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Analyzing Reiki & Yoga- X

Moving from a Healing Energy
to the ‘Angel of Light’

In an interview with ReligionenLibertad, Eduardo, an ex-Reiki master, speaks about his experience with Reiki and the New Age movement.
“I learned first-hand that the offerings of the New Age are not what they seem, that the supposed energies that they market to you are not energies, they do not come from the earth and much less from God. People don’t know what they are getting into,” Eduardo affirmed.

Teaching Reiki

 Propaganda presents a rose-colored picture of the benefits of Reiki

The most common way to fall into Reiki is to suffer some illness and look for an alternative remedy, often on the advice of friends, pseudo-therapists, etc . “What you need is a few Reiki sessions.”

“ Reiki? ... What is that?”

“Reiki! Hey, man, it’s the best therapy for everything ... It cures and improves all kinds of physical and psychological sicknesses. It can even help you die if your time has come. It’s like a therapy or palliative treatment ...”

Conversations like this, says Eduardo, bring many people to Reiki.

No formation about evil

“You look like an experienced poker player, and it turns out that you are (as I was) a total illiterate in religious matters,” explains Eduardo. “When you were little you were baptized, but you don’t remember it. You made your First Communion in white because your friends did. But you really didn’t understand very well what you were doing. And no priest in 12 years of Catholic school and catechism ever spoke to you about evil, Satan, the Devil ...

"They never warned you that you should not open the door to the Devil. To close it can cost months or years of prayer and things you never imagined.”

And, thus, the person picks up a phone, calls and goes to his first Reiki session.

The first hook

“Reiki involves a Japanese technique of channeling energy for healing. They explain to you that you have chakras – energy points in the body – and they always tell you that the aura of your skin color is a little pale, which denotes disease. But you shouldn’t worry, you are assured, because they will lay their hands on your body and everything will get better...

Teaching Reiki

A Reiki master channels energy in an advanced initiation

“The problem is that at first this seems to be the case. You notice a false sense of well-being, a superficial healing of symptoms ... This is the bait for you to think that everything is wonderful. You also think: Here I am, taking medication and destroying my liver when all this can be solved with an imposition of hands.”

“The second step,” continues Eduardo, “is to get curious about how Reiki works and ask the master, ‘Excuse me, how do you do this? Is there something I can study?’ The answer is, ‘Nothing special, this can be done by everyone. You just have to take a simple course and past the first level and you will begin to channel energy. You start to notice it in your hands. From there you no longer have to come to us to do it here, because you can self-treat yourself.’

“The third step, if you are a little curious like I was, is to join the next course they offer,” says Eduardo. ”And don’t think you are going to find in these courses weird people, with social problems or with lives different from everyone else. No, the courses are filled with people of all ages and from all social classes – especially young people like me, eager to be able to heal others. Young people who don’t know that they are opening the door to the Devil.”

Love, meditation and good vibes

“You go to the course and a group of people talk about peace, love, meditation and good vibes ... Positive energy for your life and the capacity for self-healing that the whole world has; an energy that God gave to the earth.

“According to some of them, priests do not want to tell us this because they want to have the power of healing exclusively. Everything seems very clear and you think that they may be absolutely right. Soon you are immersed in chakras, layers, auras, reincarnation, light beings, light masters, etc ... You buy a million books because you have just discovered a wonderful new world.

“During this course, a ritual – or attunement – is performed. First, they give you a theoretical class about chakras and a mishmash about all the religions of the world mixed together and manipulated. After that, Reiki becomes the number one dogma of faith in your life. You even want to buy a robe and paint a spot on your forehead, the ‘third eye.’”

Feeling the energies

“Then, you are submitted to a ritual where you do a little Japanese dance and you receive permission to feel the energies.


Hours of practice drawing the Reiki symbols

"You spend three hours trying to learn a Japanese symbol. You start to draw it until you can do it on paper, a wall, a body; until you can draw it with your eyes closed. Then, another two hours to learn its strange name in Japanese. In a few hours, the symbol at last belongs to you. And now you can begin to use it. You repeat it three times to ‘call the healing energy.’ From there you start to feel that energy, like electricity, in your hands and they tell you that it can be used for everything.

“You go to your house, mark the whole house with your symbol, and tell your friends, neighbors and those closest to you: ‘It’s unbelievable! You have to learn to do this too. ‘And you keep it up until you convince your closest friends that they must also take the course ...”

Invisible masters & supernatural things

“The next to the last step – before getting sick – is to delve deeper into the sect and suddenly discover that Reiki masters (the master degree is reached after undergoing four attunements, each with its Japanese symbols ) are capable of doing ‘supernatural’ things.’”


The ‘angel of light’ behind Reiki is really the Devil masquerading as healer

According to Eduardo, at a certain level, Reiki masters really seem to be “able to foretell things, to know when there will be an earthquake, to understand dead languages, to see spirits going through the living room of their houses.”

Further, they themselves explain that they obey the orders of an invisible “spirit guide” who, according to them, is an “angel of light” charged with guiding them on their spiritual path.

Thus, what began as a “healing energy,” impersonal, channelable ... becomes, at high levels, a relationship with invisible spiritual beings that bestow hidden knowledge.

That is, Reiki involves dealing with the evil spiritual entities that the Catholic Church calls devils.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 14, 2016

This article was first published on
ReligionenLibertad on April 4, 2013

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