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The Russia of Christ &
the Russia of the Revolution

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
Before Peter the Great, Russia was slowly and painfully making a splendid civilization, profoundly marked - in many respects - by the Christian influence and revealing, at the same time, a magnificently rich and original national soul.

"Slowly and painfully," we say, for the core of Russian culture and civilization should be the Catholic Church, and the Schism, which separated the Muscovite Empire from the only true Vineyard of Jesus Christ, severely damaged the upright and full development of that country.

Later, the action of Peter the Great - beneficent in many respects – deviated Russian culture in a cosmopolitan direction (or, at least, pre-cosmopolitan). But, from the times of Catholic Russia, many traditions remain, with a remarkable vitality. Those traditions show that Providence did not abandon the great Slavic nation, and that the precious roots of Christian Civilization linger there awaiting the hour of God to produce abundant fruit after her reconciliation with Rome.

This entire line of thought is represented symbolically in this 18th-century crown-shaped miter, above right, worn by ecclesiastical dignitaries at official ceremonies. The first impression it gives is one of wealth. A careful analysis shows how this wealth was ennobled and ordered by a sense of harmony and proportion, marked by a good taste and tone of majesty that are evident. This is a splendid manifestation of the high idea the Russian people have of the sublime dignity of the Priesthood and of Religion.

All the positive elements of the old and legendary Russian shine here admirably.


A coarse smile of unconvincing warmth and an extremely vulgar expression, bearing and attitude characterize the omnipotent dictator of this massive, unhappy people of slaves to which Communism has reduced Russia.

He is the symbol of the new era, where all the superior elements of culture are denied and set aside, and, under the sign of the crassest materialism, only strength and technology are officially recognized as values.

It is the atheistic and egalitarian Revolution in all its horror.


These considerations lead us to pray to Our Lady, Patroness of Russia, asking her to liberate that nation from its Schism and Atheism. Then, in the bosom of the Catholic Church, a profoundly counter-revolutionary order of things can flourish again.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Catholicismo n. 101 - May 1959
Posted October 2, 2013