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TIA’s Fourth Biennial Event - 2023

The Growing Presence of TIA
in the U.S. & South America

           Address by Patrick J. Odou - May 7, 2023
Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to the 2023 Biennial Event of Tradition In Action – TIA. My name is Patrick Odou and I will be your moderator this afternoon.

patrick Odou

Patrick Odou starts the talks with an overview of TIA’s last two years

This is our Fourth Biennial Event. Every two years we bring together our friends to present a view of the present state of the fight between the Revolution and the Counter-Revolution according to the principles given by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira. The theme for this year’s Biennial Event is “Will God Allow Transhumanism to Succeed?”

As in other Events, I will offer our Friends and Followers a summary of our activities over the last two years.

TIA of Brazil

First, let us look at the TIAs in other countries; our two satellite organizations – TIA of Brazil and TIA of Ecuador.

In Brazil. Due to the constancy of Mr. Marcos Munhoz, TIA of Brazil has continued to make daily postings on its website in Portuguese for the last 3 years.

Mr. João Vitor (John Victor if you will), a new member of Tradition in Action of Brazil, has been very active in contacts with young men. During these two years he has made friends in several cities and a group is participating in his social media chats. Some also participate in a bimonthly video-meeting in which they present questions to Mr. Atila.

Mr. João Vitor has also taken on the good work of bringing a beautiful statue of Our Lady of Fatima to homes in Brazil, promoting rosaries and other Marian devotions and spreading the ideals of the Counter-Revolution.


Millions of Brazilians took to the streets for three months to protest the election of the communist ‘thief’ Lula

Now, allow me to say a word about the current situation in Brazil. At the end of last year, a fraudulent presidential election took place in Brazil – much like ours here in the USA – and the communist candidate Lula was placed in the Presidency. He had been imprisoned for fraud, was released by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a Lula appointee, and then authorized to run for a third term for President.

Immediately after the fraudulent results were released, protests by indignant Brazilians numbering in the tens of millions exploded all over Brazil, the people shouting in unison, “Lula, thief! Your place is in prison.”

Needless to say that Pope Francis as well as the entire the Catholic Hierarchy in Brazil emphatically supported the Communist Lula.

TIA’s website in the U.S. posted several videos of the massive protests while the Media Giants around the world and even in Brazil showed little or nothing of this immense movement. We also took a public position against these thieves here in the USA and suggested that the Military step in to defend the Constitution.

Sadly, the great movement fizzled out, as in the United States, although there are still sparks simmering that could reignite, which is what we pray for.

TIA of Ecuador

dona veronica padilla

Mrs. Veronica Torres Padilla, at left, representing TIA Ecuador, talks with Mrs. Carmen Renteria

In Ecuador our TIA website in Spanish has made daily postings for the last 2 years due to the efforts of Mr. Patricio Padilla and his wife Mrs. Veronica Padilla. By the way, Mrs. Veronica Padilla is here today. She flew here from Ecuador to be with us at this Event. We owe much to her dedication and persistent hard work.

Last October, TIA of Ecuador made a website with a Petition asking the Clergy to stop their material support for the so-called Indigenous Movements, which have been used by the Revolution to instill Communism in Ecuador.

Every two weeks, friends and followers of TIA of Brazil, Ecuador and the United States meet in a live video conference to discuss current events following the principles of Revolution and Counter-Revolution.

TIA in the United States,

Books: Since the last Event TIA has added three free online books to Our Library:

L'Americanism et la Conjuration Antichretienne

Patrick Odou translated for the first time this important work into English

1. Society of Souls: this work is a summary of MNF – which stands for Manifesto – meetings by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira on the topic of what constitutes a Catholic society. The work demonstrates that a Catholic society is primarily a relationship among souls rather than the mere pursuit to achieve the material common good for all. This book, written from notes taken at the meetings by Mr. Atila, was translated from Portuguese by Miss Salwa Bachar.

2. American History: This work is a compilation made by Miss Elizabeth Lozowski of the articles posted on our website on American History. It was compiled for a more comprehensive reading and easy downloading for study. We hope it is the first of many.

3. Americanism and the Anti-Christian Conspiracy by Mons. Henri DeLassus, 1899, translated from French by me. It came to light in 2023. It is the first time that a complete translation of this very important work denouncing Americanism has been made. I am referring to Americanism as defined by Pope Leo XIII in his Encyclical Testem benevolentiae.

The renowned Msgr. Delassus exposes the Liberal Catholicism and heresies inherent to Americanism. He shows that it is Freemasonry directed by the Universal Israelite Alliance that strives to implant the Revolution worldwide.

The aim – already at the end of the 19th century – was to unite all religions, and in particular to destroy the Holy Catholic Church. It is a very timely topic that explains the present breakdown in our country and the world.

our lady of good success video

New Videos are available on Our Lady of Good Success & Volume 5 of the Collection, Animus Delendi II

animus delendi II volume 5 collection video
Videos: Since our last Event, the TIA Media Center headed by Miss Salwa Bachar with the collaboration of Mr. Michael St. Amand has produced three videos on Our Lady of Good Success. This three-part Series is entitled Our Lady of Good Success: Our Hope for the Future. Each Part runs about 45 minutes (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

The videos feature exclusive interviews with Dr. Marian Horvat, as well as Kathy Heckenkamp, Fr. Isaac Relyea, Mr. Patricio Padilla, and our dear departed friend Msgr. Patrick Perez, who was here at our last event. He was sitting right over there. May his soul rest in peace.

The latest video produced this year, which runs 31 minutes, gives a quick Overview of Volume V of the monumental 11 volume collection written by Atila Guimaraes on the Second Vatican Council: Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani. This Video 5 is a primer and supplement to Volume V: Animus Delendi II, The Desire to Destroy.

In Video 5, you will learn about the two progressivist initiatives of Vatican II that were meant to destroy the Church: Secularization and Ecumenism. These two initiatives reveal an animus delendi – a desire to destroy never before seen in History.

All these videos can be seen on TIA’s website and Youtube Channel. We also have them available at one of our book tables.

TIA writers & social media presence

Miss Rachel Lozowski continues to write her articles on Catholic customs, traditions and ceremonies in different regions of Christendom. Families and religious are finding these articles to be inspirational and many are making an effort to restore and develop these customs in their surroundings.

Miss Elizabeth Lozowski is becoming the TIA expert on Catholic etiquette and customs, as well as writing on Liberalism in the History of America and movie reviews.

renegade catholic instagram

Follow Retrograde Convert on Instagram for articles by Prof. Plinio and TIA writers

Miss Isabel Camacho came to the Event two years ago, and has been working with TIA ever since. Her Instagram account – which features the writings of Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira and TIA writers – has close to 18,000 followers

We have a weekly series of ‘reels’ on our website and Instagram under the title “Knights of Elias.” A reel is a short 1 minute video presentation on a particular topic and they are very popular among youth. So far, these reels have covered topics of Catholic Courtesy, The Letter from Beyond, the Crusades, the Novus Ordo, and Our Lady of Good Success.

A young lady from India has become a close follower of TIA through Miss Isabel Camacho’s apostolate on Instagram. She and several other youth from the United States are now contributing articles regularly to our website.

We are also pleased to welcome back to the Tradition in Action house Mr. Phillip Mericle, who is returning to California to work with us after several years in New York. He is a writer and technician expert and will be working to improve our website.

Speaking of our website, continues to present a wealth of knowledge and good information.

Thanks to Our Lady the TIA website has posted one article every day on our Updates page for the last 21 years. In these 21 years of operation, we have received thousands of letters and emails of support, but also a good portion of threats, hate mail and attacks. One such attack started late last year. I will summarize it briefly here.

The Catholic Intimacy scandal

In the Archdiocese of St. Louis, MO, under the guidance of Bishop Mitchell Rozanski, in St. Francis de Sales Parish, under the direction of Rev. Canon Benjamin Coggeshall of the Institute Christ the King, a scandal broke out. A couple that attends that traditionalist church made an online sex shop called Catholic Intimacy.

catholic intimacy walthers

An expose in December 2023 raised an uproar at St Francis de Sales Oratory and on parish & social media

The products offered to the public are so obscene that we cannot describe them here. In a Revolution In Pictures article in December, TIA denounced that scandal and suggested that pastor order the couple to close the shameful site and forbid them from attending the church until they close that sordid business.

That couple, Mr. James and Megan Walther, were parishioners in good standing at the parish. This TIA exposé, along with a petition signed by parishioners asking the pastor to stop the site, caused an uproar in the parish as well as the Diocese and raised a lot of talk on social media.

Twenty days after the publication of our article, the editor of the TIA website Mr. Atila Guimaraes, and Mr. Mark Williams in MO, received a Cease and Desist order via email from an Attorney hired by the Walthers. It demanded that we remove that article and everything on our website and in our social media concerning Catholic Intimacy within 48 hours under the threat of a lawsuit for “slandering” the Walthers.

We contacted an attorney in Saint Louis, who assured us that their suit was weak. On his advice, we ignored the threat and took nothing from our site. The other party backed down and did not file a lawsuit.

But the Catholic Intimacy site continued its sordid business online. The pastor of St. Francis de Sales did ask the couple to remove themselves from the church for some weeks. After that short period, they returned and were again at Mass and receiving Communion. So, the scandal continued.

catholic intimacy closed

A victory for TIA & the common good

Mr. Mark Williams took pictures of the couple after they returned, receiving Communion. Based solely on that action, the Walthers filed for restraining order against Mr. Mark Williams for supposed “harassment” which was delivered in the Church in the presence of priests.

The order essentially barred Mr. Williams from assisting at any Mass, while the offending party – the Walthers – had free access to the Church.

Long story short: Eventually, there was a Court hearing, our attorney questioned the other party’s witnesses, the judge asked a few questions and said: “This doesn’t make any sense” and he dismissed the case.

Update: Catholic Intimacy announced on its website that they are going permanently out of business. So it was a victory for TIA and for the public good.

TIA & the FBI

An FBI special agent and whistleblower, Mr. Kyle Seraphin, went public bringing damning evidence against the Bureau. He revealed a photocopy of an internal report for FBI agents commanding them to investigate nine Traditional Catholic organizations under the allegation they were radical and potential terrorists. Among those nine organizations Tradition in Action was named.


Attorney General Merrick Garland pretends to not know anything about the FBI investigation of Catholics


Click here to see our larger poster explaining the scandal

Since this was a clear violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution the Attorneys General of 20 states demanded explanations. Merrick Garland, US Attorney General and head of the Department of Justice and the FBI, was called to explain that report before a Senate Committee. He had no answers, but just kept repeating he did not know how this had happened.

The source that provided “disinformation” about the nine Catholic organizations was the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is well known as a radical Left-wing group.

It should be noted that roughly four of the nine traditional Catholic groups on the list are practically non-existent, which puts more pressure on the five others – TIA included – which are strongly active.

The New York Post, in a piece on the reactions of Traditionalist Catholics to the FBI, quoted Mr. Atila Guimaraes, who pointed out that, “it is an empty accusation of the Southern Poverty Law Center and I wonder why the FBI uses such a biased organization as the source of their document.”

Mr. Atila continued: “What this new episode reflects is that we are leaving the regime of democratic liberty and respect for one’s beliefs and entering the dark zone of a growing dictatorship.”

With this, I close and will introduce the speakers.

*    *    *

Our Lady of Good Success Event

Posted May 14, 2023


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