Homosexuality and the Clergy
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Media Myths of the
Homosexual-Transgender Agenda - Part I

Peter LaBarbera

Warning: This report contains some offensive descriptions
The purpose of this report is to expose and refute some of the longstanding statistical lies and propagandistic myths of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) activist movement. With media support, homosexual and leftist activists now openly campaign to banish dissenting conservative voices.
  • Levying large fines to punish Christians and traditionalists who do not want to participate with their small business in homosexual “weddings”;

    This dangerous dynamic gives the homosexual-transgender lobby nearly full rein to advance its agenda, which now includes:

  • Criminalizing pro-heterosexual change therapy for sexually confused minors;

  • Using the government to force schools and businesses to allow “transgenders” - e.g., men who think they are women - to use public female (opposite-sex) restrooms and locker rooms;


    Defense Secretary Ash Carter announces that Pentagon drops ban on transgender troops

  • Using LGBT “nondiscrimination” laws to mandate that public schools and businesses punish anyone who does not adhere to politically-correct transgender-inclusive language – such as using “zir” instead of “her.” New York City now demands “respect” for 31 “gender identities,” including “genderqueer,” “third sex” and “pangender”;

  • Taxpayer-funding for horrifying, body-disfiguring “sex reassignment surgeries,” e.g., a woman having her healthy breasts surgically removed to look like a flat-chested “man,” or a man having his penis surgically destroyed to craft a makeshift “vagina”;

  • Allowing transsexuals into the U.S. military, and paying for their destructive, gender-bending “surgeries” in the name of “health care”;

  • Encouraging young people to adopt opposite-sex “gender identities”- even going so far as encouraging underage children to take hormones to offset puberty—in a futile attempt to “become” the opposite sex—or worse: allowing minor boys and girls to have their sexual organs surgically mutilated to appear like the opposite-sex; and

  • Teaching very young children – even kindergartners – to accept homosexuality and the radical “transgender” idea that they can choose a “gender identity” that does not match their biological sex.
So awash is the public in pro-homosexual propaganda that a 2011 Gallup poll found the average American “guesstimated” that a whopping 25% of the population is “gay.”(Women and people under 30 put the number even higher, at around 30%.) The actual percentage of homosexual men, lesbians and bisexuals in the U.S. population is just 2.3% (see below).

The 10% myth

The “10%” myth is one of the most enduring propaganda claims of the homosexual activist movement. Concocted in the late 1970s by Bruce Voeller, founder of the National Gay Task Force (predecessor of today’s National LGBTQ Task Force), it was accompanied by the slogan, “We Are Everywhere.”


Propaganda campaign to promote transgender bathrooms are promoted by the media

Thus, just as “gay” militants pressured and bullied America’s mental health professionals to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders in 1973, they greatly exaggerated the homosexual population to expand their political power in subsequent years. And the media duly cooperated by promoting the statistical sham. For decades American reporters treated the 10% claim – a misreading of deviant, pioneering “sexologist” Alfred Kinsey’s discredited research – as fact, using it to “report” huge numbers of alleged homosexuals in society.

The 10% myth served its purpose of projecting enormous “gay” political strength when the movement was still weak. But study after study came up with estimates of the homosexual-bisexual population under 5%.

A massive 2014 survey of 35,557 Americans by the federal National Center for Health Statistics dealt a death blow to the Ten Percent claim. It found that only 1.6% of those polled identified as “gay or lesbian,” while 0.7% said they were “bisexual.” In 2011 the pro-LGBT Williams Institute at UCLA estimated that 0.3% identified as transgender. Thus a combined estimate for homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders in America is around 3%.

Born gay? – No way

Another popular “gay” activist myth is the notion that homosexuals are “born that way.” This convenient narrative – stoked for many years by LGBT advocates – takes morality out of the homosexual debate by suggesting that homosexuals are not responsible for their sexual behaviors because “being gay” is a genetic part of “who they are.”

born gay

Pride parade participants proclaiming the 'born gay' myth

From a scientific perspective, however, the “born gay” myth – like its bogus “10% Gay” counterpart – has fallen on hard times. In the 1990s, talk of a “gay gene” was all the rage after then-closeted homosexual researcher Dean Hamer published a media-ballyhooed 1993 study in the journal Science purporting to find a “genetic marker” for male homosexual “orientation.” But Science could not replicate its own study, and other attempts failed as well. Now genetic homosexuality is no longer in vogue, although the possibility of a “gay gene” still excites reporters.

The most serious blow to the “gay gene” theory has come from identical twin studies. Once used to promote the idea of inborn homosexuality, they are now widely seen as demonstrating the opposite. Dr. Neil Whitehead, one of the world’s leading conservative researchers on the issue states:

“From six studies (2000-2011): if an identical twin has same-sex attraction the chances that the co-twin has it too, are only about 11% for men and 14% for women.” “Because they have identical DNA [concordance on sexual orientation it] ought to be 100%” Dr. Whitehead told OrthodoxNet.com.

Childhood trauma and ‘gayness’

Finally, some researchers are coming forth with alternative theories linking the development of adult homosexual identity to childhood trauma, e.g., incest between twins or child molestation. (Interestingly, two prominent openly homosexual TV personalities – CNN’s Don Lemon and MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts – were sexually assaulted as boys by homosexual adult predators.)

A 2015 study led by Keith Beard and published in the journal Cogent Psychology found that, “Same-sex sibling incest also significantly increased the likelihood that participants would self-identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or questioning (rather than homosexual).”

Notably, the authors of the study took pains to issue a gay-affirming disclaimer: “Our results were consistent with the idea that the sexual orientation of adults cannot be changed.”

Is it not cruel to tell a man who was raped as a boy by an adult pervert – or seduced into incestuous sex by an older brother – that he is now destined to be stuck with a deviant and immoral sexual identity for the rest of his life? With so many ex-“gays” like Dennis Jernigan proclaiming freedom from past homosexuality, how can anyone – journalist, gay activist or scholar – claim that adults cannot change their “sexual orientation?”

The ‘born gay’ myth is still popular

Tragically, despite growing evidence to the contrary, about half of Americans surveyed still believe that homosexuals are “born that way,” according to a 2015 Gallup poll. Gallup has polled on this and other homosexual issues every year since 1977. In that initial year, only 13% of Americans believed people were “born with” homosexuality while 56 % cited a person’s “upbringing and environment” as the main causative factors. By 2013, those findings were reversed, and a record 51% of respondents believed homosexuals were born with that inclination while a record low of 30% cited environmental factors.

Such data shows the tremendous, suffocating power of the media to drive the “gay” debate. Now the same media are working overtime to mainstream transgenderism, which is also said to be an innate condition.

Homosexuals can change

There is no truth despised by homosexual activists more than the simple reality that people who once lived as “gay” or lesbian (or “transgender”) can change and live honorably according to the natural, created purpose of their bodies before God.

testimonies by lesbian who change thrie lifes

Women on Mastering Life Ministries testify their exit from the lesbian lifestyle

Homosexual activists continue to assert that people cannot change their “sexual orientation”—ignoring the many testimonies of people like Stephen Black and Dr. Rosaria Butterfield who have overcome the pull of homosexuality in their lives. See this Mastering Life Ministries website for video testimonials of ex-homosexuals. Notably, ex-“gays” rarely get serious treatment in the media – rewarding the lobby efforts of powerful LGBT media pressure groups like GLAAD.

Now the pro-homosexual lobby, including leftist allied groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center – mislabeled as a “civil rights group” by news organizations – have taken it up a notch by pushing for state and national laws to ban pro-heterosexual change therapy for minors. Such anti-freedom laws now exist in California, Oregon, New Jersey, Illinois, Vermont and the District of Columbia.

President Obama has endorsed a federal bill designed to ban so-called “conversion” (change) therapy for minors. This highly dangerous legislation would curtail the freedom of parents and children – including those victimized by homosexual predators – to pursue the healthy change they desire.



Blason de Charlemagne
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October 21. 2016

This article was first published in
in Accuracy in Media on August 19, 2016

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