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Moscow’s Fifth Column - II

An Insider’s View

Phillip Mericle
In 2014 the Baroque Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna was the scene of a meeting among top leaders of the conservative movements of Europe, all brought together under one roof by Russian oligarchs and intellectuals. The purpose of this secretive meeting was, on the surface, to deepen ties among the disaffected conservatives of that liberal Continent. However, in practical terms it served to establish and strengthen communist Russian influence over the European dissident Right.

Roberto de Mattei

Pro-Russia speaker Roberto de Mattei

There were 15 speakers for the event, one of whom was Italian Catholic historian Roberto de Mattei. In September of that year, he responded to criticisms leveled at him for his attendance by posting his speech online. This not only factually verified that the event took place – silencing some objectors who naïvely deny it today – but also gives us further material for analysis. With this evidence in hand we receive an invaluable glimpse at what was going on behind those closed Baroque doors.

The pro-Russian sympathies were carefully fostered among the attendees of this meeting, as verified by Mattei’s statements and overview. Further, given that the event is reputed to have taken place annually since 2014, it allows us to surmise the continued propagandizing of the European Right at the hands of their Russian hosts. His speech in its entirety can be read here.

An historian’s slant

Mattei opens his speech by highlighting the historical significance of the year 2014: Two hundred years prior, in 1814, the Congress of Vienna met to try and rebuild a Christian order following the evils of the French Revolution and the wars of Napoleon. One hundred years prior, 1914 saw the calamitous tragedy of World War One.

Both points above are correct, but then Mattei begins catering to his hosts by obscuring several pertinent historical facts. First, he fails to mention the Russian hegemonic nature of the Congress of Vienna, presenting the “Holy Alliance” as a purely Christian institution intent on the preservation of the Christian social political order. Given Mattei’s knowledge of History we can only infer that this oversight was intentional.

Similarly, he goes on to lament the crumbling of the Holy Alliance after the Crimean War (1853-1856). He claims the Crimean conflict set the stage for World War I and the demise of sacred monarchical authority, and ultimately paved the way for the modern world that has led us into the current societal sewage of gender theory.

The speaker then goes on to point out that the 21st century has never left the orbit of the French Revolution. Indeed, he continues, it is true that today we find ourselves in the nihilistic death-spiral of civilization brought about by the greater Revolution as expounded in Prof. Plinio’s Revolution & Counter Revolution. Mattei goes on to expound on the axiological reality, that is, the reality of meaning and morals as superior to geopolitics. Again this is an observation of truth.

Russia’s apologetics

Unfortunately, Mattei then diverges from his agreeable foray and goes on to begin a discourse on Russian apologetics. He argues that most opposition to the Soviet Union stemmed from a fear of Russian power rather than any aversion to its vile communist ideology. By extension, he says, any reservations about Russia today can be dismissed as a lingering Russo-phobic nonsense: a manifestation of Western anxiety over its slipping stranglehold on world power to which Russia is a threat.

Even worse, the speaker attempts to excuse Soviet Communism, insisting that the errors of Russia prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima are not really “Russian,” having come from Zurich on Lenin’s infamous sealed train at the behest of the Germans. The fact that Lenin was Russian by birth and exiled in Zurich is not mentioned at all, nor is the pivotal role Russia played in nurturing the deadly (to the tune of tens of millions murdered) cancer of Bolshevism.

Lenin speaking during Russian Revolution

The Communist Revolution has been a synonym for Russia for more than a century

Mattei then falsely asserts that Russia has truly abandoned its communist ideology. Instead it is now the rest of the world – from China to the USA – that are the new carriers of this plague called Communism. Therefore, according to the speaker, since the West has now drunk deep from the revolutionary cup, Russia itself is the only remaining alternative.

The Italian historian ends his speech by calling for cooperation between Catholic and Russian Schismatic “bishops and patriarchs.” Together, arm in arm with our “orthodox” brothers, we are to beseech the Pope to consecrate Russia so that a divine seed may sprout in those Eastern lands and Russia may deal a death blow to the Revolutionary West.

Conflict with Catholic dogma

Given Mattei’s call for Catholic/Schismatic concordance. it seems fitting to bring to mind the differences between Catholicism and the Russian Schism.

To deny any point of Catholic dogma excludes one from the Holy Mother Church. Dogma is literally the list of tenets one must believe in order to be considered Catholic. The Russian Schismatics deny four of them.

In addition to despising the Papacy on principle, those Schismatics deny the Papal Infallibility, deny the Petrine Primacy, deny the Filioque (the order of procession of the Divine Word in the Holy Trinity), and they even deny the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin. To refuse belief in any one of these points automatically excludes a person from considering himself a Catholic. Denying four of them puts him at serious odds with the One Holy Church founded by Christ.

In this light Mattei’s speech can be seen for what it is; an attempt to find somewhere, anywhere, an alternative to the culture of death permeating the West. Since Europe and America are so morally terrible, the East must be good, especially when the representative of ex-Soviet Empire is happy to pay lip service to some conservative ideas. Mattei’s talk embodies the tone of the whole 2014 event: Russia is the friend, not enemy, to all of Christian good will and sense. The enemy is the West, mainly the United States.

Myth vs. reality

With this speech we have a clear depiction of the myths Russian propaganda would sell to the Right:
  • Russia saved Christendom from the French Revolution.

  • Russia selflessly instituted the Holy Alliance to protect Europe from itself.

  • Russia was not at fault for Communism, but rather Germany, and opposition to Soviet Communism in the Cold War was merely driven by politicians, not by legitimate fear of Bolshevism.

  • Finally, what Communism there was infecting Mother Russia disappeared in the 1990s, so let us all trust Putin and look to Holy Mother Russia and the Schismatics to save us from the modern crisis.
Kirill and Putin

Kirill & Putin, both following the KGB agenda

Thus goes the story. Reality gives us a different account: A concerted Europe – primarily England and Prussia – defeated Napoleon with the Holy Alliance, being little more than a Russo-centric geopolitical ruse. Vladimir Lenin, the spark that started the Communist Revolution, was Russian and had been exiled for his violent ideology that would take firm root in Russian soil. The Cold War was a legitimate response to the Soviet Union, a dictatorship so terrible it scarred any country unfortunate enough to fall under its power.

With the same communist and KGB leaders of Soviet Russia still heading all major institutions of the Russian Federation to this day, one cannot claim that Russian Communism has truly fallen. Russia is not even morally Christian, being to this day the world leader in abortions.

Finally the Schismatic “Orthodox” Church denies fundamental dogmas of the Church of Christ and is really little more than a State-sanctioned propaganda organ with its patriarch and who knows how many others on the payroll of the Russian secret police.

KGB active measures

Bezmenov quote

Yuri Bezmenov, KGB defector

Mattei believes the West, by its own choice, has become rotten enough for us to look to Russia for leadership. On the contrary, it is Communism that planted and carefully fostered the very rot we now seek salvation from in the West.

Yuri Bezmenov, one of the most prominent KGB defectors, demonstrates this in his 1984 interview when he details the four steps taken to instill in America a corruption that destabilizes the nation and eventually leads to its moral and societal collapse. We in the West have reached such a point today.

We live in an age where decades of communist subversion has flowered into the complete corruption of morals in the United States, an era of total “demoralization.” Communism has won the psychological war. Turning to Russia as our savior from the very corruption it propagated is akin to asking the executioner for the rope to hang ourselves.

Let us not seek the solution to a crisis in its instigator.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 8, 2023

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