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Barbie 2023: Feminist Ideology
Dressed in Pink & Frills

Film review of Barbie
(2023 movie directed by Greta Gerwig, Warner Bros.)

Christina Herath
barbie 2023

Feminist ideology dressed in pink & sparkles

Following its crazed mania to present us with "modern" renditions of children’s classics, Hollywood has served us a new movie about Barbie. Directed by feminist Greta Gerwig and released in July 2023, Barbie has gained much attention. What the Catholic viewer will find, however, is nothing more than feminist ideology dressed up in pink, sparkles and large grins.

The ideal feminist utopia

At the beginning of the movie, we are shown a quite disturbing scene. Little girls in dresses sit around playing with their sweet little baby dolls. Now, the feminists hate this because playing with dolls indoctrinates little girls to view themselves as future wives and mothers.

Suddenly this tranquil scene is interrupted by a giant Barbie (played by Margot Robbie), who towers over the plain and winks playfully at the girls in her immodest swimsuit, the attire of the first Barbie doll released in 1959. The doll that taught girls that they “can be anything.”


Girls playing with traditional dolls are overwhelmed when the shapely Barbie appears

The girls then begin to destroy their baby dolls, literally smashing them against each other or the ground. This symbolic scene sets the tone and gives the message Barbie wants to send.

Not long after, we meet the “Stereotypical Barbie” played by Margot Robbie. It is the “Barbie” everyone has grown up with – the white, blonde, shapely one we all know.

stereotypical barbie

The Stereotypical Barbie partying & dancing, controlling the idiot Ken, who lives to please her

barbie ken

The ‘weird Barbie’ forces the other to choose to enter the ‘real world’

weird barbie
This Stereotypical Barbie lives in Barbieland, a feminist utopia where every day is perfect and happy. In this matriarchal society, the Barbies are doctors, lawyers and senators, living in their beautiful dollhouses, while the Kens pass their time in recreational activities and in pleasing the Barbies.

One day, during a party, the protagonist randomly asks her friends if they ever think of dying; this "sin" brings the party to a shocked halt. The next day, her perfect life begins to fall apart and she meets the “Weird Barbie,” who explains that a girl in the "real world" playing with her must have caused this existential crisis. You just do not think about death in Barbieland. Weird Barbie bids her – actually forces her – to go off into the “real world” and find answers.

Eventually, Barbie realizes that it is actually the girl’s mother, Gloria, who is causing the crises she experienced in Barbieland. Her daughter Sasha and her friends are not at all pleased to meet Barbie, complaining, as "woke teenagers" do, that Barbie emphasises “unrealistic physical ideals,” represents sexualised capitalism, and – confusingly - is a fascist...

A hateful depiction of men

Ken, played by Ryan Gosling, is a pitiful man whose only ambition in life is to please Barbie, who treats him with disdain. After entering the real world, Ken finds out what the patriarchy is and sees that men are more than what he thought they were: They hold jobs, direct things, etc. He is pleased and even surprised when he – a man – is asked the time by a stranger. For the first time, he feels respected.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Mattel gets word that Barbie is in the real world and tries to re-capture her to return her to her box. However, Barbie flees from these “men trying to tell her what to do” and takes Gloria and her daughter back with her to Barbieland.


The pathetic Kens become macho Kens when they take over Barbieland

On their return, however, the trio find out that Ken has preceded them and brought the patriarchal mind-set and system into their matriarchal utopia.

The new Ken persuades the other Kens to take over, and indoctrinates the other Barbies into being submissive girlfriends, housewives and maids. Or, as the feminist would have it, the Kens have enslaved the other Barbies. Barbie tries to make Ken return to the Barbieland status quo, but he refuses.

We soon find Barbie, Gloria, her daughter Sasha and some other sympathetic toys who have escaped the “tyranny” of the Kens hiding at Weird Barbie’s place. As Barbie faces this difficult situation, Gloria makes an inspirational feminist speech on the difficulties of being a woman. Her words magically bring one of the brainwashed Barbies back to “normal,” and a plan is devised to take back Barbieland from the Kens.

Their plan is as promiscuous as it is stupid.

barbies victory

The Barbies celebrate their victory

The brainwashed Barbies are gradually set free by Gloria’s words, and the restored feminist Barbie gang begins to regain the lost ground by playing on the jealousies and egos of the Kens, who start to fight among themselves. Before long, the Barbies regain power.

It is not surprising, at this point, to realize that throughout the entire movie there was not one good strong man shown. All the men in this production are either stupid, or evil and tyrannical, or silly and uninspiring. This is not good for either girls or boys to witness.

Harmful to children

In general, the movie itself was made for children above age 13. But in view of its indoctrination, it should not be viewed by anyone who does not understand and reject the deceptive lies of feminism.


Immodest clothing & inappropriate scenes abound

Additionally, there are some inappropriate and suggestive scenes: e.g. Ken asking Barbie if he can stay the night since they are in a relationship and police officers making crude comments about Barbie’s outfits. Not to mention the plethora of immodest and revealing dresses that Barbie and her friends don. The liberated feminist Barbie is not a whit less immodest than the Stereotypical Barbie in her strapless ball gown.

Another fact worth remembering is that some of those involved with the production were also involved in films restricted to adult audiences. For example, Greta Gerwig produced the film No Strings Attached, and some of the Barbie cast were in the 2019 drama Sex Education. These same adults are now making movies that attract younger audiences. Gerwig is rumoured to be directing films about the Chronicles of Narnia next, so be aware. A leopard does not change its spots.


Returning to the movie, the Barbies rescue the land by voting to restore their own rule, but, like the now enlightened feminist rulers that they are, they will allow better treatment of the grateful Kens.

When Barbie and Ken finally reunite, Ken sheepishly discloses that it was difficult to run everything. Again, the movie mocks men, insinuating their ineptness to rule. Better to let the women do it. It is the woman dominated world of the 21st century.


A little girls imitating her idol

The enlightened Barbie encourages the subservient Ken to find himself and not just live to be with Barbie. When Ken asks President Barbie if he and the other Kens can have one Supreme Court Justice, Barbie deigns only to offer a lower position, possibly.

Finally, Stereotypical Barbie heads off for the real world again, to throw away her “perfect” life of beauty and fashion and become a “real” person named Barbara Handler. Supposedly this sends an empowering message to women.

The movie ends with Barbie visiting a gynaecologist. One might innocently imagine that Barbie wants to be a mother, but no. The visit represents a woman’s claim to her own sexual and reproductive rights, not like the Stereotypical Barbie who was created and controlled by others.

Barbie's director Greta Gerwig explained the line was also inspired by her own past, when she grew up being embarrassed and ashamed of her body, as if “everything had to be hidden.” So, the liberated Barbie can have whatever kind of body she likes. One can only assume that refers to sexual preference as well…


Women dressing up like Barbie at ‘Barbies parties’
after watching the movie


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 20, 2023
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