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No Question, Saddam Had WMD

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This is an interesting piece from Agape Press that supports your stand on the Iraq war. I don't know why so many Catholics are following the American Left on this issue, and pretending there was/is no threat from the Islamic anti-West and anti-USA forces. What is happening in Paris could be happening now in the US if we had taken the same pacifist stand France did in face of aggression. Here is the principal part of a Agape Press dispatch from November 15, 2005:

The producer of a new documentary on Saddam Hussein says there is no question that the deposed Iraqi dictator possessed weapons of mass destruction. The question, he says, should be: where did the WMDs go?

Former real estate broker Brad L. Maaske interviewed dozens of Iraqis in producing his DVD Weapon of Mass Destruction: The Murderous Reign of Saddam Hussein. He says it is absurd that the American Left continues to get away with their claims that the former dictator did not possess WMDs. "There's interview after interview of people who say they saw truckloads of something going out through Syria and into the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon," he recalls. "And of course we've tried to track that as best we can.

The U.S. military can't go into Syria; it can't go into Lebanon. But the question is, where did those weapons go?" Maaske says it does not take much to create a weapon of mass destruction. "There didn't have to be massive stockpiles of chemicals," he explains. "A few 55-gallon drums of a nerve gas could kill a million people if properly dispersed, so it's not that difficult for him to get rid of what he had." Maaske says U.S. officials discovered that more than one-third of the WMDs turned over by Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi came from Iraq. [Chad Groening]

Thanks for your excellent site.

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From a Follower of the 'Peaceful Religion of Mohammed'

People Commmenting
This is a sick site that has not got a grip on reality [click here].

It is you christians that are continuing your crusades against us, but just as in the past you will not succeed no matter how often you come, we shall not give in.

It is only a matter of time before our nation awakens and answers your aggression in an combined manner.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 17, 2005

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