Consequences of Vatican II
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The Parallax Effect & Vatican II 

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

Parallax is a sort of optical illusion: when a person sees the Moon from Los Angeles, he situates it in a different place in the sky than someone who sees it at the same time from San Francisco. So, this difference of appearances about the Moon’s actual placement is what is called parallax.

I use this analogy here to explain how those who follow the Conciliar Church without any resistance have positioned themselves in a place where they see this New Church as the real Catholic Church. Unfortunately, many conservatives, who imagine they are seeing the real picture, are having a similar optical illusion as well.

Assasination scene from the movie 'Parallax view'

The movie opens with an assasination in Seattle, with a real and 'apparent' assasin
In 1974 a film starring Warren Beatty was produced bearing the title The Parallax View. I found some striking similarities between the powerful evil behemoth in the fictional piece that controls what people see and think and the progressivst powers behind Vatican II.

In the film the Parallax Corporation is a top security institution controlled by the Establishment. Beatty plays the role of a newspaper reporter named Joe Frady who finds himself caught up in a world of criminal-intrigue folowing the assassination of a senator. After a lengthy investigation, the official report announces that the killer was a loner, a political crackpot who wanted attention. Three years later the six witnesses to the murder were dead.

All the witness, however, were never sure of what they thought they saw during the killing, but since one or more of them might have seen the real killer, all had to be eliminated. To enlighten us, the movie producer shows us that there were in actuality two men assigned to carry out the assassination, but one of them was merely a patsy to divert attention from the real killer. The decoy of course is killed forthwith, much like Lee Harvey Oswald in the Kennedy assassination. The real killer was never even a suspect.

Joe thinks he is fooling the corporation

Joe the reporter imagines he will fool the Corporation, and takes a test to infiltrate it
So, Joe now realizes that there is a nefarious conspiracy behind the assassination. He discovers a secret agency, the Parallax Corporation, which he believes is in the business of clandestinely recruiting and training assassins. He decides to infiltrate Parallax.

He passes the test, and thinks he is in. This test, however, is engineered so the Corporation cannot be fooled. The Parallax directors tell Joe he is hired as an assassin, but actually they will set him up as the patsy to take the heat after a real assassin does his job.

Thus, Joe made the fatal error. He looked at the Parallax Corporation from the wrong angle. That is, he thought the Parallax was set up to hire and groom real killers, but in fact its mission was to hire and groom the fall guys who would be blamed and punished as the loners who supposedly did the murders. Joe, like the other patsies on Parallax's list, was killed forthwith by Parallax agents after they assassinate a second political figure. And again the official report came out stating he was a paranoid loner and there was no conspiracy.

Now back to the Vatican II. Never in all of History has there been a gathering as evil as Vatican II, a behemoth that makes the Parallax Corporation look like child's play. Vatican II’s design to destroy the Church is second only to the Crucifixion in its evil. The difference between the Parallax Corporation and Vatican II, however, is that the former controls and eliminates politicians, where Vatican II controls and condemns souls.

The parallax effect, I believe, is present here, since it refers to seeing things from various vantage points, leading to false perceptions of the reality. In the movie, we saw the witnesses to the assassination, placed in different positions, all confused about what they thought they saw. The supposedly shrewd Joe becomes the final player who also fatally sees the Parallax Corporation's nature from a wrong position.

a distorted crucifix

A distorted God made by the Council for the unsuspecting faithful
So, we learn that things are not always what they appear to be. In the end, we get the bleak message that the forces of evil are so potent that the forces of good haven't a prayer. The film ends with the Parallax Corporation going along its merry way.

The similarity to Vatican II is easy to see, almost as if this production were following the script of the Council. Metaphorically, a behemoth exists like the Parallax Corporation. The progressivist forces that were operating behind the scenes stepped in to take over the Vatican and complete the job of destroying the Church, which had been halted by the efforts of Pope St. Pius X at the turn of the century.

Although few who sat in the Council Assembly Hall in the 1960s saw it, the mission was to destroy the Church. The collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?" by Atila Guimaraes attests to the success of "The Desire to Destroy" the Church beyond a reasonable doubt.

Depending on their vantage points, Catholics today have been smitten with a Parallax view of the new Conciliar Church, which they assume is the same Catholic Church simply because they are told it is so. Thus, you have the progressivists with their infinite varieties of Novus Ordo Masses, some performances so sensual as to be sinful. Masses are even being said now in Brazil for "the day of the Freemasons." At the same time, they are swallowing a whole new ecclesiology.

A bizarre new mass 'performed' at Annence

A Mass "performance" at Annency - a completely different notion of Church
The bottom line is obvious. Legions of priests, religious and lay today have been getting their bearings from the bogus spirit of Vatican II, and not the Catholic Church.

Also bizarre is the position of the compromisers, those who pretend that a coexistence with Vatican II is possible. Like Joe, they imagine they can infiltrate the system, but they are unwittingly drawn into a trap.

This struck me as I read the October 14, 2012, bulletin of the FSSP parish in Sacramento, California. The parishioners are told, to "go deeper into their faith" in accordance with the Year of Faith established by Benedict XVI.

"How can we do that?" the bulletin asks, then answers its own question: "The Supreme Pontiff wants to invite all of us to follow him, the Universal Pastor, behind the banner of Our Lord."

Where are we following him and the other concilliar Popes? Is it on the road of Assisi, which Benedict has approved with his presence. Recently he even announced that the Year of Faith should mark “a breakthrough in ecumenism.”

Are they entering the way of the movement of new evangelization, such as the Neocatechumenal Way, Communion and Liberation, Focolare and the Community of Sant’Egido, which all played prominent roles at the recent Synod? Do they implicitly approve the cultural adaptation to the modern world – the rock music and modern dance that also had top billing at the recent Synod of Bishops that opened the Year of Faith?

It appears to me that following this orientation would be like following a "Judas Goat" that leads the herd to slaughter.

The Vatican II behemoth, however powerful it seems now, will be defeated. On this we have the promise of Our Lady of Fatima: "Finally, my Immaculate Heart will triumph." Let us pray to her that our position remains in the real Catholic Church, and that we are not fooled by new maneuvers to make us see and accept a false reality.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 16, 2012

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