and exposed to the gaze of the whole world. May this Third Secret prove true!

The Lord continue to bless all the TIA staff and their work.

     In Lord Jesus and Queen Mary,

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Fatima - Photos & Comments
People Commenting
Dear Dr. Horvat,

The text and pictures that follow are from this particular address which I have included so that you may contact the source if you choose. You may or may not have seen the photos that are presented here. If you scroll down to the middle of the page, you will find three photos, side by side, and in my opinion, they all appear to be the same person. But, as the commentator asks: How do you explain the teeth (of the younger Sr. Lucy?).

This is an awful puzzle.

Have you ever read Fr. John de Marchi's The Immaculate Heart from 1952 (publisher: Farrar, Straus and Young)? This does not appear to be the same text that is sent out by Fr. Gruner. You may find some very interesting and possibly disturbing testimony in that book. A prophecy of note can be found on page 155.

     Yours, In Jesus and Mary,


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Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear C.A.F.,

Thank you for your e-mail. I am, indeed, familiar with the two Sisters Lucy. TIA was one of the first to point out the difference in an article some years ago.

Atila Guimaraes presented here some hypotheses on how such a trick could be made.

I have not read the book of Fr. De Marchi, but would be interested in knowing the prophecy on page 155; if you could possibly send it, I would appreciate it.


     Marian T. Horvat
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Two Sisters Lucy
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I was just curious, has anyone examined a photo of Sr. Lucy after her death? I believe she had a glass coffin, and was visible to the public. I have not seen any close-up photos of her in her coffin, have you?

This could feasibly be the "clincher" in any discussions about two Sisters.

     God bless!


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TIA responds:

Dear M.F.,

We hope the following pictures will allow you to reach your own conclusions.


     TIA correspondence desk

THe body of Sister Lucy in her coffin

A closeup of the dead sister Lucy's face


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 6, 2010

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