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Chartres Pilgrimage &
Protocol for Women's Dress

Disregard Peer Pressures
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In reference to the article, "What Is Not Catholic in the Chartres Pilgrimage?" By Fr. Paul Sretenovic, I wanted to say that I agree and that I thought the same thing when I saw the pictures.

It would be nice for such a public occasion of Catholics gathering together if the mode of dress would make them identifiable as a people set apart. I know some people have accused Fr. Sretenovic and others from TIA of being stuffy and cantankerous.

I disagree and believe that much of what is said on this site is correct and needs to be said regardless of outside "peer pressure" to conform to the spirit of the world in order to obstensibly change it.

     Keep up the good work. God Bless,

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Everything Is Subjective in Morals
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Dear TIA,

I was very disappointed when I came across an article on what is wrong with the Chartres pilgrimage.

First of all, has Father ever been on the pilgrimage himself? Slacks and dresses and jackets? What happens when it's 105 degrees out and people pass out because their clothes don't breath? Or then it's raining and hailing and blowing and the girl's dresses blow up and you can see up their dress and their legs are freezing?

Or what about when you don't where tennis shoes and other sport-wear, and then you sprain both ankles, develop feet covered in blisters, or slip and break your leg?! The list goes on. I have been on this pilgrimage a couple times and have witnessed and personally experienced these kinds of serious dangers.

Secondly, he is making very harsh judgments without consideration as to the different state each and every person is in their faith at any point. What if the people he saw in the pictures - not dressed to the standards he believes appropriate - have been wavering in their faith, or don't have a very deep understanding at this point, and after going on the pilgrimage their faith is renewed, and we have a victory of yet another soul, or 10, or 100?

Father S. is coming from a hyper idealistic view and stating things as black and white, when their is more than meets the eye. I think it is dangerous to the faithful to post articles like this. There are many with weak minds who think that just because a good person or a priest says it means it's true, and then these folks go out and point fingers and then I get to hear how arrogant and uncharitable Christians are... Christ didn't point out to Mary Magdelene the problems of how she dressed, did He? He went to set her heart on fire with the greatest charity and kindness. This is how He won her over. And the rest followed.

     In the love of Christ,

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Marxist Fashion
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Three cheers for Fr. Paul Stretenovic's article "What is Not Catholic in the Chartres Pilgrimage." The very idea of women going on a long eighty-two mile march is not a feminine thing to do. Catholic women in a saner age would not have given it a second thought.

These young good but misguided women, who want to bear witness to tradition, are dressed in a Marxist fashion; not much is more unfortunate than to have good men and women on the wrong side of an issue, displaying misdirected zeal.

Women should not show much more in public than a traditional sister's habit does. For the most part, the day will come, when we will get past what is and is not the place of women in the world. Those who went on the Chartres Pilgrimage need to consider if they really needed to do so.

     Mater Sapientiae, ora pro nobis; Our Lady of Wisdom, pray for us.

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Manual for Girls
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Dear Tradition in Action,

The Manual of Catholic Civility is wonderful. Perfect for the young men. Is there something similar for the young ladies? If so, please let me know as I will purchase it immediately.

     Thank you. Sincerely,


Right is right even if no one is doing it.
Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.
- St. Augustine

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TIA responds:

Dear J.M.B.,

Thank you for your e-mail. You can find an answer to your question here.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Painting of Our Lady
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I found your web page [on the Saints of the Day] to be very informative. It also shows a beautiful painting of Our Lady and the Translation of the Holy House.

I am familiar with other paintings on this theme, but have never seen this one before. Can you tell me who the artist is or what country the artist is from?

     Thank you in advance,


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TIA responds:

Hello N.G.H.,

Thank you for your e-mail.

The picture to which you refer is titled Transportation of the Holy House of Loreto by the 18th century Mexican artist Francisco de Leon. It is in the National Museum of Virreinato [Museo Nacional del Virreinado] in Tepotzotlan, Mexico.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Animism & Necromancy
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Dear Sirs,

I wish to inform you of a small error in regard to your article The Juaneno Tribal Mass, which accompanies the photograph of the Juaneno Indians carrying out heathen rituals during Mass.

Animism is the attribution of a living soul to inanimate objects or natural phenomena, whereas the practice of attempting to contact the dead is more properly called necromancy.


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TIA responds:

Dear Z.M.,

We thank you very much for your precision. The mistake has been corrected.

Please, do not hesitate in pointing out other errors you find. It is of a great service to us.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 11, 2009

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