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Shiva Linga & Shameful Silence

You Are Wrong on Shiva Linga
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I found your page very interesting, but it looks like you only accept white or black realities, when the real truth is always a matter of a wonderful rainbow of grays and many other colors.

Besides, sometimes you lie to attack Church realities: for example the article about Shiva Linga (I do not approve either of this kind of syncretism, but cannot attack those positions through lies). You say that shivalinga is a sex symbol of the phallus of Shiva, and you even quote Wikipedia, but if you see the link in Wikipedia you will find that it is exactly the opposite:

According to Swami Sivananda. The popular belief is that the Shiva Linga represents the phallus or the virile organ, the emblem of the generative power or principle in nature. This is not only a serious mistake, but also a grave blunder. In the post-Vedic period, the Linga became symbolical of the generative power of the Lord Siva. Linga is the differentiating mark. It is certainly not the sex-mark. You will find in the Linga Purana: Pradhanam prakritir yadahur-lingamuttamam; Gandhavarnarasairhinam sabda-sparsadi-varjitam-The foremost Linga which is primary and is devoid of smell, colour, taste, hearing, touch, etc., is spoken of as Prakriti (Nature).

In this text taken from Wikipedia, you can easily see how are you twist things to place a finger over something you simply do not like. This a very poor way to defend the authentic Church Tradition.

You are not Traditional, you are simply short minded!


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TIA responds:


Anyone familiar with the Internet knows that Wikipedia is a 'democratic' online encyclopedia. This means that anyone can access it and modify its content until another supposedly better-informed person decides to likewise change it. It is an experiment being made to see to what point spontaneous information will prevail and bring a broader knowledge of topics to the public.

The weak point of the system, however, is that in order to accomplish their own religious-oriented agenda some teams are working to change others' honest information. An example is partisans of the Jewish religion, who are changing all the dates in Wikipedia from B.C. and A.D. (Before Christ and Anno Domini) to B.C.E. and C.E. (Before the Common Era, Common Era). C.E. is a recent term introduced by Jewish partisans with the clear aim of erasing the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ as the dividing mark of History.

Therefore, anyone can change more or less everything in Wikipedia. This being so, your objection is pointless, because from the time we indicated Wikipedia as a confirmation source for the information in our article until the date you searched it, the data may well have changed. You are ill-informed to assume that Wikipedia is an immutable source.

In any circumstance, your objection gave us the opportunity to link to another source that we had left out when making those comments. At that time, in addition to Wikipedia, we had a link to a website that clearly confirmed our affirmations. We didn't make the link visible because it had some obscene depictions. In view of your objection, however, that there is no substantial proof for our statement that the Shiva Linga is a representation of a sexual male organ - as well as for other readers who may have analogous doubts - we are now posting that hidden link. You may verify for yourself by checking the red part of the article in question.

Furthermore, a reader from India sent us another confirmation that you may check here.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Dumb Website
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As a traditional Catholic Christian, I think your attacks on the Pope and on professional educated women are very unintelligent and unacceptable.

1. There is nothing wrong with the Pope visiting mosques. Moreover, Muslims worship God, not in spirit, but in truth by virtue of natural theology. There are not Satanists or New Agers.

2. It is good that women work outside the home. My good wife has a PhD in Astrophysics and is a college Professor. Your site is a bit dumb.

     A.W., Ireland
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Our Lady of the Dew
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Dear TIA,

Thank you so very much for providing this story and slide show of La Virgen del Rocio - Our Lady of the Dew, and the slide show. I was so touched by the beauty of the Catholic Faith expressed by these Spaniards.

I dream of the day when Our Lady will have Her victory and the reign of Christ Her Son will animate the whole world.

God bless you,

     In Maria,

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Ecclesiastical Penalties
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In his March 10 letter to the bishops, Benedict made it clear that only the "ecclesiastical penalties" had been erased for the four SSPX bishops. But because the separating "doctrinal" issues have not been addressed, the "ministers" i.e. priests of the Society, "do not legitimately exercise any ministry in the Church."

That means, as I interpret it, that according to the pope, priests of the Society are presently outlawed from carrying out any of their priestly sacramental offices, including saying the Mass, hearing confessions, performing marriages, giving Last Rites, et al.

So, practically speaking, what has the so-called "lifting" of the excommunications actually accomplished? It appears to me that Society priests are more restricted now than they ever were under JPII. I don't recall that the latter ever put it so explicitly in writing.

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Shameful Silence
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Since that fateful SSPX Jubilee Pilgrimage of 2000, this Society has been leading the Traditionalist world slowly but surely into the Novus Ordo. Fr. Jean, OFM (Cap) who recently moved away from the Morgon Capuchins in order to remain a Traditionalist, has alleged that some of the SSPX leadership was planted/infiltrated into position in the nineties in order to move that Society back into the Novus Ordo.

Well, we have it now before our very eyes. Can a true Traditionalist indulge in a shameful and collaborative silence?


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 13, 2009

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