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Light in the Darkness & Muslim Threat

Light for Families
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

It is with joyous gratitude that I fulfill a promise I made to my 'Spiritual Board of Directors,' as in the intimacy of my prayers I call my preferred Saints, to make known their aid in bringing my son, who is in the military Special Forces, home safely from his fourth deployment to the Middle East. This is just one of many ongoing graces, protections and favors my family has been privileged to receive from them.

I have learned in these very grave and confusing times when the Catholic Church, our country and our families are broken, torn and pulled in so many directions, that the one sure place to find solace, succor, and direction is with the Holy Family and the glorious Saints and Angels available to us. I call them my Spiritual Board of Directors. I could not survive without their help in dealing with the calamities, temptations, problems and struggles that a Traditional Catholic mother, in a broken home, faces on a daily basis.

The Great St. Joseph is my CEO. He is the Patron Saint of families, as the foster father of Jesus; he watched over and protected the Holy Family. Since my husband left me, I consider him as the head and protector of my family.

Through St. Louis de Montfort, I have consecrated myself to Our Lord Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary and have become her slave trusting in her guidance and direction. I make the beautiful consecration to her regularly on my birthday, her Feast Days and other important days throughout the year.

Our Lady's most blessed mother Saint Anne has been given the privilege of aiding us in every necessity because she is the grandmother of Jesus and He will not refuse her petitions.

St. Rita, St. Monica and Blessed Anna Maria Taigi were wives and mothers with difficult husbands who suffered many tribulations. They offer great consolation and help to those wives and mothers suffering of analogous problems and many others we are facing today. They have helped my children to get married in the Church, avoid abortion, and have their children baptized.

There are those very special Saints, who are great miracle workers such as St. Philomena. Pope Gregory XVI said of her, "Pray to St. Philomena. Whatever you ask from her, she will obtain for you." Known as the Wonder Worker, she will never let you down. She has protected my family in many dangerous circumstances and prevented many serious calamities and helped us through many difficult trials.

St. Gregory Thaumaturgus (miracle worker), who literally moved mountains, was given the power to help not only those in despair, but he is pleased to grant us graces in the normal needs of our lives. Other Saints such as St. Martha, Hildegarde of Bengin and our Patron Saints will never fail to help us.

I must mention the Saints connected with the military. Some of those who fought glorious battles and obtained great victories for the Church and gave and continue to give protection to my son are: St. James, St. John of Capistrano, St. Peter Gonzalez or St. Elmo, St. Conrad of Parzan. I also pray to and ask protection of Charlemagne, Don Pelayo, El Cid and Don Juan d'Austria, commander of the fleet in Lepanto, since my son belongs to the Navy.

Also the Angels are part of my board of directors: the Archangel St. Michael, who defends us in battle and daily spiritual warfare, the Archangel St. Raphael, who is the Patron Angel of marriage, physical & spiritual healing, happy meetings and travel, and my own dearest Guardian Angel who I call on endlessly.

I give thanks to the Saints & Angels - a few whom I have named - for the many graces and protections they continue to shower on me and my family, and especially for bringing my son home safely again. There is so much more to be said about each of them and their special gifts available to families.

These wondrous Saints & Angels are there for everyone. They are waiting for you to call on them and trust them with your trials, burdens, and the serious conflicts that afflict families in these troubled times. They are a light in these dark days and will help you and your families to carry your crosses with hope and joy knowing that you are not alone. Create your own spiritual board of directors; you will be pleasantly surprised at the great dividends you will receive.

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Muslim Threat
People Commenting

I recently came across this European post, and thought it was interesting enough to send on for your readers.

I include some important paragraphs below. Sometimes I wonder at the sanity level of the traditionists who pretend there is no War on Terror, or downplay the Muslim threat because they are so caught up in not being suckers of the Jews. Well, wake up, the Muslim threat is real - as Atila Guimaraes points out in his books and articles.

May Our Lord and Our Lady help Europe and our country regain our senses and our militancy.


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Christians in Muslim Countries.
Wake Up, Westeners! This Is Your Legacy for Your Children

Posted by Anders under English, Euromed, March 11, 2010


Since 1973, 'our' politicians have been working to Islamize Europe through:
  1. Mass immigration, in order to overthrow the old society order through radical Muslim demographic majority, in Denmark between 2035-47, probably before - as decreed by socialist politicians.

  2. The Euromediterranean Process that has created a union between the EU and all Mediterranean countries except Libya - with the prospect of free movement for all in this Euro-Mediterranean Zone.

  3. Through the importation of 56 million African Muslims + families to the EU by 2050.

  4. Through keeping virtually all illegal Muslim refugees in the name of 'human rights'. These Muslims will not integrate ' but declare that they want to establish Sharia law in Europe.
The present article describes the conditions under which Christians now are living in Muslim countries: Everywhere persecution, oppression, discrimination, murder. And it is increasing during these years. This is what we have in store in Europe.

Because we are allowing Sharia law among us without grouching, we are complicit in this heritage being passed on to our children and grandchildren. Already in 2002 the Danish Integration Ministry pointed out that Muslim immigrants and their descendants are working much less than Danes and therefore contribute to the dependency ratio for the aging Danish population at the cost of public welfare although Anders Fogh Rasmussen repeatedly said that Muslims came because our employers were screaming for labor the socialist and liberal politicians each year allowing the killing of 15,000 Danish fetuses in the holy name of free abortion.

The rise of Islamic extremism is putting increasing pressure on Christians in Muslim countries, who are the victims of murder, violence and discrimination although Islam denies this, of course. Kevin Ang (Kuala Lumpur) is cautious these days. Metro Tabernacle Church was the first of 11 churches set on fire by angry Muslims - all because of one word 'Allah'- which the Muslims would not allow Christians, who in Malay have no other word for God, to use. After 11 churches and schools had been burnt, Christians were allowed by the Supreme Court to use the word 'Allah.'

The militant Islamist group Hamas controls the Gaza Strip, while Islamist militias are fighting the governments of Nigeria and the Philippines. Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen have fallen to a large extent into the hands of Islamists. And where Islamists are not yet in power, secular governing parties are trying to outstrip the more religious groups in a rush to the right.

This can be seen in Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Indonesia to some extent, and also Malaysia. Even though this Islamization often has more to do with politics than with religion, it can still be said that where Islam gains importance, freedoms for members of other faiths shrink.

There are 2.2 billion Christians around the world. The Christian non-governmental organization Open Doors calculates that 100 million Christians are being threatened or persecuted. They aren't allowed to build churches, buy Bibles or obtain jobs. The more brutal version sees them blackmailed, robbed, expelled, abducted or even murdered.

And the persecution of Christians is by no means the domain of fanatical Muslims alone - Christians are also imprisoned, abused and murdered in countries such as Laos, Vietnam, China and Eritrea (45% Muslims).

Open Doors compiles a global Christian 'persecution index. North Korea, where tens of thousands of Christians are serving time in work camps, has topped the list for many years. North Korea is followed, though, by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, the Maldives and Afghanistan. Of the first 10 countries on the list, 4/5ths are Islamic, and almost all have Islam as their state religion.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 16, 2010

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