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On the Barbie Doll
People Commmenting

I agree completely (click here for the article). Those who justify Wicca or the so-called "white witchcraft" or "good witchcraft" are fools! Even Anton Levay, the so-called "Black Pope" and father of American Satanism laughs at those who practice Wicca. Even he says this so-called new witchcraft is really the same old black magic it has always been. He says if persons think there is a good witchcraft, they are only very inexperienced and very naive. My point and yours are the same, there is no safe witchcraft. It all leads to Satan and should be strongly condemned.

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Save the Church from her Enemies
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I enjoy your Web site so much I have made it my home page. Thank you for making your viewpoints accessible on the internet.

I turned 80 this month and my means are limited, so cannot contribute toyour agenda to save the Church from its enemies, many of whom purportedly profess to be Catholics.

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St. Adrian
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Dear TIA,

Thank you, guys.

You website helped me a lot. You had a lot of information that I needed to complete my saint report on St. Adrian of Nicomedia. Once more thank you and your website is very helpful and useful.

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St. Philomena
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Dear Tradition in Action,

After reading your article, I admire your belief, trust and devotion to St. Philomena. It inspires me to know that you have such a firm belief and trust in knowing your prayers will be heard and answered. Keep those in mind whose prayers are never answered.

Thank you for your article,

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Milwaukee's Cathedral
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I just read your story about the sacrilegious demolition/renovation of Milwaukee's Cathedral by the former bishop (click here). While surfing the internet, that retired bishop appeared on a list of Catholic bishops who are FREEMASONS. You can "google" that 1976 list of Freemason Catholic Bishops.

Unfortunately, there are believed to be many Catholic bishops and priests who are FREEMASONS whose aim is to destroy the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. What that bishop did to the Milwaukee Cathedral is HORRIBLE! It no longer looks Catholic in appearance. It looks like a Protestant or a Mormon tabernacle with that horrible organ as center and not the altar of God.

It is certainly anti-Catholic to remove the Blessed Sacrament from its prominent position in a church and to hide it in oblivion. The organ should not be where the high altar is. The baldachino is the best canopy for the altar of sacrifice and should have been retained forever.

To remove the saints from their altars is horrible and anti-Catholic. Much more, the removal of kneelers. That crooked crucifix and that disgusting thing called art over the table is not worth looking at.

Satan has prevailed in the renovation of that former house of worship. It saddened me today to know that our Holy Church is infiltrated with Satan's Freemasons. So many bishops and priests are Masons!

I hope and pray that your organization would take the time to expose this in public and inform the hierarchy. Unfortunately, who can we trust when bishops may be involved in this great conspiracy of Freemasonry against our Holy Mother Church?

God help us. Sincerely, a Catholic who believes in our Holy Traditions,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 3, 2006

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