Consequences of Vatican II
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AIDS in the Body & in the Spirit

Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.

In our time, the two worst diseases of all time have surfaced. One is in the temporal sphere, the other in the spiritual. Two keys have unlocked the two doors that used to provide security against the diseases. AIDS is the physical disease; Progressivism is the spiritual.

God has provided the human body with an immune system, consisting of a variety of barriers, toxic chemicals, and booby traps to keep germs from entering it. But a germ in the form of a virus has outfoxed the barriers, and found a way to enter and destroy the human immune system. The power of this virus seems almost magical.

An early stage AIDS patient

An early AIDS patient in 1983
The very first inkling of the new disease (AIDS) came in the form of two brief articles in the June and July 1981 issues of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Those articles reported on two extremely rare diseases that had infested 41 young homosexual men in New York and California. "Some as-yet-unknown factor had destroyed large numbers of these cells (of defense) and thereby severely compromised these young men's immunity." (1) As more cases were reported, the disease was labeled GRID (gay-related immunodeficiency syndrome). But cases also were surfacing among drug addicts, and in response to gay activism, the medical community re-named it the ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome' (AIDS). Its agent is HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), one of the most complex and baffling organisms on earth. (2)

Time magazine describes it: "HIV is devilishly effective at fending off antibodies lobbed at it by the body's immune system. One way the virus does that is by mutating rapidly, changing the various amino acids that make up its outer shell and thus forcing the body to churn out millions of new antibodies, all of which may become ineffective with the next mutation." (3)

As one doctor explained, "There has never been a disease as devastating as AIDS. My basis for making that statement is less the explosive nature of its appearance and global spread than the appalling patho-physiology of the pestilence. Medical science has never before confronted a microbe that destroys the very cell of the immune system whose job it is to coordinate the body's resistance to it. Immunity against a swarming score of secondary invaders is defeated before it has had a chance to mount a defense." (4)

AIDS in the spirit

One may say that the principle of Liberalism - free examination of Scriptures, liberty of opinion and tolerance toward wrong doctrines, free choice of morals - is in the spiritual realm what the HIV is in the physical realm. The liberal virus infects a Catholic by destroying any defense the militant spirit offers to combat it. As the physical HIV adapts itself to each new antibody and annuls its healthy effect, so the spiritual HIV gives a ‘charitable” interpretation of any militant aspect of the Church to annul its effect.

Although this virus has been partially attacking the Church since Protestantism, reaching its more pernicious expression with Progressivism, it was at Vatican II that it became universal and infected the whole immune system of the Church.

John XXIII signing Vatican II

Since Vatican II was signed, the Church suffers from a kind of AIDS
John XXIII spread this virus throughout the body of the Catholic Church when, at the opening of Vatican II, he disassociated himself from traditional Church teaching, and urged the Bishops instead to undertake a great renewal or updating of the Church. "Unlike the prophets of doom and gloom among his counselors,” he said, “he preferred to take an optimistic view of the course of modern history." (5)

John XXIII was faithfully followed in this destructive intent by his successors: Openness of the Church toward the modern world, ecumenism with heretics and schismatics, dialogue with Jews and pagans, and even with Communists and Freemasons were initiatives that made “official” the death of the militant spirit in the Church. Thenceforth, it can be diagnosed that the Church has a spiritual AIDS. All the barriers against her enemies have been methodologically destroyed from within by the virus of tolerance. Everywhere Catholics assumed this new progressivist mentality.

Were all the barriers destroyed? Are all Catholics infected? Not quite. In parts of the faithful we see that Our Lady is strengthening the immune system to resist the HIV of tolerance and progressivism. In those few Catholics lies the hope of the Church as well as of the new Christendom announced in Fatima.
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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 18, 2011

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