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Pro & Con Women In Slacks

People Commmenting
Dear TIA,

Regarding the women wearing pants controversy (see Objection: You Cannot Condemn Women Wearing Slacks):

Now St. Thomas says that men cannot wear womens' clothing or women mens', but he also says that what is considered mens' and womens' clothing is determined by common custom. Common custom can and does change based on both time and locality. With regard to skirts it changes at the English border.

Now it seems to me that times have changed and that common custom now designates trousers as unisex apparel.

Best wishes,

     In Domino et Domina,


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Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear Mr. J.C.,

Thank you for your e-mail.

I sustain that women wearing trousers is a revolutionary custom, and therefore, not a good practice. This custom was part of the agenda of the feminist movement, which wanted to make women equal to men in all things. It was an artificial imposition made by the revolutionary laboratories of fashion, and not a natural habit of the people, to which St. Thomas was referring.

I have no problem, for example, with women from India wearing trousers under their very feminine saris. I also do not think that it is feminine for a Scotsman to wear his elegant kilt, as you mentioned in your e-mail. These are the authentic regional customs that we should appreciate as such, not part of the anti-natural agenda advanced by Hollywood and the French couturiers.

The argument of St. Thomas that you mentioned is valid for the good customs, not for the bad ones. It is my opinion that the good people should resist the bad customs and try to restore the sound ones.

Our stance at TIA is counter-revolutionary - that is, to counter the Revolution that has destroyed Christian civilization and wants to finish with what is left of Catholic culture. If you would like to know more on Revolution and Counter-Revolution, there is a very good article on our website (click here).


     Marian T. Horvat
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People Commmenting
Dear Dr. Horvat,

I have been wanting to tell you for a very long time how very much I enjoy your work. I read with interest your debate with the lady from England on women wearing trousers (see Objection:You Cannot Condemn Women Wearing Slacks).

I must say that, thanks to your influence, I have decided to try never again to wear pants. I say thanks to you for the simple reason that via your internet site and all the information you diffuse about simple Catholic living, I find the necessary encouragement to try to live fully my Traditional Faith. I find myself isolated somewhat in that our Traditional Church in Paris, St. Nicolas de Chardonnet. It is so large and I really don't know anyone on a personal level.

Contrary to the lady from England, I have always found the tone of your articles to be very diplomatic, and the love you have for Our Lady comes through so clearly. I leave your articles feeling very refreshed and peaceful and also learning so much about our Catholic past.

I must say that even your closing remarks to her were an example of your good manners and charity!

Keep up the fight, you are making a difference!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 26, 2005

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