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Analyzing Reiki & Yoga- XI

Reiki Invokes Devils with Japanese Symbols

Testimony of an ex-Reiki master

This is the second part of the interview given by Eduardo to ReligionenLibertad on his experience with Reiki

“The Devil, who already knows that you realize he is behind Reiki, won’t let you go around cheerfully telling this. You will realize it. Some small thing you do can start ruining your life in every sphere, especially in work and economics. Don’t be surprised if you have a streak of bad luck that goes on and on and never seems to end. Don’t be surprised if arguments start in your home without you realizing it and never seem to end. Then, you will begin to get sick to a greater or lesser degree. Everything is gradual, not usually from one day to another,“ says Eduardo.


The energies of Reiki come from demonic spirits

“People who practice Reiki are not generally aware that they are calling the Reiki spirits when they practice Reiki or are initiating others into it. They invite the Reiki spirits by drawing the Japanese symbol of a specific devil, and invite them by calling their names three times; after this they can send Reiki energy to others.

"Also, using the same symbols, they initiate someone spiritually into Reiki, opening access to these spirits through the rituals – or attunements – so that the Reiki energy will flow. The Reikians are deceived by the manifestations of energy and a short-term sense of well-being."

Eduardo identifies five classic symbols of initiation into Reiki:

1. Dai-ko-myo, master demon, the Reiki sovereign;

2. Hon-cha-se-shonen, the contact spirit of Reiki. This is the symbol or spirit for the second level of Reiki, which allows one to make contact with a distant person or situation. It means “The divinity in me contacts the divinity in you,” and is used in all initiations and is even written by hand in the second level Reiki attunement.

Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki: The opening of channels to enter in contact with Earth's energy

3. Sei-heki, spirit guide of Reiki. This is the symbol or spirit for the second level of Reiki to influence the subconscious levels. It can be used to manipulate people. This spirit reveals a lot about people and their situations and sends this information to the “third eye.” This symbol is also used in all Reiki initiations or attunements. It means “God and man become one.”

4. Tjoko-rei, a main spirit of Reiki. This is the symbol or spirit for the second level that activates or increases the Reiki energy that is sent to someone. It means: “Place the power of the universe here,” ordering the divinity of Reiki to act and increase the power of Reiki.

5. Ling, main spirit of Harbori-reiki. This is the symbol or spirit to send or increase energy; it is popular in Spain.

There are many different forms of Reiki that use other symbols, giving names to spirits (ling, raku, fire dragon, etc. and devils of Satanism). Each Reiki master is free to make his own mix. Eduardo points to different Eastern gurus and sect leaders who have created their own variants: Osho Reiki, Saibaba Reiki, Yoga Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Harbori Reiki, Rainbow-Reiki, etc.

When materialists engage in Spiritism

Eduardo points out that many Reiki users are somewhat materialistic persons, attracted by the idea of an energy that is not religious. It is difficult to explain to them what they discover at more advanced levels: that is an edifice built on dealing with spirits.


A group of young Reiki initiates optimistic about their new powers

“When I have tried to explain to people that this comes from the Devil, they laugh and think that I am the one who is in a sect,” he laments. However, the pastoral experience of Catholic exorcist priests around the world confirms what Eduardo experienced.

“I have more than 50 friends in this, and I’m praying they will not get sick as I did, but I think it’s inevitable. In the massage schools on the ground floor of the building where I live they announce 2nd level courses of Reiki for 200 euros (US $212). What am I supposed to do? Pray Rosaries, sprinkle the place with holy water? That’s about it. It’s difficult to make them understand that they are invoking Japanese devils in the building where I live.”

Therefore, he asks that people “instruct the young people in the schools and in the parishes about the dangers of Reiki.”

For atheists, he has a very concrete message. ”If you are an atheist and don’t believe in anything, at least don’t do anything. Better that than do something that you can regret the rest of your life.”

Five counsels to stop Reiki

Eduardo adds five recommendations for those who are already into Reiki and want to leave it.


The seven chakras that open the spirit and body to the Reiki devils

“If you have already entered and started to realize your big mistake, this is my advice:

1. Make a complete general Confession of your life. Find a priest and confess everything. Begin by telling him that you sinned against the First Commandment and engaged in a spiritual practice that is a great offense to God. Be contrite of heart and receive absolution. Learn what it means to keep the Commandments because in Spain almost no one is fulfilling them.

2. From that moment on, make your life 100% Catholic. Go to Mass and daily Communion. Pray at least one Rosary per day.

3. Search the Internet for Catholic prayers for healing, liberation and the renunciation of evil and pray them.

4. Make a novena asking for complete healing and release. This is not magic – getting out of Reiki takes time and is proportional to the time you have been practicing it.

5. In very serious cases, look for a priest who is an experienced exorcist.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted Januart 9, 2017

This article was first published on
ReligionenLibertad on April 4, 2013

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