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Photos from the Fourth Biennial Event:
Will God Allow Transhumanism to Succeed?

About 150 friends joined us on Sunday, May 7, 2023, at the Great Ball Room of The Ranch Events Center in Anaheim for our Fourth Biennial Event, where we spent four hours together from 4 to 8 pm. An hour and a half was reserved for two talks: one by Atila Guimarães, which set out the goals of Transhumanism and responded to the Question: “Will God allow Transhumanism to Succeed?" The second talk was by Dr. Marian Horvat, who spoke on “The Latter Day Apostles and the Victory of Our Lady.”

The speakers were presented by Mr. Patrick Odou, who made a rousing introduction and described the growing presence of TIA in the U.S. and South America. He also gave a brief update on what we have been doing at Tradition in Action these last two years since our last Event in 2021.

Provoking talks, good conversation, tasteful wine and the excellent hors d’oevres insured an evening of warm convivium that flew by. What follows are some photos of our Fourth Biennal Event.


tia event 4

The Grand Ballroom, the speaker’s platform and a tribute to Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira


TIA members preparing for the event. Left top, Mrs. Christine Frontino and Miss Tesa Becica at the sign in and donation table; left bottom, Mr. Patrick Odou gives directions for setting up the stage; center top, Sheriff Michael Saint Amand with his son Nathan and Mrs. Ellyn Miller; center middle, TIA writer Mr. Homer Sweeney, Mr. Guimarães and Mr. Nicholas McCarthy; center bottom, Mr. Nicholas, Mr. Phillip Mericle and Mr. Mark Williams; right top, Mrs. Donna Sullivan Emami and Miss Salwa Bachar; right bottom, Miss Isabel Camacho tests her camera


Top left and center, the book tables; right, Mrs. Veronica Padilla from Ecuador; bottom left, Dr. Horvat greets Mrs. Linda Moceri; center, Miss Karen Evans and Mrs. Miller; right, Mr. Guimarães and Engineer Larry Greenbank discuss arrangements.


event speakers

The speakers: Top left, Mr. Guimarães delivers a sobering speech on the perspectives of Transhumanism; right, Mr. Patrick Odou, bottom, Dr. Horvat speaks to a full audience

fr hanks fr shea

Left, Fr. Gregory Hanks and his mother Rosemary; right, Mrs. Charlotte Lear and Fr. Jacob Hsieh


Foreground, Mr. Phillip Mericle and Dr. David Lozowski;
background, Dr. Brenda Lozowski and her daughter Miss Rachel talk with Mrs. Barbara de la Vega, Mrs. Ursula Pathak and Mrs. Charlotte Lear

arambula family

From the left, Miss Laura Arambula, Mr. Karol Arambula, Marine Sergeant Angel Arambula, Mr. Ricardo Arambula and his granddaughter Sophia, Mr. Mark Dwyer, Mrs. Karegan Dwyer, Mrs. Carmen Renteria, Mr. Jourdain Renteria, Mrs. Rocio Arambula, Mrs. Ana Maria Arambula with her son Benjamin

odou event

At left, Mrs. Rita Royalty with Dr. Mark Odou and his wife Marsha; right, Mr. Guimaraes enjoys a lively conversation with Mrs. Yolanda Isley, Mrs. Martha Lane and Attorney Robert Lane


From the left, Miss Isabel Camacho, Mrs. Viviana Martinez, Mr. Mark Williams, Electronic Engineer Jason Runkle and his wife Serene, Mr. Isaak Reyes, Mr. Alan Reyes and his wife Elen


From left, Dr. David Lozoski, Mrs. Diane Hamilton’s (back to camera), Oil Entrepreneur Kourosh Emami, Mrs. Susan Walsh, Mr. Phillip Mericle, Dr. Horvat, Miss Rose Marie Croisettte


At left, Miss Lisa Plummer talks to Miss Bachar; at right, Miss Teresa Lane, Miss Camacho and Miss Avanelle Mitchell take a moment’s pause from the conversation


Left to right, Miss Rose Marie Croisette speaks with Miss Bernadette Escaro, joined by Mr. Andrew Holtz and Mr. Christopher Croisette, in the foreground Mr. Atila and Entrepreneur Michael Croisette discuss


At left, Businessman Olivier Martin, Mrs. Donna Emami with Mrs. Lisa Widman; at right, Count Massimo Paini and his wife Mariola enter the event, followed by Fr. Hanks


Mrs. Maria Madura, Mrs. Maria Kus and Miss Judith Lopez

event 4

Mr. Patrick Fealy, Mr. John Le and his wife Stacey and Miss Rose Marie Croisette


Daniel Martin with his parents Mr. Olivier and Mrs. Romy Martin, at right, Mrs. Yolanda Isley and Mr. Kourosh Emami


Mr. Alejandro Gonzalez and his wife Leticia and Mrs. Maria Maduro


Mrs. Thelma Escaro with Entrepreneur Chris Isley, center, Mr and Mrs. Craig and Beatrice Waltershield with Fr. Hanks, at right, Judge Michael Kurz


At left, Mr. Michael Croisette and Contractor Terry Jakel: center, Mrs. Barbara de la Vega; at right, Miss Bachar visits with Mrs. Linda Figueroa

san diego ladies

Back row center left to right, Miss Carolina Bracamonte, Dr. Horvat, Mrs. de la Vega, Miss Avanelle Mitchell, Miss Isabel Camacho; second row, Miss Elizabeth Lozowski, Miss Rachel Lozowski, Miss Alma Huerta, Mrs. Ursula Pathak, Miss Citlali Olivares, Mrs. Veronica Padilla, Miss Salwa Bachar, Miss Michelle Jeturian, in front, Miss Cristal Ramirez


An overview of TIA’s Fourth Biennial Event



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 14, 2023
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