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Pope Benedict wearing a suit

Either during his trip to Germany last year or in Italy - the magazine Point de Vue did not specify a place for this recent photo - Benedict XVI meets his brother Fr. Georg Ratzinger at a piano to dicuss some scores of Mozart.

Both the Pope and the priest are wearing suits. One can see that Fr. Georg chooses a more relaxed open shirt, while his "conservative" papal brother Joseph keeps his closed. Although the photo is not very clear on this detail, it seems that Benedict is wearing a tie.

At any rate, Pope Ratzinger wears a well tailored double-breasted blue-grey suit.

Below, a photo of Fr. Joseph Ratzinger with his mentor Karl Rahner during Vatican II, where both were theologian experts. The two are wearing suits.

At least Joseph Ratzinger maintains the "tradition" of wearing suits. It should confirm some conservatives in the fact that Benedict maintains old customs...

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Photos from Point de Vue,  February 15, 2006   &  30 Dias,  July 1990

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