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Slavery to Mary - 2

Our Lady Will Be Queen of Hearts

Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira
Let us continue with the words of St. Louis de Montfort in his Treatise of True Devotion to Mary (chap. VI, Art. V "Communication of the soul and spirit of Mary"):

"Ah! when will this happy time come when Mary will be established as Mistress and Sovereign in hearts, when they will submit fully to the empire of her great and only Jesus?"

St Louis Grignion de Montfort

St. Louis Grignion de Montfort

What does the heart signify? We men have the impression that we think with our heads; for example, when we meet a person who has the facility to think, we say, "He has a good head on his shoulders." But we know that one does not think only with the head.

The soul animates the entire body, but it does not dwell in the head. The brain, which is the most important nerve center in the human body, is in the skull; for that reason, at times we so strongly feel the reaction of our thinking that we have the impression that our soul inhabits our skull, but this is not true.

The ancients admitted that the soul is the center of the thinking and that the heart is the center of the will; therefore, just as a man thinks with his "head", so also a man wills with his "heart."

To reign over hearts is stronger than over states

Now then, Our Lady is the Queen of all hearts, she is the Queen of all the wills of all men. And whoever is Queen of the wills of all men is far more than the Queen of governments. Because a government can fade away or fall, a State can be overtaken or conquered, etc., but if men give to her their firm consent, no one can demolish Her kingdom over men. And if all men deliver themselves to Her reign, the strongest governments in the world cannot come against Her.

You have all heard about the persecutions the Romans made against the first Catholics, how they were taken to the Coliseum, the circus, the arenas, to be tortured or devoured by wild animals, how they were burned alive, etc. These were terrible things.

But while this was taking place, something significant happened. At that time it was under the authority of the Roman Emperors that these crimes were carried out; they were, therefore, responsible for the persecutions. But, despite the persecutions and, therefore, despite the great dangers this involved, the Catholics had multiplied so much in the Roman Empire that, shortly before the time of Constantine, a Catholic polemicist, Tertulian, wrote a letter to the Emperor with words that I paraphrase:

"You persecute Catholics, but you are Emperor only because we allow it. Because we are so numerous that we fill the legions of your soldiers, we fill the Forum where your judges sit, we fill your own palace. If all the Catholics left your palace, it would be emptied. You who persecute us, you have this power only because we allow it. In the Roman Empire it is Jesus Christ Who is everything!"

Proof that the Church reigned in hearts

When the Church actually gained her freedom, no pagans dared to revolt. Indeed, it really happened like this.

Constantine Milvia Bridge

Constantine sees in the sky the symbol of the Cross

Constantine was the son of St. Helena, a Roman general who managed to make himself Emperor by the election of the troops – at that time emperors were chosen in this way. But in fact he had to face other rivals who also wanted the throne.

The Battle at the Milvian Bridge on October 28, 312, was a decisive battle between him and his rivals. On the eve of the battle, apprehensive about its results, he looked up at the sky and saw a luminous Cross. Under it was written the words: "In hoc signo vinces", "In this sign thou shalt conquer." It was the sign of the Cross.

He made a promise that he would be baptized, therefore to convert, if he won the battle. The other forces were routed. Constantine entered Rome triumphant and decreed freedom for the Catholic Church. Throughout the Roman Empire, the persecutions ceased.

The pagans – who had temples, many priests, wealth, everything – could be expected to revolt. But the pagan priests did not reign in the hearts of the people, and thus they no longer had power, for Jesus Christ had become the King of hearts.

Thus, in the end, they made no attempt to revolt against the Emperor. Seeing this, the Emperor issued another decree to shut down the pagan temples and close the cult throughout the Roman Empire.

The pagan priests simply left their temples and became engaged in other work. One became a shoemaker, another a tailor, and so on, and they no longer thought of exercising their old role. The pagan temples were left empty and in many of them Catholic worship soon began to take place.

The largest temple in Rome, which was dedicated to Jupiter, king of the gods, was also left empty, and the Catholics took it over; it still exists to this day in Rome.

This temple, with all the characteristics of an ancient Roman temple, looks like it is so heavy that the ground sunk beneath its weight; it appears that the houses built around it actually sit on higher ground than the temple.

We look at the strong stone columns, and they look as if they have dried up. There are columns that look like old people when they get very, very old and start to dry up; only the bones are left on the outside. That is how we see these columns in the temple.

St. Maria Martyrum

The Church St. Mary of the Martyrs in Rome

Inside there was a statue of Jupiter, formerly the king of the gods. Under it was written "Deo Optimo Maximo," the best and greatest god, which means there were various gods. All this is gone, and when I was there it was one of the parishes of Rome, the Basilica di Santa Maria Martyrum or Basilica of St. Mary of the Martyrs. This ancient temple of Jupiter had become a parish church of Rome.

There, in that Basilica, old ladies went to pray, to feel the blessing of the Blessed Sacrament, young boys went to hear a catechism class, Mass was said, etc. A Catholic cult has been installed there peacefully for nearly two thousand years. This was what happened to the temple erected to Jupiter.

Why? Why did the pagan cult disappear? Because from within souls the power of Satan exited and the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ entered.

With the Revolution the Devil started to retake souls

Those who have studied Revolution and Counter-Revolution (R-CR) – I want to believe that at least some of you have read R-CR – know what happened with the entrance of the Revolution. There was a series of sins where the Devil started to become the lord of souls, and as he became king of souls everything started to fall. Empires have fallen, dynasties have fallen, the nobility has fallen, a large part of the clergy has fallen, Protestantism has entered many nations.

Why did all this happen? It took place because souls began to separate themselves from Our Lord through a movement called the Revolution.

Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Counter-Revolution fights for the implantation of the Reign of Mary

That is why we are the Counter-Revolution. And, being the Counter-Revolution, our mission is to do everything so that the Kingdom of Mary is established in souls. What St. Louis Grignion de Montfort teaches us is that the Reign of Mary first has to establish itself in our souls, because it is only when Our Lady reigns in us that it is possible for us to make her reign in others.

The Kingdom of Mary is contagious. A man who has the Reign of Mary within him can make many conquests. How does he manage to do this? It is because he is a good son and slave of Our Lady according to the method of St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort.

So, if you here want to do great things, begin by making the spirit of Mary reign in you, by making her the Queen of your heart, that is, of your will. To be Queen of the will she has to be the Queen of the mind, because the will desires what the mind presents. Thus she must be Queen of the whole man. That she is Queen of hearts is a way of saying that she is the spiritual Queen of men.

This is what it is to conquer the world! And we hope that, after the Chastisement and in the Reign of Mary, preceded by the Grand Return, Our Lady will still reign in our days over the whole world.

Her only Son is her great Son Jesus Christ. Clearly, because Jesus Christ is fully her King, and because she is His Queen, it is through her that Jesus reigns. We have Christ the King.

"To breathe Mary as the body breathes air," St. Louis continues: "When will the day come when souls will breathe Mary as the body breathes air?"

What is it to breathe Mary? For example, in this auditorium you can breathe Mary. What does this mean?

You can compare any ambience outside with the ambience inside the auditorium, and you understand that here there is an entirely different environment. And the soul feels this much like the body feels the air.

So, breathing Mary is to be in an ambience that is completely impregnated with Mary's presence, fully imbued with Mary's spirit. It is what souls need to have so that later they will have the strength needed to implant Our Lady's standard throughout the world.

Our Lady, as you know, is the Spouse of the Divine Holy Spirit. In other words, she conceived the Child Jesus from an action of the Holy Spirit.


Our Lady, the Most Faithful Spouse of the Holy Spirit

When the Angel presented himself to her to make the Annunciation, she gave her fiat, she accepted. The moment she accepted, the Holy Spirit penetrated her and gave origin to the Child Jesus.

Under these conditions, Our Lady had all the resources, through the Holy Spirit, to generate Jesus in souls. When we pray, "Emitte Spiritum Tuum et creabuntur, et renovabis faciem terrae," that is, "Send forth Thy Spirit and all things shall be created, and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth," we ask her to send that Spirit – which is the Holy Spirit – and all things will be created. Souls will be restored, and Thou shalt renew the face of the Earth.

It is a moral renewal, a religious renewal; it is a renewal of mentalities; the face of the Earth changes with a simple breath of the Holy Spirit!

Today, there is much talk about the atomic bomb and a nuclear war. You may have heard of chemical warfare, a form of warfare where bombs with poisonous gases are dropped over cities and the gas spreads and kills hundreds and thousands of people in a city. You have also heard about biological warfare, where other bombs with vials of microbes are dropped on a city so that an epidemic infects an entire city. These are forms of war. Above all, there is the atomic war, which is the most devastating of all.

All of this is a danger, but all of this is nothing if, in face of everything, there are persons who have the spirit of Mary, into whom the Holy Spirit comes and spreads throughout the Earth. This is what St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort promises to those who follow the method he indicates.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 3. 2022

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