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Consequences of Vatican II
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The Synod’s Art – Part V

Tyrannical ‘Democracy’ in the Synodal Church

Rita A. Stewart
Becky McIntyre’s fifth Synod Image, “Journeying from Being Led to Leading,” or Chain of Discipleship, is the one that has most shocked the world.

Shortly after its publication on the Synod Instagram page, the image sparked great outrage. How could the Vatican endorse art that features a priestess and an androgynous person in a “pride” t-shirt shouting revolutionary slogans?

Synodal Poster proclaiming a youth revolution

‘We are the young people of the future
& the future is now!’

It was a great blow to many of the more conservative Novus Ordo attendees, who had previously hoped that the listening Synod would listen to them.

“Some of this doesn’t accurately represent the Church I know and love and definitely doesn’t accurately represent the voices of my generation of Catholics,” wrote one young Catholic. Another lamented: “This isn’t only insulting to God and His Church, it’s insulting to younger Catholics everywhere. Is this really how you see us?”

As these comments display, the Synod fails to represent the voices of faithful Catholics. At its core, the Synod is a rebellion against the true Church and her members, and this image accurately captures the Synod’s rebellious spirit.

The five figures are juxtaposed against a traditional cathedral. While this may signify an attempt to harmonize Progressivism with Tradition, the five figures are the true focal point of the image. Perhaps this suggests that the “people of God,” more than buildings or an institution, are the new face of the Church.

Additionally, the five people are holding hands and raising their arms victoriously, reveling in an apparent triumph over the traditional Church that has receded to the background. Further, the dull brown church appears empty; the real movement now is taking place outside its doors.

‘The future is now!’

The five figures in the image are all young and racially diverse, but united in their embrace of revolutionary ideals. Much could be said about each individual; suffice it to say they all look bold and defiant, with the exception of the white man on the far right, who seems weak and effeminate in his pink t-shirt. The emphasis is clearly on the vibrant and triumphant homosexual person, who stands in the center and holds the microphone. In other words, “LGBT” people should not merely be included, but should govern the Church.

Homosexual on Synod poster

For the Synod the homo should lead the youth

The words on the page, coming from the mouth of the homosexual person, are particularly chilling: “We are the young people of the future and the future is now! We are ready to lead. We are hungry for engagement, ready to be heard and animate this blossoming mission that is larger than any one of us. We deserve to be on advisory councils to make decisions.”

This rebellious sense of entitlement echoes Satan’s infamous “non serviam.” It is embarrassing to contrast such a prideful position with the attitudes of Saints, who asked to die rather than oppose the will of God even in small matters. They also took a position of humility when they did not understand Church teachings instead of rising up in revolt against the Magisterium.

St. Ignatius of Loyola said: “What seems to me white, I will believe to be black if the hierarchical Church so defines it.” The figures in this Synod image are saying the opposite: “What the Church proclaims as black will become white if I so define it.”

As mentioned earlier, the greatest irony at the heart of Synodality is that it is not “democratic” in the true sense of the word. Much like our nation’s broken democratic system, the Synod uses the guise of democracy in order to promote the most progressivist voices.

The idea of the Church placing truth and error on an equal plane is already revolutionary, yet the Synod is going a step further by imposing the most radical ideas of Progressivism. These ideas, especially full acceptance of homosexuality, would have seemed absurd even 10 years ago.

The Synod of Synodality is clearly making it more and more challenging for conservatives to feel comfortable in the post-Conciliar Church. Many will be forced to adopt a position of resistance, or else adhere to progressivist errors.

Cardinal McElroy

McElroy: ‘It is difficult to avoid women's ordination...’

Some will object: this is only art, and even though the Vatican posted it, they do not necessarily endorse it. Such a theory is foolish, for the Vatican has already begun to voice approval for such radical ideas.

This January, Card. McElroy of San Diego suggested in an article for America Magazine that, although the Synod most likely will not admit women to the priesthood, the subject “will be one of the most difficult questions confronting the international Synods” because the call for women’s ordination “was voiced in virtually every region of our world Church.” As he notes, reforming “our structures of exclusion” will require time, but the important thing is for that process of “dialogue and action” to begin now.

As for LGBT acceptance, there are sadly many examples of the new spirit of “radical inclusion” from the Pope’s support for homosexual civil unions to his repeated meetings with transgenders to his cheerful letters of support for Fr. James Martin’s work. We already see that the Belgian bishops approved a document – “On Pastoral Closeness to Homosexual People” – containing a rite for priests blessing same-sex couples.

Many progressivists are hailing the synodal process as part of the “spirit of Vatican II,” which will make a new “welcoming” Church with evolving doctrine. It is what artist Becky McIntyre is expressing in her paintings that the Vatican posted on its site as a sign of its approval for these disturbing messages.

Priest blessing lesbian same sex marriage

For some time now, Germany has had
church blessings for sodomites

To be continued


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 7, 2023

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