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Photoset 2

Fourth Biennial Event:
Will God Allow Transhumanism to Succeed?

We continue to post photos from our Fourth Biennial Event that took place May 7, 2023 at the Great Ball Room of The Ranch Events Center in Anaheim, California
(see Photoset 1).

fourth biennial event

Guests engage in lively conversation in the Great Ball Room

event pix

From top left, writer Atila Guimarães greets Mr. Rudy Garcia; at right, Mrs. Stacey Le makes a point with Mrs. Romy Martin, at left below, TIA Secretary Patrick Odou, left, converses jovially with Ecuador TIA website translator Veronica Padilla & lawyer Joseph DeClue

event pix

Left, Mrs. Linda Haughey and Miss Lisa Plummer; right, engineer Laurence Greenbank and businessman Andrew Holtz

event pix

Top picture, Miss Tesa Becica, Mr. Chris Isley and Mr. Rudy Garcia converse; bottom picture, Mr. Mark Williams, Mr. Jourdain Renteria and Mr. Mark Dwyer

event pix

Left, Mrs. Yolanda Isley & Mrs. Susan Walsh pose for the camera; right, Mr. Rene Widman listens to an emphatic Fr. Gregory Hanks

event 4

Top left, Dr. Marian Horvat with Mr. Kristopher Manghera & his daughter; top right, clockwise, Mr. John Lane, Mr. James Lane, Miss Teresa Lane, Mrs. Veronica Padilla and Miss Rose Marie Croisette; second row, Fr. Hanks discusses with Mr. Alejandro Gonzalez & his wife Leticia.

event 4

Top left, artist Mrs. Ursula Pathak with Mrs. Serene Runkle; top right, Mr. Craig Waltershield & his wife Beatrice study one of the new panels titled Transhumanism; second row, Mr. Greg Storrs with Mrs. Susan Dydasco & Mrs. Lety Reyes


At left, Mr. James & Mr. John Lane, pattern designer Miss Christina Walley & Mr. Phillip Mericle; at right, Count Massimo Paini & Mr. Jeff Nihill

event 4

At left, Mr. Nicholas McCarthy in a serious discussion with electronic engineer Jason Runkle; at right, Mr. Patrick Seaton with TIA writer Homer Sweeney

event 4

Top row left, Mr. James Tamayo Sr. with his son James Jr.; at right, Mrs. Nora Tamayo with Mrs. Donna Emami; bottom row, Miss Crystal Ramirez, Miss Karen Evans, Miss Isabel Camacho, Miss Citlali Olivares & Mrs. Ursula Pathak

event 4

Left pix, Judge Michael Kurz visits with Mr. Rick & Mrs. Cynthia Morgado; at right, Mr. Nicholas McCarthy makes a plea for donations to the audience after the talks

event 4

Top row left, Mr. Kourosh Emami & Mrs. Diane Hamilton;  top right, Mr. Jourdain Renteria & his wife Carmen with Mr. Ricardo Arambula; bottom row, left to right, Miss Carmen & Mr. Jourdain Renteria, Mr. Mark Dwyer, Marine Sergeant Angel Arambula & Mr. Karol Arambula holding his niece Sofia Inez.


Left to right, Mrs. Patricia McCormick, Mrs. Nenita Mendel & Mrs. Hichel Sion, seated and waiting for the first speaker, below

event 4

tribute dr plinio

A tribute to Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 21, 2023
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