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Jerusalem Bible, Adoration & Terrorist

Chronicles x Paralipomenon
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Hi there,

I was just wondering why the Bible text at the bottom of the article by Christine Fitzgerald is shown as (2 Paralipomenon 7:14) when it is actually from 2 Chronicles 7:14?



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TIA responds:

Hello J.L.,

The ecumenical movement that was already at play before Vatican II elaborated a Bible to accommodate different religions, more specifically Protestantism and Judaism. It was called the Jerusalem Bible.

In 1956 Dominicans from the Biblical School of Jerusalem wrote the first Jerusalem Bible translated to French not from the Vulgate of St. Jerome but from old Hebrew and Greek texts.

This Bible changed some names of the traditional books of the Vulgate to fit its ecumenical purposes. These changes include:
  • Books 1 and 2 of Paralipomenon of the Vulgate became 1 and 2 of Chronicles;

  • Books 1 and 2 of Kings became 1 and 2 of Samuel;

  • Ecclesiasticus became Sirach;

  • Apocalypse became Revelations.
The original version of this Bible had changed even the name of God to Yahweh, but this innovation was not transferred to translations in other languages.

Also, the footnote commentaries explaining the verses departed from Church tradition to accommodate new progressivist interpretations of the Scriptures based on the 'historical method' of Fr. Lagrange, the founder of the Biblical Institute of Jerusalem.

The initial version of the Jerusalem Bible (1956) was edited and republished in 1961. This version formed the basis for the English translation of 1966.

From then on, the English Douay-Rheims version of the Vulgate made in the 17th century was gradually set aside and replaced in bookstores and libraries by this new Jerusalem Bible. Today, even new editions of Douay-Rheims have assimilated those progressivist innovations.

In TIA we keep the names as they are in the Vulgate; when a different name is used in an article to be posted on our site, we change it to its traditional name.

Where can one acquire an original edition of Douay-Rheims? Contact Catholic Treasures, which reprinted the 1859 edition following the 1609 original.

We hope that this answers your question.


     TIA correspondent desk

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Interpretations of Matthew
People Commenting

I had a question about this bible passage: "And if those days were not shortened no flesh would be saved" (Matthew 24:22). Is this passage referring to people saving their bodies from natural disasters or people saving their souls from Hell? Translations vary and it sounds like it can go either way.


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TIA responds:

Hello J.S.,

Good Catholic commentators, such as Cornelius a Lapide, understand this verse as referring simultaneously to the siege of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 and to the end of the world.

In the first application, the chastisement of Jerusalem was a consequence of the Jews' rejection of the Messiah, God Incarnate, and the subsequent crime of Deicide. For these spiritual crimes, they received an exemplary chastisement such as they have never received before. The punishment was so complete that, had God not intervened, even the elect - the Catholics who lived in Jerusalem at the time - would be lost, that is, they would die.

In the second application, the punishment will come for the spiritual Jerusalem, the Church, because her followers will reject Our Lord and adhere to the Antichrist. Again, a great chastisement will fall upon mankind and be so intense that, should God not intervene, even the last faithful ones will perish, that is, they will lose their souls.

In both applications the chastisement refers both to bodily sufferings and spiritual afflictions.


     TIA correspondence desk

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'Children of Hope Are Good'
People Commenting

I would like to disagree about your article on adoration [the Children of Hope]. These holy hours are meant to get the kids into the chapel and understand the history of adoration and what to do when you go for adoration. These help the kids so that they can go alone later and adore silently.

Moses and Abraham both prostrated themselves before God (that is where that comes from, not from Muslims).

I intend to begin one of these Children's Adoration Hours in our parish. I have been to these and they are wonderful to help the kids understand how great and magnificent Jesus is in the Eucharist. I wish they had had these when I was young so I could have been going to Jesus for help instead of asking my peers when something was troubling me.

Your article is disturbing and really does damage when we should do all we can to get kids AND adults to adore the Eucharist more - as he is left alone much too much.

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Napoleon's Council
People Commenting

"Times have changed - times have changed! The Church must adapt and be reconciled with the Revolution." Napoleon Bonaparte haranguing Pope Pius VII, whom he held prisoner in France. (Pope Pius VII, Robin Anderson, TAN Books, 2001, p. 131).

"Let us recognize here and now that Gaudium et Spes plays the part of a Counter-Syllabus insofar as it represents an attempt to officially reconcile the Church with the modern world as emerging since the French Revolution of 1789." (Joseph Ratzinger, Cardinal, quote taken from this site)


     Frank Rega
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Mourning a Terrorist
People Commenting

In case you have not seen this. Read carefully. This is so Unbelievable....

In Houston ...

Harwin Central Mall: The very first store that you come to when you walk from the lobby of the building into the shopping area. It had this sign posted on their door. The shop is run by Muslims.

A notice on a glass window mourning a terrorist

Feel free to share this with others.

Imam Ali flew one of the planes into the twin towers.

Nice huh? Try telling me we're not in a Religious war!

Dr. Joseph Frank

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 11, 2010

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